PMI France Paris is launching new English speaking community!

International Community of Practice (ICOP): DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

Join them at the kick-off meeting: 24.11.2021, 18:00, Espace st. Martin, Paris  (save the date, to be confirmed)

Digital Transformation is a topic on the top of a list of many CEOs as well as non-profit organization leaders. Its overall urgency became even more apparent due the business impact of pandemic we all witnessed since the beginning of 2020. Yet at the same time, it is reported that majority of digital transformation efforts fail or under-deliver.

Why is that? Digital Transformation requires clarity of a vision, execution strategy, and engaged team. All of these elements are critical for the success, yet each of them relies on different skillset and competencies. Benefits of a digital transformation materialize by adoption of technologies, but at the same time are based on change of people behavior. Combination of these disciplines brings high-level of complexity and as such is not an easy task to tackle.

If you’re interested in sharing your experience and learning from international professionals who all approach various aspects of organization and business transformation, feel free to join our newly formed international English speaking community (ICOP).

The purpose of the community is to :
  • Support growth of professionals in the community by sharing tools, experience and good practices
  • Promote professionals by providing them with podcast, speaking and publishing opportunities
  • Create network of business mentors and mentees
  • Enhance PMI toolkit that is focused on digital transformation and business agility
Lenka Pincot, Head of Agile Transformation at Raiffeisen bank

ICOP Digital Transformation is managed by the Paris branch of PMI France chapter and its leaders are Lenka Pincot, Head of Agile Transformation at Raiffeisen bank,


Dirk Doppelfeld, seasoned Project Management professional and founder of Projects & Service Solutions and PMI volunteer since 2010.

Dirk Doppelfeld, PMI France

If you’re interested in joining the community, please contact Lenka or Dirk directly on the following emails. The community offers both learning and speaking or publishing opportunities.,

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