C’est la rentrée des rencontres sur le management de projets et l’agilité

La période des grandes vacances s’achève pour beaucoup d’entre nous et c’est avec grand plaisir que nous allons pouvoir participer à de nombreuses réunions, virtuelles bien sûr pour la plupart.

De quoi apprendre, découvrir, nous étonner, mais aussi nous distraire de nos tâches journalières tout en enrichissant nos perspectives.

Belles rencontres à vous !

Mercredi 1 – Scrum . Org – Using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in Scrum

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) act as goal-setting framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. OKRs are often misunderstood and are a powerful practice to create razor sharp organisational focus. Isn’t Scrum about goals and focus as well? There is the Vision, the Product Goal, the Sprint Goal as well as the Sprint Review.

These elements of Scrum can be very well combined with OKRs. Actually, you might want to turn it around, start with OKRs and map your Scrum implementation to them. In this Scrum Pulse webinar Professional Scrum Trainer Ralph Jocham with Agile Actors #learning will give a quick intro to OKRs, and you then you will learn how Scrum can benefit from using OKRs to create a network of responsibility from the vision down to individual Sprint Goals. This responsibility network offers a transparency most corporations long for.

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Jeudi 2 – PMI – Finding Confidence in Conflict

Managing conflict is a critical competency for every leader and employee. Unfortunately, many people choose simply to ignore conflict and hope it goes away by itself, thinking that it’s not my call to resolve it. However, conflict is an essential part of growth, especially when there is a need to be innovative and creative, when deadlines are tight, and when the directions are unclear.

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Jeudi 2 – PMI Tunisia – Open discussion

Open discussion and Question&Answers Session on Membership, Certification Preparation, Volunteering, etc.

Vendredi 3 – Gouti – Présentation de l’outil

Ce Webinar a pour but de faire une rapide présentation de notre solution Gouti, ERP de gestion de projet.

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Vendredi 3 – PMI – Using Agile to Fast Track Digital Transformation

In the current day, Agile and Digital Transformation are two of the most discussed topics in project management; however, neither is as new as we are led to believe.

Samedi 4 – PMI Virtual Africa Conference

Lundi 6 – Swiss Cognitive – Preparing 3 Billion Employees for AI – A Zeitgeist Challenge

We are facing an unprecedented challenge. With the development of cognitive technologies, the skills gap is increasing. It is our pivotal responsibility today to start aligning employees’ talents to organisational capabilities. So how do we educate & prepare our workforce and transform our workplace so that we are all ready to embrace and collaborate with AI?

Mardi 7 – PMI UK – Project Data Analytics Webinar: The Project Data Analytics Starter Kit: Getting to Grips with Data in 2021

Livre de Gilles Babinet sur Amazon

After popular demand, a new and improved Project Data Analytics event with James Smith, PhD is here!

He will be walking you through all the components of project data analytics, through the lens of a project delivery professional. Many existing roles will look radically different in a few years time; for some it will be a matter of adapt or become obsolete.

Mercredi 8 – PMI – Situational Problem Solving Versus Problem Prevention – How to Best Use Your Energy

In this webinar we uncover that all problems can be broken down into a few categories, each with their own solution technique. Knowing this assists with quick problem identification and action, which will properly utilize our time and efforts. Likewise, we will review which prevention methods work best for each problem category, and our unique situation. We will understand how to solve problems while maintaining relationships, instead of compromising relationships to solve problems.

Jeudi 9 – Scrum . Org – 10 Steps to Integrate Evidence-Based Management with Scrum in 60 Days or Less

Many companies use the steady rhythm of Scrum to make steady improvements in quality or time to market. Over time, they start expanding their focus from optimizing activities to optimizing business outcomes like customer delight, customer retention, revenue, profit, and cash flow. This is when they start gravitating towards outcome based frameworks like Evidence-Based Management (EBM). However, this is when they seem to run into some common challenges…

1. How to integrate outcome based frameworks like EBM into Scrum principles, values, roles, events and artifacts?

2. How to create a starter set of steps to convert the theory of EBM into concrete actions?

3. How to integrate these steps into the pressure and rhythm of Scrum time-boxes to shorten the learning loop?

In this webinar moderated by PST Ravi Verma with Anca Tanase, PST Magdalena Firlit and PST Nagesh Sharma, they will propose one possible approach that evidence based Agile organizations can take to overcome these challenges. They will propose 10 steps that can be followed in 60 days or less to integrate EBM with Scrum to achieve these outcomes.

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Jeudi 9 – PMI – Why Humility is Important to Your Career Success

As powerful as humility is, a common misconception is that it’s a sign of weakness. Some think that people who are humble behave as if they are inferior to others. As a result, humility is not regarded as a critical skill. But the fact is that there is an incredible amount of courage and strength involved in the practice of humility especially for those in leadership. As a leader in the project management space, it is critical for you to understand that humility is the foundation of great leaders, and the basis for world-class customer service. This webinar will highlight how humility can take your career to heights you may not have imagined.

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Mardi 14 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer with PST John Coleman – Answering Your Toughest Questions about Scrum

Guide téléchargeable gratuitement

Scrum itself is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex products. While it is lightweight and simple to understand, it can be difficult to apply effectively. The Scrum.org Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer series, features Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) in a live session, answering your most pressing questions regarding the challenges and situations your Scrum Teams are facing.

In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, John Coleman will answer your burning questions about Scrum and the challenges your teams are facing. Bring your toughest Scrum challenges for this interactive experience with an expert!

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Mardi 14 – PMI UK – The 5 Pillars of Effective Public Speaking: Structure Your Presentation for Success

There are 5 Key Skills, or Pillars, that make the greatest public speakers unforgettable, undeniable, and truly impactful…

You are invited to partake in this unique online workshop that will focus specifically on Pillar number 3: Structure.

Jeudi 16 – PMI UK – How Can YOU Lead into the Future of Project Management?

Key Takeaways of this presentation include:

  • PM Industry current and future state
  • Opportunities for the PM professionals
  • How PMs can set themselves apart
  • How PMs can become more competitive

Jeudi 16 – PMI – Can Waterfall And Agile Co-Exist?

Livre sur Amazon

The domains of waterfall and agile often appear as two solitudes, not overlapping at all. More often they appear to be warring camps, decrying the other and advocating for their preferred way of working. This gets reinforced by the adherents of one practice or the other (often most influenced by which perspective they learned first). One is considered good, the other bad, and there is very little middle space to explore common ground, let along find a potential way of working together. And yet, work together they can. Both strategies have a place, both have a role, and both deliver value. They key is in understanding what each provides, how they are similar and in what important ways they are different, and how commonalities can be found. If you’re stuck in the middle—or you are wondering what all the fuss is about—you won’t want to miss this webinar.

Vendredi 17 – Gouti – Présentation de l’outil

Ce Webinar a pour but de faire une rapide présentation de notre solution Gouti, ERP de gestion de projet.

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Lundi 20 – Mercredi 22 – Paris + Streaming – Agile en Seine 2021

Agile En Seine revient pour une édition 2021, qui se déroulera du 20 au 22 septembre 2021, inclus.

Fort des enseignements de l’édition 2020, une édition doublement inédite, à la fois en présentiel et en distanciel. New Cap Event Center Paris, entre 200 et 350 personnes, dans le respect strict des règles sanitaires, et , en parallèle, un accès aux sessions, en direct et en streaming pour 1000 participants en ligne.

La troisième et dernière journée sera totalement dédiée à des sessions et ateliers sur le Framework SAFe pour permettre au plus grand nombre d’en savoir plus sur un framework de plus en plus déployé dans les organisations et générant de nombreux débats dans la communauté des Agilistes. Au-delà des postures, vous permettre d’en savoir plus sur des éléments de SAFe, de façon concrète. Cette journée sera animée par des experts reconnus de SAFe en France.

Lundi 20 – Vendredi 24 – APM – THINK DIFFERENTLY & Women in Project Management

In person and Virtual conference – check it online

Mardi 21 -St Petersburg (& Online) – IPMA – 32nd IPMA World Congress

les compétences de ICP et IPMAFor several decades now, the World Congress has been a leading event in the management of projects, programs and portfolios. In 2018, Kazakhstan became the venue; in autumn 2019, the World Congress is held in Mexico. In 2020, leading project management experts, professionals, business representatives, practitioners, representatives of global companies, scientists, students, teachers, non-governmental organizations, the media and others will meet in Saint-Petersburg, the cultural center of Russia.

• Offline. St. Petersburg, Holiday Inn
• Online from anywhere in the world

Mardi 21 – PMI – Black Swans in Your Project: Understanding, Identification and Management of Extreme Unknown Unknowns

Livre sur Amazon

Following in the footsteps of a seminal book The Black Swan by Nicholas Nassim Taleb, I will demonstrate key failures of traditional risk management and stakeholder management practices in projects where extreme unknown unknowns are concerned. A special attention would be given to explaining how identification of Black Swans and planning the response for them is different from the traditional techniques we apply with tractable risks (known unknowns). More importantly, I will address the Project Management Principle of „Embrace Adaptability and Resiliency“ in the 7th edition of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as the fundamental, if not perfect, remedy to negative impacts of Black Swans that we need to apply for the benefit of the project and its stakeholders.

Mercredi 22 – Scrum . Org – How Choosing Nexus Helped eimagine and their Client Provide Care to Over 100,000 Indiana Senior Citizens

Get the guide

eimagine, a full-service Indianapolis US-based information technology consulting company, used the Nexus framework to replace legacy systems for a large project for a state government agency that provides connects senior citizens with social services, health care, and their communities. By doing so, their number of help desk tickets decreased by 75%, therefore getting critical services to senior citizens faster.

Join Laura Hansen. VP of Talent Solutions and Scott Crane, President from eimagine as they discuss:

  • How they came to their decision to use Nexus to replace this legacy system
  • How eimagine introduced Nexus to their client
  • The challenges the teams overcame by using Nexus
  • How Nexus enabled them to help their client be successful in delivering these critical services
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Jeudi 23 – Lille – PMI France Nord – Comment innover en équipe avec la méthode LEGO® Serious Play®

Après cette longue coupure, la Branche Nord de France du Chapitre PMI France est contente de reprendre ses évènements et vous propose un atelier participatif  qui traitera de :

  • Livre sur Amazon

    La méthode LEGO® Serious Play®,

  • Résolution d’un problème pratique à l’aide d’un Exploration Kit (fourni),
  • Retour d’expérience

Ce sera pour vous l’occasion d’avoir les premiers éléments sur cette méthode innovante et une première mise en pratique vous permettant de repartir avec des éléments concrets et un kit …

Vendredi 24 – PMI – Scaled Agile Frameworks – What are They Scaling?

Visitez le site SAFe

‘Scaled Agile’ is one of the most misunderstood concepts. Agile adoption surveys indicate that Scrum, or some combination of it, is used by 70–80% of Agile Teams. None of the ‘scaled’ frameworks is mentioned as ‘used’, only as an option to ‘scale’. Agile, a new approach in 1970 to scale down manufacturing processes and make them more ‘Agile,’ was created to improve Lean Six Sigma. Out of Software development, the team frameworks are now ‘scaling up’ by reverting to Lean Practices like Kanban, Theory of Constraints, Voice of Customer, Kaizen, etc.

Mardi 28 – QRP – Agile Change Agent ; an agile approach to change

Whether derived from internally or externally changes, any organisation comes at a point where transformational change is inevitable for the organisation to remain viable and scalable.

Change however is a very sensitive topic as it influences many and should be guided precisely and wisely. There are many methodologies and approaches that can help you deliver change, ‘Agile Change Agent’ is one of these.

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The purpose of Agile Change Management is to support the ideas of collaboration, empowerment and self-direction that are core to Agile approaches. It starts from the idea that anyone within the organisation can be a change agent, somebody that actively supports and facilitates change next to his/her daily work.

What does this exactly mean and how can the Agile Change Agent approach support change within your organisation? Come and find it out in our free webinar!

Together with expert Niels van Bemmelen we will dive into the Agile Change Agent topic. We will discuss the definition of Agile Change, the roles in Agile Change and the management of Agile Change.

We will seek to make the webinar as interactive as possible, with polls, live discussion and input from all listeners. Come and join us!

Mardi 28 – Paris – PMI France – Chefs de projet : Cultivez votre équipe !

Le pôle Paris Centre de PMI France , vous invite à assister à la conférence-atelier « Chefs de projet : Cultivez votre équipe ! »

Livre sur Amazon

A la façon d’un jardinier, un chef de projet peut parvenir à fédérer une équipe performante au service du projet confié, s’il prend les dispositions pour construire la cohésion et favorise la coopération. Ensuite il pourra cultiver ce collectif, avec soin et constance.

Animée par Sophie Le Stum et Elizabeth Gauthier, spécialistes du travail collaboratif, co-autrices avec Olivier Dutel de : Cultiver une équipe

Mercredi 29 – Zürich – PMI Switzerland 10th conference and 20 years anniversary

Following on from the tremendous success of our last conference, PMI Switzerland Chapter is pleased to announce that we will again be hosting the Project Management Conference on the theme of Innovation in Project Management. Given the extraordinary situation we are currently facing, this theme is ever more relevant in how we not only live personally, but also professionally.

​We have invited expert speakers to share their innovative experiences in project management. Arm yourself with the skills required to navigate the changing economic, social and technological landscape.

​A fresh perspective, first-hand insights and countless connections are just some of the things you will walk away with. Immerse yourself in a world of project management and gain an array of ideas and inspiration to take you towards your next success.

Mercredi 29 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – Evidence-Based Management with Mark Wavle and Chris Conlin

In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, PSTs Mark Wavle and Chris Conlin along with Patricia Kong from Scrum.org will take your questions about Evidence-Based Management (EBM) and content covered in the new Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence Based Management (PAL-EBM) training course! EBM is an Agile approach to help leaders guide their teams toward continuously improving customer outcomes, organizational capabilities, and business results. Mark, Chris and Patricia will be available on this session to answer all of your burning questions about measuring value, shifting to a more agile mindset, outcomes over outputs thinking and more!

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Mercredi 29 – PMI – PMI Citizen Developer & Disciplined Agile: Two Approaches to Accelerating Value

Livre sur Amazon

Citizen Developer and Disciplined Agile both help organizations deliver value faster and increase enterprise effectiveness. In this session we will explore the relationship between Citizen Developer and Disciplined Agile. We will answer key questions such as, “How do Citizen Developer Disciplined Agile leverage each other?” and “How do Disciplined Agile and Citizen Developer fit together?” We will discuss situations best suited for each concept. Finally, we will examine how and where the concepts can be combined to form a stronger approach.

Jeudi 30 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – French edition

Scrum est un cadre simple qui permet de favoriser une collaboration efficace au sein des équipes sur le développement de produits complexes.

Livre sur Amazon

Bien qu’il soit léger et simple à comprendre, il peut être difficile à mettre en place.

Dans les sessions « Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer » de Scrum.org, des formateurs professionnels de Scrum (PST) répondent en direct à vos questions les plus importantes concernant les défis et les situations auxquels vos équipes de Scrum sont confrontées. Dans cette session « Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer », Sabrina Ferlisi, Christian Lapointe et Fabio Panzavolta répondront à vos questions sur Scrum et sur les défis auxquels vos équipes sont confrontées.

Jeudi 30 – PMI Lebanon – The Project Revolution & the Rise of Strategy Implementation Specialists

Speaker: Antonio Nieto Rodriguez

Jeudi 30 – PMI – Persona to Product: User Story Mapping and Projects

Relisez ce billet sur la méthode INVEST

How are product features defined using the user story mapping exercise to develop user stories? Once user stories are written, then they can be grouped into releases, with the first release being your MVP or Minimum Viable Product. During the webinar we will describe use an example to develop a story map and group the stories into a product backlog. The product backlog will keep the team focused on delivering value to customers.

Jeudi 30 et Vendredi 1 – PMI Mauritius – Annual Event – Managing Projects in a VUCA World

Un été pour en apprendre davantage sur le management de projet et l’agilité avec ces nombreuses rencontres

Jeudi 1 – PMI France Pôle de Vincennes – Au-delà du PMBOK7® : La « Valeur » mise en pratique

Dans cette session consacrée à la notion de valeur dans le management de projet, nos intervenants nous proposerons de façon pratique comment gérer la valeur selon les autres approches telles que :

  • SAFe
  • Celle enseignée à l’Université de la Valeur
  • Ou d’autres comme celles présentes dans certaines Normes (notamment l’ISO ou l’AFNOR).
  • Ainsi des outils et des techniques diverses seront proposés pour mieux appréhender par la pratique la notion de « Valeur »

Rendez-vous le 1 Juillet pour un focus sur la Valeur selon d’autres approches que celle du PMBOK 7 !

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Jeudi 1 – PMI Switzerland – Why Stakeholders Regularly Ignore Your Project Reports and How to Fix That

We all know:

  • The #1 way to improve the success probability of your project is to nail stakeholder buy-in.
  • The #1 way to nail stakeholder buy-in is to give them uncomplicated visual project updates so they actually understand your project.

But how do you do that?

Join Peter ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ Taylor to explore the world of project reporting, project communication, and stakeholder engagement, and making people actually care and understand about your projects.

Learn how we overcame this and join Peter in sharing your thoughts, challenges, and inspirations when it comes to ‘project reporting’ through an interactive presentation. All delivered in his usual fun but an insightful way of course.

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Jeudi 1 – WAITalk: AI Consciousness & Ethics with Joanna Bryson

Joanna J Bryson is an academic recognised for broad expertise on intelligence, its nature, and its consequences. Holding two degrees each in psychology and AI (BA Chicago, MSc & MPhil Edinburgh, PhD MIT), she is since 2020 the Professor of Ethics and Technology at Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Bryson advises governments, corporations, and other agencies globally, particularly on AI policy. Her work has appeared in venues ranging from reddit to the journal Science. From 2002-2019 she was Computer Science faculty at the University of Bath; she has also been affiliated with Harvard Psychology, Oxford Anthropology, The Mannheim Centre for Social Science Research, The Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research, and the Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy. Bryson first observed the confusion generated by anthropomorphised AI during her PhD, leading to her first AI ethics publication “Just Another Artifact” in 1998. She is now a leader in AI ethics, having since coauthored the first national-level AI ethics policy, the UK’s (2011) Principles of Robotics, and contributed to efforts by the OECD, EU, UN, OSCE, Red Cross and Google among others. She also continues to research the systems engineering of AI and the cognitive science of intelligence. Her present research focuses are the impacts of technology on human societies, and new models of governance for AI and digital technology. She is a founding member of Hertie School’s Centre for Digital Governance, and one of Germany’s nine nominated experts to the Global Partnership for AI.

Vendredi 2 – Gouti – Présentation de l’outil

Ce Webinar a pour but de faire une rapide présentation de notre solution Gouti, ERP de gestion de projet.

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet


Mardi 6 – PMI UK – Influence above authority, the key to successful leadership

f you are a leader, manager or in a PM position where influence is key, you may well be:

  • frustrated when your messages does not seem to land
  • recognise that you are only positively influential in certain situations
  • lacking confidence when you have to influencepeople higher up the food chain
  • struggling to get people to say yes on a consistent basis
  • at your wit’s end when you seem to get agreement for action, and nothing happens
  • annoyed with certain stakeholders who often seem to ignore perfectly reasonable demands.

What you are looking for is the how-to’s.  How to influence more people, more of the times. Techniques and tools that work consistently that you can learn easily and, effortlessly.

Mardi 6 – Swiss Cognitive – As AI Makes More Decisions, the Nature of Leadership Will Change

In our rapidly & ambiguously changing business environments, where AI has more knowledge & experience, and, therefore, makes better and faster decisions than humans, the essence of effective leadership needs to be adapted. This CognitiveVirtual will shed light on the change in leadership, which is corresponding to renewed business environments driven by cognitive technologies for the benefit of business and society.

Mercredi 7 – PMI Communauté Francophone – Le management de projets : une compétence pour la vie !

PMI est une organisation « avec un socle de valeurs », avec un propos, un but plutôt qu’un objectif de profit. Cette caractéristique n’est pas un vain mot. C’est le différenciateur entre une organisation résiliente et une autre amenée à disparaitre. PMI est dédiée à développer la capacité de chacun à avoir un impact sur son environnement, local, communautaire, organisationnel ou sociétal. Ce trajet commence avec les actions de la Fondation pour l’Education (PMIEF). Nous allons voir comment PMI et PMIEF proposent de développer les compétences nécessaires pour engager nos jeunes à être les vecteurs futurs du changement, maintenant.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 7 – PMI – Finding Confidence in Conflict

Managing conflict is a critical competency for every leader and employee. Unfortunately, many people choose simply to ignore conflict and hope it goes away by itself, thinking that it’s not my call to resolve it. However, conflict is an essential part of growth, especially when there is a need to be innovative and creative, when deadlines are tight, and when the directions are unclear. So, if you prefer to keep quiet while facing a difficult situation, and hope it will blow over, this presentation will be helpful for you to get some confidence and change your perspective of conflicts.

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Jeudi 8 – PMI France Côte d’AzurL’équilibre vie Pro / vie Perso – une équation à (ré)inventer !

Travail, famille, loisirs, santé, relations : nos vies ont beaucoup de facettes, et les priorités s’entrechoquent parfois. Dans cette présentation, nous aborderons un autre angle pour penser ce fameux équilibre, tout en souplesse, pour rester aux manettes de ses choix et donner une place à tout ce qui compte pour soi.

Jeudi 8 – IIBA Geneva – Le rôle du Business Analyst dans l’activité de test logiciel en contexte agile

Les pratiques de développement agiles se répandent rapidement au sein des Directions du Système d’Information, soumises à des impératifs de time-to-market toujours plus courts. Ces nouvelles pratiques s’accompagnent de nouveaux outils, de nouvelles méthodes, d’un nouveau vocabulaire (stand up meeting, sprint, poker planning, 3 amigos meeting, etc.). Elles bouleversent surtout les organisations en mettant la collaboration en continue au centre du jeu, là où le modèle tayloriste avait instauré des silos communiquant les uns avec les autres au travers de documents maintes fois interprétés.

Dans ce contexte, le test logiciel, longtemps relégué en fin de chaine du développement comme variable d’ajustement des mises en production, est revenu à une position centrale, entre l’expression du besoin et sa réalisation. Plus encore, l’approche Test-Driven Development (TDD) et ses avatars BDD (Behaviour-Driven Development) et ATDD (Acceptance Test-Driven Development) ont fait du test l’expression-même du besoin, la définition du « done ».

Dans ces conditions, quel rôle doit jouer le business analyste dans l’activité de test logiciel ? Comment BA et testeurs interagissent-ils désormais ? Nous aborderons ces questions en nous appuyant sur une méthodologie et un outil d’ATDD visuel.

Jeudi 8 – PMI Tunisie – PMBOK Guide 7eme Edition

L’équipe du PMI Tunisia Chapter est ravie de vous proposer une info session en ligne sur la 7ème édition du PMBOK. La discussion sera animée par nos chers volontaires et membres, formateurs, coachs et consultants experts : Mme Yosra Torjmen et M. Absi Halim.

Jeudi 8 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – Punit Doshi – Answering Your Burning Questions about Scrum

Scrum itself is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex products. While it is lightweight and simple to understand, it can be difficult to implement. The Scrum.org Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer series, features Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) in a live session, answering your most pressing questions regarding the challenges and situations your Scrum Teams are facing.

In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, Professional Scrum Trainer Punit Doshi answers your burning questions about Scrum and the challenges your teams are facing.

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Jeudi 8 – PMI UK – Outcomes thinking – the missing link for delivering value

Getting value from projects continues to be a problem, despite the myriad solutions that have been applied over the last decades and the improvement in project methodologies and tools. This session will discuss why delivering value requires more than just “finishing the project” on time and budget.

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Vendredi 9 – PMI – The Agile Enterprise: Risk Management in an Agile World

Since the term, agile, grew popularity in the second decade of the 21st century, Risk Management was one of the strong selling points of various agile frameworks. According to agile surveys, reducing risk is one of the main reasons for agile adoption. However, none of the agile frameworks provide guidance on Risk Management. Most of them are limited to a simplistic view that by delivering in small increments risk is limited to the value of a single sprint. The reality is far more complex, and it is not limited to coding or technical skills. A project is dependent on context, on organizational culture, and last but not least, on people’s desire to work as a team and succeed. This webinar is a brief introduction to how important Risk Management is, how it can be done in agile, and why risk, especially in Agile, should not have a negative connotation. Real-life examples will be used to illustrate how the Project Manager, Scrum Master, and the whole project team can take advantage of Risk.

Mardi 13 – Scrum . Org – How to Make OKRs Better – Outcomes over Outputs

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a powerful tool for setting and measuring goals, but like all power tools, they can come with great responsibility. Matt Hodgson, CEO and Executive Agile Coach of Zen Ex Machina and Patricia Kong, Product Owner of Enterprise Agility at Scrum.org will discuss how to use OKRs in informed ways, so that they can help organizations improve focus and lift outcomes. In this webinar, they will explore how to improve your use of OKRs by using Evidence-Based Management, an empirical framework developed by Scrum.org, including how to align OKRs with strategic goals, and why focusing objectives on activities and outputs leads to poorer results than focusing on outcomes.

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Mercredi 14 – PMI – Six Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders

Have you ever lost sleep because of a difficult stakeholder? Maybe it was a boss, peer, or someone on the other side of the business. Perhaps it was worry about having to deal with them in an upcoming meeting. Or ruminating about how they are an obstacle to progress on a project. So much of our success leading and directing projects and change initiatives comes down to our ability to influence our project stakeholders. Experience teaches us that managing their expectations and building rapport with our key stakeholders can make an enormous difference in our ability to successfully deliver. But the truth is some of our stakeholders are difficult. And though you can unfriend people on social media, you can’t unfriend a stakeholder–you have to learn how to deal with them. In this session, Andy Kaufman shares six strategies for dealing with difficult stakeholders. There are no simple answers, but these are strategies that Andy has shared with clients around the world, and you’re invited to see which ones you can put into place. After all, you deserve a better night of sleep!

Jeudi 15 – PMI – Product Thinking From An Agile Coach Perspective

As a Coach, Is our mandate only to Coach & Transform our Development Teams? Or should we also coach our Product teams. Many Agile transformations do not succeed as they fail to address the Coaching needs of the Product Ownership teams. It is important that we as coaches focus on our product owners and coach them the right way of product development. This webinar looks at product development from an Agile coaches perspective.

Lundi 19-Jeudi 22 – Agile Alliance – Agile 2021 – Responding to change in the digital age

Agile Alliance’s annual conference is dedicated to exploring, innovating, and advancing Agile values and principles, and creating a space for people and ideas to flourish. The Agile20XX conference brings Agile communities together year after year to share experiences and make new connections — and this year we’ll be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Agile Manifesto, as well as Agile Alliance’s 20th birthday! Join passionate Agilists from around the world to learn about the latest practices, ideas, and strategies in Agile software development from the world’s leading experts, change agents, and innovators.

Mardi 20 – PMI UK – Conscious Alignment for Success

Change is now an understatement! However, we are not defined by external events and changes. We are defined by our chosen responses.

If you want to learn about a map that will guide you in your personal development journey. If you want to drastically expand your communication abilities. If you want to be a leader of transformation and a great facilitator of your teams to embrace change. Then these will be a couple of hours well invested.

During the seminar we are going to learn and discuss the Neurological Levels Model of NLP. It’s one of the most effective Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools to influence learning, communications and change.

Mardi 20 – PMI – An Introduction to the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Management

As organizations become aware of the need to achieve business agility more are also becoming aware of the need to manage value streams to achieve it. This webinar discusses how managing the value streams of an organization lays the groundwork for improvement in value delivery.

Jeudi 22 – PMI Pôle La Défense – Piloter l’Innovation dans un Monde Connecté et Multiculturel !

Un marché mondial dynamique et changeant impose de nouvelles exigences d’innovation au leadership et aux performances organisationnelles. Faciliter et orchestrer l’innovation dans un environnement culturellement diversifié et connecté numériquement nécessite de nouvelles compétences et pratiques. Comment les chefs de projet peuvent-ils maîtriser l’innovation mondiale et la collaboration multiculturelle? Rejoignez-nous pour une soirée instructive et intéressante pour en savoir plus sur les nouvelles compétences et pratiques abordés dans le livre «Leading Global Innovation» et découvrir des exemples de cas d’innovation international dans les entreprises, notamment Airbnb, Cisco, Essilor, Google, Philips, Siemens et Wipro.

Jeudi 22 – Scrum . Org – Agile Metrics Survey 2021 — How Do You Compare?

In 2020 and 2021, more than 1,153 participants from over 20 countries and organizations from less than 50 to more than 10,000 employees participated in a hands-on survey on agile metrics launched by Berlin-Product-People. The goal of this survey was to learn about who is using what agile metrics in which context to get a better understanding of how becoming agile is progressing at a team level or within an organization?

Join Professional Scrum Trainer Stefan Wolpers and Dr. Alex Bergmann, Statistician to learn what they discovered!

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Jeudi 22 – PMI – Citizen Development in Practice: My Successful Implementation Story

Citizen development is gaining traction and many organizations are using low-code or no-code software to build apps and solve business problems. So how should organizations go about implementing citizen development? In this session Trevor will share his experience in implementing a successful citizen development project using a low-code platform.

Vendredi 23 – Gouti – Présentation de l’outil

Ce Webinar a pour but de faire une rapide présentation de notre solution Gouti, ERP de gestion de projet.

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Vendredi 23 – PMI – The Agile Enterprise: Project Roles and Responsibilities in Agile

Agile found its way into project delivery with many certifications attempting to define various agile roles, some of them project-related. Although the Manifesto for Agile Software Development is against specialization in an Agile Team, all the traditional roles have become « Agile » by sticking the « Agile » label to the old job title: for example, Agile Project Manager, Agile Tester, Agile Business Analyst, « Agile » Scrum Master and the « Agile » Coach. Most Agile frameworks, like Scrum, Crystal, and XP, were conceived by developers for a small team of software developers, and the Project Manager role is usually omitted. Unlike ‘specialized’ Agile Project Manager certifications, PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® remains the industry benchmark for the Project Manager role, providing an increased focus on Agile and Hybrid practices without compromising the knowledge required to manage projects that can’t or won’t use Agile practices. This webinar is a comparative analysis of various roles in a project that uses agile practices and how various project roles should change to adapt to a new way of delivering projects.

Lundi 26 – PMI – The Role of Social Media in Intrastakeholder Strategies to Influence Decision Making in a UK Infrastructure Megaproject

This webinar examines the role of social media in public stakeholder and intrastakeholder group strategies to influence decision making in the consultation stage of UK infrastructure megaprojects. The context is the consultation process on the construction of a new Crossrail 2 station in Chelsea, London, where there is resistance. Analysis of social media communication by the affected public groups and interviews with the opposing group shows different intragroup concerns, with stakeholders developing a strong identity enabled by social media. To reduce perceived lack of responsiveness, we recommend that project managers harness social media marketing principles for ongoing relationship building.

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Mardi 27 – PMI – Don’t Just “Go Agile”!

The world is changing faster than ever, and the next disruption is just around the corner. Many companies are therefore well on their way on an agile transformation to become more adaptive and resilient, but many experience that the transformation does not provide the business value they had imagined in advance and new challenges emerge.

Jeudi 29 – PMI UK – Agile Roles: Textbook vs. Reality.

Agile roles and responsibilities.  What the textbooks say and a discussion as to what really happens and why the roles differ from the textbook better practice.

Project Management topics covered:

  • Collaboration
  • Team development
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Communications management
  • Risk Management

Jeudi 29 – PMI Lebanon – In Search of Benefit from Our Projects

Jeudi 29 – PMI – Status Reports: Best Update Ever!

In this webinar, you will meet EFAR (Enemy, Friendly, Administrative needs, and Request), the time-tested-and-true recipe for composing status reports. EFAR is based on the military Situation Report (SITREP) and will work wonders in helping you keep your reports on point, give necessary and relevant information to the right people, and get the right results. During the webinar, EFAR will be explained, unpacked, and practiced. After the webinar, attendees will look for opportunities to exercise this powerful tool via any communication channel: spoken, written, or electronic.

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AOUT 2021

Lundi 2 – Gouti – Présentation de l’outil

Ce Webinar a pour but de faire une rapide présentation de notre solution Gouti, ERP de gestion de projet.

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mardi 3 – Scrum . Org – How to Use Scrum in Human Resources

Scrum and Human Resources (HR) – how do they work together? And what are the implications of using Scrum within HR?

In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer Martijn Magermans and Agile HR Expert Astrid Karsten, author of Toolkit for Agile Talent Development,will take you with them on a journey through agile HR from a Scrum perspective. This webinar is for both HR professionals with an interest in Agile & Scrum and for Scrum Professionals with interest in HR. Martijn and Astrid will explore how Scrum can be used in areas such as performance management, rewarding and compensation, the employee journey and more.

During this webinar attendees will:
– Get a clear understanding of what Agile HR is
– Learn how the Scrum Framework works in HR
– Learn how to make the first step towards increased agility within HR

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 4 – PMI – Project and Product Management – The Interface

Project and Product management are two disciplines that are well-developed in their application and practice. Both are crucial and required in the development of products and services in business and industry .While there are plenty of similarities between the two there are differences too in terms of content, emphasis and approach. This talk will discuss and deliberate on the following aspects about the two disciplines.

  • The two disciplines, should they be practiced in combination or separately?
  • Overview of Standards and Certification in both.
  • Learnings and sharing of best practices between the two disciplines.
  • A Look into the future, how is it expected to shape up?

Jeudi 5 – PMI – Stakeholder Engagement – A Webinar of Influencing Partners to Build Consensus

Develop listening and guiding skills, vital to managing projects. Earning buy-in and approval from multiple parties, often with conflicting interests, is a challenge. Learn to better manage complex, fragile stakeholder relationships utilizing empathy and influential leadership. We will walk through the strategic project relationship management steps of Identifying, Prioritizing, and Engaging key stakeholders. Gaining stakeholder buy-in for your plan improves project success rate exponentially!

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Mardi 10 – PMI – The Inside Scoop on the PMI Citizen Developer Practitioner Course

Citizen Development continues to grow and PMI have launched new resources to help support project managers to learn all about this new approach. In this session we will provide an overview of the PMI Citizen Developer Practitioner Course. Citizen Developer Practitioner is for the “doers.” It provides the tools and methodologies needed to efficiently create effective and scalable applications using low-code and no-code platforms, solving the problems that organizations face. This PDU and micro-credential earning course consists of eight modules, with access to downloadable tools, templates, and case studies based on real-life experiences. Come explore how the PMI Citizen Developer Practitioner can guide Citizen Development project teams with flexibility to help drive change, innovation and business transformation.

Mercredi 11 – PMI – Work from Home (WFH) Experience Calculator, a Useful Tool for Project Managers

This webinar will introduce you to a free tool aimed at evaluation and improving your (and your project team’s) Work from Home (WFH) experience. Like millions of others, I started working from home in 2020. Most of my clients also started working from home and I was asked a range of questions related to how to work from home effectively. Being involved in the interior fitout business I was keen to provide some answers and having conducted extensive research and discussions I have identified nine key elements to keep in mind when working from home. This is especially applicable to project managers as they need to work from home themselves and ensure their project team members are able to work from home optimally. The WFH calculator works as follows: read the information pertaining to each element and give yourself a score for each element. This is known as your baseline score. Identify elements where you gave yourself a low score and make some changes (as per the recommendations in the guide) aimed at improving your score on the particular element/s in question. Rescore yourself monthly as you make changes. As your score improves so too will your WFH experience. Share this information with your project team and as their scores improve so too will their WFH experience. Some changes will be easy, some will be difficult, some will be impossible so start with what you have and aim to maximise your own score. As a project manager you should also guide your team members to improve their WFH experience and this tool provides a structured method to do so.

Jeudi 12 – PMI – DCMA 14-Point Assessment: A Hands-On Practice in Construction Schedules

A project schedule is an indispensable tool in the hands of a Project Manager to efficiently manage and direct project work. A well-constructed and maintained schedule is a key ingredient needed for the success of any project. The DCMA 14-point assessment offers a project manager an industry defined method to quantitatively evaluate a schedule and improve its quality. The project manager may use the DCMA 14-point assessment at the beginning of the project as a set of guidelines for developing a logic driven, solid and manageable schedule, and throughout the life of the project, as a set of health checks for periodically evaluating the schedule against a set of measurable criteria. It is not always easy to change traditional scheduling practices and compromise the apparent simplicity of a schedule.

Vendredi 13 – PMI – The Agile Enterprise: Using Agile to Fast Track Process Improvement

Agile, the new approach that in 1970 was created to replace Lean Six Sigma, is now ‘scaling up’ by reverting to Lean Practices, such as Kanban, Theory of Constraints, Voice of Customer, and, Kaizen. Although the main scaled Agile frameworks originated as Lean frameworks, the Process improvement practices, including the very important Six Sigma component that is the most mature and confirmed way of measuring the impact of process improvement initiatives, were left out. This is partly because they require more complex and nuanced skills and knowledge and partly because they are associated with manufacturing, whilst most Agile frameworks originated in software development. In some cases, the reason for avoiding mentioning the Lean Six Sigma origins of most scaled Agile practices is just because some of the well-known Lean Six Sigma practices are now at the core of various Agile certifications. Although Lean goals (e.g., eliminate waste, adoption of standardized processes) are in opposition to the Agile mindset that fundamentally embraces change, allows good waste, and is against reliance on standardized processes, Lean and Agile can complement each other and adapt to change in an efficient way. This webinar is a presentation on how the most mature Process Improvement approach, Lean Six Sigma’s Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC), can be used to fast-track Agile adoption as well as how it can be used to convince senior management that Agile can be a solution for core issues and a way to improve the bottom line.

Vendredi 20 Août – Gouti – Présentation de l’outil

Ce Webinar a pour but de faire une rapide présentation de notre solution Gouti, ERP de gestion de projet.

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Jeudi 26 – PMI Lebanon – Open Your Eyes to Your Blindspots

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Lundi 30 – PMI – Senior Leaders’ Expectations on Project Management – New Insights from Harvard Business

As the number of projects in organizations skyrocket, understanding project fundamentals and fostering project management skills have become essential. Leaders have too many projects with too little visibility into them, and they lack the project oversight and delivery competencies to untangle them. In a recent survey with Harvard Business Review, we wanted to look at the current challenges faced by senior leaders when dealing with projects and project management, as well as their expectations for the future. The results, combined with other case studies, will help us better understand how organizations are using projects now, where they are finding success with projects, and where they are struggling. The session will help project managers translate their hands-on know-how up to the leader’s-eye view.

Mardi 31 – IIBA Geneva – Soirée de lancement de l’IIBA Study Group (Lausanne)

Le prochain study group IIBA Geneva 2021 consacré à l’étude du BABOK V3 débutera avec une 1ère soirée d’introduction gratuite et ouverte à tous! Venez nombreux à cette soirée à l’issue de laquelle vous pourrez confirmer votre inscription aux prochaines 11 séances du study group.

Pour plus d’informations sur les study group IIBA Geneva, veuillez suivre ce lien.

Manager la Performance autrement dans le Monde d’Après : le 1er Octobre 2021

Toute l’équipe d’animation du PMI France avance à grand pas pour nous concocter un programme d’exception pour le Forum national des Régions 2021 qui se tiendra en virtuel sur toute la journée du 1er Octobre.

Bloquez déjà le Vendredi 1er octobre 2021 dans vos agendas pour ce Forum National du PMI France

Ce Forum aura pour thématique Manager la Performance autrement dans le Monde d’Après et se déclinera en 5 sous-thèmes :

  1. Transformations des entreprises : Agilité, transformation digitale, réadaptations des modèles économiques et d’entreprise.
  2. Pilotage par la Valeur : Indicateurs de performance, pilotage efficient des projets et des programmes, utilisation adaptée des données (Data Analyse, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Intelligence Artificielle,  … ).
  3. Sens et Éléments Humains : Re-questionner le sens de nos actions et de nos stratégies, remettre l’humain au centre, manager les équipes autrement.
  4. Nouveaux paradigmes et nouvelles opportunités générées par la crise sanitaire
  5. Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises (RSE) et critères Environnementaux, Sociaux et de Gouvernance (ESG): Produire et consommer plus durable et plus responsable et avoir un impact positif sur la société.

9 Branches du PMI France préparent déjà ce forum !

Atlantique, Côte d’Azur, Grand-Est, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence, Midi-Pyrénées, Nord de France, Ile-de-France et Rhône-Alpes.

Des interventions de formats divers et variés: Conférences, ateliers, tables-rondes, retour d’expériences, …

De nombreux speakers issus de différents secteurs de la « Project Economy » seront mis à l’honneur et vont apporter leurs regards sur comment votre métier du management de projet évolue dans un contexte post-Covid.

La journée sera clôturée par la présentation d’un Livre Blanc du PMI France sur le Pilotage par la Valeur et Organisations Adaptée.

Ce livre blanc a été co-écrit par des acteurs projets de 9 entreprises: EDF, Engie, Orange, Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut, Media Figaro, Schneider Electric, Société Générale, STEF et Zent-Eco.

Les packages des opportunités de partenariats sont en cours de finalisation et se déclineront en 3 offres: Or, Argent et Bronze.

Pour en savoir plus, n’hésitez pas à contacter : erida_loli@yahoo.fr , caroline.hoog@pmi-france.org, salahssaid3@yahoo.fr

Une bouffée d’air déconfiné avec toujours de beaux rdv de management de projets en Juin 2021 !

Voici ma sélection du mois de Juin. Je vous souhaite de bien profiter de ces moments de partage et de découverte avant la pause estivale.

Mardi 1 – Srum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer with Peter Gfader – Architecture, Code in Teams, Scrum with DevOps and more

Questions to ask Peter can include things like:

  • How can you do Scrum with 2 week Sprints but deploy on a daily basis?
  • What should we measure in our Scrum Teams when our product gets released once a year?
  • How should we get started with ensemble programming in our Scrum Teams?
  • What is the « Bunny Ear Model » and how does it relate to Water-Scrum-Fall? How do we move forward there?
  • How can Teams deal with Technical Debt?
  • Tips and Tricks on tackling Legacy Code?
  • What is the Inverse Conways Law Manouvre and how can you use it in your organization?
  • What advantages do 1 week Sprints have?
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Mardi 1 – PMI – How DA supported the Agile Transformation in a Large Bank in Brazil

Livre sur Amazon

We are the largest private Bank in Brazil with almost 100k employees. In our IT area, we have around 10k people that are organized in 500 squads and 50 tribes. We have been on an agile transformation journey for some years. In this webinar I will share how Disciplined Agile (DA) has been supporting us on our journey, the challenges we faced along the way, and the lessons we learned.

Mercredi 2 PMI France Branche Nouvelle Aquitaine – Étudiants Entrepreneurs, vivez vos projets !

De 18h30 à 19h30, sur Twitch, sur le thème de l’entreprenariat et des projets. Organisé par les étudiants du Mastère Spécialisé Management par Projets du CESI Bordeaux. Une occasion unique d’échanger en direct avec un expert et 2 jeunes chefs de projet qui ont créé leur entreprise durant leurs études.

  • Agathe Hénocq : Créatrice de la start-up Irydis
  • Nathan Bruzat : Co-fondateur de la start-up UnoVit
  • Dominique Tack : 25 ans dans la Gestion de projet chez Thalès 
Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Du 2 au 25 Juin – IIBA Geneva – Congrès Annuel de Business Analyse – 8 Soirées en ligne !

Site pour détails et inscriptions

Mercredi 2 – PMI UK – Practical PM training with P3.express

Frank Turley will use a realistic project scenario as a basis for the training and participants will be asked to run the project and therefore do the necessary activities to run the project. Participants will therefore run the project and therefore learn much more that from a normal project management course. The best way to learn project management is to practice project management and this course enables that to happen.

Mercredi 2 -Science to Market – Women Leaders in AI

Technology and automation do not kill creativity, they enable it. Creativity, a very core human skill, becomes increasingly important as we manage uncertainty through discovery, imagination, and structured processes.

So, how do you prepare for a future where creativity becomes a vital skill for survival? Enter the world of women entrepreneurs leading start-ups that combine creativity and AI to deliver business value and impact. Our speakers, Raphaela Kurer, Co-Founder Meloncast and Shama Rahman, PhD Neuroscience and Complexity of Creative Cognition, NeuroCreate Ltd,  will share their non-linear journey. Learn about their portfolio careers, overcoming challenges, and the transformative journey of how they managed to beat the odds and launch a disruptive start-up that is leading us into our creative future.

collèguesAdditionally, While there is a growing number of women entrepreneurs in the field of technology like Shama and Raphaela,  it is not enough to break the stereotype of male dominance in the industry.

Mercredi 2 – PMI UK – The Failed PMO

Is a PMO still needed in our agile / VUCA world? What is the benefit from PMOs for project-oriented organisations? Is there a benefit or is a PMO just something that a project-oriented organisation has to have? In this webinar you will hear the example of a PMO which has failed. After several years of hard work to implement a PMO from scratch, the decision was taken to reorganise the process of execution of projects in another organisational unit, which provides more benefit to the organisation.

Katharina, the former head of the PMO, will share her insights and learnings with you. You will here:

  • How the PMO was positioned
  • What were the pitfalls and the challenges of the PMO
  • How and why the PMO was replaced
  • How this experience will help the organisation to improve

Mercredi 2 – PMI – Change on the Run: Surviving Workplace Uncertainty

Workplace change has never been at a higher rate or faster pace than now. PMOs, leaders and their teams grapple with multiple disruptions, from mergers and acquisitions to restructuring, pandemics, and digital transformations. In today’s dynamic environment, being successful in change is not about being perfect; it’s about being fast and effective so you can move on to the next task or issue—the speed of execution matters. Adopting one 80/20 action to address common project challenges is the best strategy. It gives you 80 percent of the results in 20 percent of the time. In this upbeat and interactive session, we will discuss how you can apply the 80/20 rule to focus in on one action to navigate the tasks and common situations that Project Managers typically encounter during a transformation project.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 3 – PMI France Pôle de VincennesPMBOK7® : La « Valeur »

Guide sur Amazon

Dans la version 7 du PMBOK Guide, la « Valeur » occupe une place importante et affirmée. En effet, un chapitre est dédié au système de livraison de la valeur et la valeur fait également partie des 12 principes de management de projet retenus par le PMI. Nos intervenants se proposent de vous faire un exposé sur l’approche de la valeur selon le PMBOK7 mais également de mettre en perspective celle-ci par rapport aux autres écoles et corpus. Enfin ils vous proposeront comment mesurer et maitriser la valeur tout au long de vos projets.

Avec: Jean-Luc Favrot, Ian Stokes, Laurent Thomas, Cédric Berger, Sylvie-Jeanne Labrosse, Jean-Yves Klein et Michel Thiry.

QRP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Vendredi 4 – CARA Lyon – Trans’mutation Agile

Agile Lyon 2021 propose un format multi-modalités et multi-sites tout en privilégiant le partage.

Vendredi 4 – PMI – The Agile Enterprise: Agile Project Manager – Evolution or Regression?

Agile found its way into project delivery with many certifications trying to define various Agile project roles. Most Agile frameworks, such as Scrum, Crystal, and XP, were conceived by developers for a small team of software developers, and the Project Manager role is usually omitted. Unlike some specialized Agile Project Manager certifications, PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® remains the benchmark for the Project Manager role with an increased focus on Agile and Hybrid practices but without compromising the predictive knowledge required to manage projects that can’t or won’t use Agile practices. This webinar is a comparative analysis of the Scrum Master, seen in some organizations as a replacement of the Project Manager role; various flavors of the ‘Certified Agile Project Manager’; and the standard Project Manager role.

QRP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 8 – PMI Montréal – Risque et incertitude dans le projet d’ingénierie

Les projets d’ingénierie ont tendance à présenter de nombreuses incertitudes en raison du manque d’informations ou d’informations peu fiables, des nouvelles technologies, de la complexité des projets ou même de facteurs imprévisibles. Ces incertitudes peuvent affecter la réussite du projet. La recherche vise à étudier le niveau de connaissance et l’adoption de la pratique de la gestion des risques dans les projets d’ingénierie. De plus, il vise à explorer la perception de l’influence de la gestion des risques sur la réussite des projets.

Mardi 8 – PMI UK – Practical Strategies for Embedding Project Management into your Operations

irritation, frustration, énervementWhy Strategy Execution Fails?

Overview of SIO concept  – SIO vs. Centralized PMO, activities and challenges

Emaar Group Operations – Case Study Featured in PM Network Magazine – 2020 PMO of The Year Finalist ; Embedding and elevating project management practices in managing real state giant’s operations

Mardi 8 – Scrum . Org – Biotech and Scrum: Rethinking How Biotech Innovates in the 21st Century

In this webinar Dave West CEO of Scrum.org talks to Tyson Bertmaring, MBA, Head of Partner Success at Dyno Therapeutics, and Matt Abbinanti, Ph.D., Senior Program Manager at CRISPR Therapeutics on how Scrum works in Biotech.

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 9 – PMI UK – Project Data Analytics Webinar: Visionaries – Insights from Grant Findlay

Sir Robert McAlpine have been at the forefront of the transition to project data analytics. They have a vision that is helping to shape the industry. Grant Findlay has taken a leading role in mapping out this vision, from shaping the strategy for the Project Data Analytics Task Force through to chairing the Construction Data Trust. He is also championing transformational change within his business, with partners and in the wider supply chain.

Grant will set out why and how he believes the profession needs to change, the potential prize available to us and share insights into his journey so far. Although his challenge is focused on the construction industry, the insights will be applicable to every sector that aspires to transition towards data driven project delivery.

Mercredi 9 – PMI – Empathy the New Leadership Power Skill

Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from withier their frame of reference, that is the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. In this webinar you will discover the power of Emotional Intelligence and the power of empathy as a leadership skill and the language of empathy.

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Jeudi 10 – Gouti – Présentation de l’outil

Ce Webinar a pour but de faire une rapide présentation de notre solution Gouti, ERP de gestion de projet.

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Vendredi 11 – PMI – Managing Projects Effectively during a Pandemic

During a Crisis, managing projects become extremely critical as we may experience Cost & Schedule overruns, unidentified Changes & Risks that creates an imbalance. Focusing on Priority Knowledge areas of PMBOK during a crisis, helps us stay aligned to the Program GOAL’s & the Organization Targets. An approach to consolidate the projects of a Program or a Portfolio in a single shell will be my call during this webinar – with my personalized model that can give an « Effective Approach ».

Mardi 15 – SMP – IPMA – Découvrez les certifications en gestion de projets, programmes et portefeuilles

  1. Connaissez-vous la diversité des compétences requises dans la gestion de projets, de programmes ou de portefeuilles ?
  2.  Vos compétences peuvent-elles être démontrées à partir de la pratique vécue ?
  3. Avez-vous réfléchi aux compétences que vous possédez ?

Nous répondrons aux deux premières questions au cours de cette soirée. La troisième question, c’est à vous d’y répondre. Nous vous montrerons comment vous pouvez prouver vos compétences selon le système à 4 niveaux de l’International Project Management Association (IPMA®) et quel bénéfice peut en résulter pour vous et votre entreprise.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mardi 15 – PMI Switzerland – Open Space Forum on Stakeholder and Team management

Getting stakeholders engaged and teams performing is always a challenge when we start a new project. Doing it remotely is even harder. Doing it in a “working-from-home” reality makes it quite difficult. Have you had recently that feeling that when you were talking no one did not seem to be listening? Or when you asked a question there was no answer?

How do you ensure that your stakeholders are engaged? How do you motivate your team to deliver? What about virtual agile teams? How do you resolve conflicts?

If you attended the Empowering Each Other When Working Remotely workshop, you could see how active listening and constructive feedback make a difference in creating a collaborative, encouraging environment resulting in positive outcomes.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 15 – PMI UK – Wellbeing in project-based organisations: The experience of project employees

Growth of projectification of work and the potential impact on employee well being. Introduction to Guest’s (2017) analytic framework of Human Resources practices leading to employee well being. Areas of improvement for wellbeing of project employees in Projects Based Organizations.

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Mardi 15 – PMI – Disciplined Agile Risk Management: Address Risk, Don’t Just Manage It

The Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit has management and governance strategies explicitly built into it. DA does this at the team level with the Address Risk process goal and at the enterprise level with the Governance process blade. But wait a minute – Address Risk, not Manage Risk? The difference is a subtle but important nuance. There are many issues for teams to consider, and options to choose from, when they identify how they may best address the risk that they face. But addressing risk at the team level is only a good start, we must also address enterprise risk as well. What appears to be small, acceptable risks at the team level soon add up to unacceptable risks at the organizational level that must be addressed appropriately.

Mardi 15 – PMI UK – Using LinkedIn effectively: both professionally and personally

  • LinkedIn as a professional branding tool
  • Creating an effective Personal Profile
  • Using the Privacy & Settings page to best effect
  • Understanding the search opportunities on LinkedIn for targeting and engaging
  • Contacting and Networking with colleagues and connections
  • Creating posts and articles on LinkedIn

Mercredi 16 – PMI Montréal – Introduction à la Gestion de Portefeuille de Projet sous contrainte

portfolio managementVotre organisation a établi son plan stratégique à 10 ans. Pour atteindre les objectifs, 200 projets ont été identifiés, porteurs de 100% de la valeur stratégique souhaitée. Le budget total est de 1 milliard d’euro sur 10 ans, or le budget alloué est de 500 millions d’euro. Cela signifie-il que l’organisation ne livrera que 50% de la valeur stratégique à terme ?

Quels projets doit-on abandonner, sachant que certains sont incontournables ? En 10 ans, de nouvelles opportunités de projet verront le jour, des technologies deviendront obsolètes : comment intégrer ces nouvelles dimensions ou retirer certains projets du portefeuille ?

Pour répondre à ces question, PMI vous invite à explorer les fondamentaux de la gestion de portefeuille, illustrés par des scénarios conçus à l’aide de MS Project Online. Un temps d’explorations aux applications AGILE est réservé dans cette présentation.

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Mercredi 16 – Scrum . Org – Want to Flow faster? Then get your 4×4 in gear

Understanding the 4 Kanban practices and the 4 Kanban metrics of Professional Scrum with Kanban.

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Mercredi 16 – APMG – Being Agile

Agile is a word associated with progress, with momentum, and is a shorthand for describing how organizations want to operate. It is so common that applying agile techniques and having an agile mindset appear in job descriptions and interview questions all the time. However, experiences differ:

  • Everyone seems to have a different definition and meaning to agile and agility.
  • Many of us are working in ‘agile’ environments but often this is limited to certain activities and not a widespread adoption of the agile mindset across the organization.
  • We know an agile approach will fit better with all the uncertainty around us but are not sure how to get started.

In this webinar presenter Melanie Franklin will take us through the top 10 things we can do to adopt higher levels of agile practices and techniques into our everyday work. Her suggestions apply to those in project and programme roles, change roles and to line managers and executive leaders. Her ideas are practical, but they all require a shift in behaviour and habits, so the challenge will be how much of what she shares you can (and will) put into practice!

Whether you know lots about Agile methodologies or have had limited exposure, these practical ideas are suitable for all.

Mercredi 16 – PMI – How to Choose the Right Low-Code/No-Code Solution for Your Citizen Developer Project

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Citizen Development is gaining traction and many organizations are using low-code or no-code software to build apps and solve business problems. But how to choose the right software to use? In this session Rogerio will share tips on how to go about choosing the right low-code or no-code software platform to use for your citizen development project.

Jeudi 17 – PMI – Agility in a Nutshell

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This webinar will start with an explanation of what agility is and how it applies in organizations in concepts like business agility, product agility or team agility. Next we will focus on two aspects of agility for projects. The first is where projects need to be able to adapt to the changing business and customer needs, in order deliver products that provide value. The second aspect is how to manage your project to adapt to the environment of changing customer expectations, risks, constraints, people, and technology.

Vendredi 18 – Agi’Lille

Comme chaque année un évènement majeur de l’agilité arrive à Lille. Cet événement unique en son genre, précédemment connu sous le nom d’Agile Tour Lille, alliant convivialité et proximité, a été apprécié et vivement plébiscité pour qu’il soit reconduit une nouvelle année. Face à cet engouement, aux encouragements et à l’envie de se manifester localement, Agi’Lille 2021 revient amplifier cette nouvelle forme de communication et montrera à quel point les agilistes sont capables de se mobiliser pour changer leur manière de travailler. Accessible à tous, Agi’Lille vise un public étendu souhaitant découvrir ou approfondir les méthodes agiles et découvrir leurs apports et impacts tant au niveau industriel que sociétal.

La Semaine du Management (21 au 25 juin 2021)

  • 15 formations au choix disponibles à distance ou en présentiel
  • Des moments d’échanges entre participants et formateurs
  • 2 tests gratuits pour apprendre à mieux vous connaître
  • 1 livre les 5 clés des éditions Dunod offert
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Mardi 22 – PMI France Branche Aquitaine – Connaissez-vous les projets RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ?

Il s’agit d’automatisation de processus.

Prenez part au retour d’expérience d’EDF, et Talan qui l’ont implémenté sur la centrale nucléaire du Blayais. De 18h à 19h30, sur Teams et en présentiel au Lab Microsoft de #Bordeaux pour les membres de la Nouvelle-Aquitaine (attention places limitées.

Mardi 22 – Scrum . Org – Should A Project Manager Become A Scrum Master?

This question comes up often: “I am a project manager and our company is moving to agile or Scrum, does that mean I will now become a Scrum Master?” In response, we hesitate and then give the unwelcomed answer of “It depends.” And it really does depend. The Scrum Master role is deep and wide. Scrum Masters need to support their teams while working with the rest of the people in their organizations to build awareness and enable greater agility. A Scrum Master’s job is not to manage a project or deliver status reports — duties that people associate with the role of a traditional project manager. As a matter of fact, Scrum Masters may not get involved in status reports at all. In this webinar, Eric Naiburg, COO, Scrum.org, will discuss the potential move to an agile way of working, the role of the Scrum Master, and what that means for people currently in the role of Project Manager.

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Mardi 22 – PMI – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about PMI Membership Offerings to Support Your Career Journey!

Your professional needs evolve, and PMI continually evolves our offerings to help you work smarter. No matter what phase of your career you are currently in, your PMI membership has benefits and tools that can help you learn, build skills, and advance in your career journey. Spend an entire hour with three of your very own PMI Product Specialists – Kate Castiglione, Ed Cooney and Kevin Lynch to hear what’s new, what’s hot and what’s next, plus ask those burning questions.

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Mercredi 23 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – Product Backlog Management – Chuck Suscheck

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Do you have a tough time delivering product frequently? Do you seem to always have carry over in your Sprints? Maybe you’re not refining your Product Backlog effectively. Ask all of your questions about Product Backlog management to PST Dr. Chuck Suscheck, in this episode of the Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer webinar series. You will learn about his experience and advice for Product Backlog breakdown. Chuck is a Course Steward for the Professional Scrum Product Owner course and has helped many companies break down work so that they can deliver faster and have more predictability and he’ll be at your disposal in this session of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer.

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Mercredi 23 – PMI – How to Get a Project Manager Job

The PMI membership comprises students, seniors, aspiring Project Managers looking to explore potential development opportunities, Project Managers and certified Project members. This seminar is aimed at members that want to become Project Managers but do not know how to do it. This webinar will address how to become a Project Manager.

Jeudi 24 – PMI France Pôle Paris Saclay – TEDx: Terre notre vaisseau

Rendez-vous le Jeudi 24 Juin pour une journée entière dédiée à ce thème.

Les intervenants interviendront lors de trois plénières qui se dérouleront  de 10h00 à 11h30, 13h30 à 14h30 et 18h00 à 19h30. Ainsi que d’une Rencontre avec 4 Nobels de 15h30 à 16h30.

Vous pourrez également découvrir le village de l’innovation, des interviews avec les intervenants … ainsi que de nombreuses surprises concoctées par l’équipe de bénévoles du TEDx Saclay. En savoir plus : https://tedxsaclay.com/

Jeudi 24 – PMI Lebanon – Remote Karaoke: Let’s Elevate your PMTQ

Jeudi 24 – PMI UK – How to develop and operate a successful Lessons Learned Program as an important Organisational Process Asset

Learning from lessons of the past projects is essential for organisations and projects to prevent mistakes from happening over and over again. Lessons Learned repositories are identified as important Organisational Process Assets, and evaluating the lessons in such repositories in key stages of the project is strongly emphasized in the PMBoK. However, many companies fail to implement successful lessons learned programs and cannot convince PMs and project teams to spend their scarce resources for learning.

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Vendredi 25 – PMI – The Agile Enterprise: Change Management in an Agile World

Melanie Franklin
Melanie Franklin (Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute UK Chapter)

For some agile teams, especially software development teams, the term « Change Management » is associated with the ITIL style Change Control, an engineering process created to manage risks associated with production deployment. Despite the optimistic view presented by most agile frameworks, Organization Change Management is hard. The transition to agile is often harder than any other transformation because it requires a mindset change at all levels, supported by a huge shift in the organizational culture. This webinar is a practice-based presentation on the importance of Organization Change Management in Agile Transformations and the critical role that the Project Manager must play.

Mardi 29 Juin – PMI UK – Design Thinking for Projects

In the current business environment, project leaders must look beyond the foundational knowledge of managing projects and embrace more innovative practices and methodologies. Design Thinking enables project teams to solve business problems by following an iterative process and focusing on their customer’s or user’s standpoint. It is another method that can be added to a project leader’s toolbox to help manage risk, customer expectations, and to ensure stakeholder alignment.

Mardi 29 – PMI – Dealing with the Organizational Change Management Workstream in Your Project

Every project has multiple work streams that project manager must ensure are ready to help deliver the promised benefits of the initiative. A managed OCM workstream is the most effective means of ensuring successful adoption of the work. However, there are OCM specific tools and techniques the project manager can use to effectively deliver this workstream. This presentation will explore those technical details and also discuss a communication strategy, so all stakeholders are aware of the workstream and the value it adds to the project.

Mercredi 30 – PMI – Acculturation à la Gestion de Projet

En tant que chef de projet, j’ai souvent rencontré ou été témoin de situations où les parties prenantes ralentissent un projet par ignorance. Ignorance de ce qu’est un projet et pourquoi elles doivent désigner un chef de projet si elles souhaitent un minimum de garanties pour son bon déroulement.

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Mercredi 30 – PMI UK and South Italy – COP 26 and Smart Cities

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26, Conference Of the Parties) will take place in Glasgow between 1 to 12 November 2021. It will be the first COP since the landmark Paris Agreement in 2015 and represents a significant opportunity for nations to come together to review commitments and strengthen ambition.

This webinar is intended to show how a “Smart Cities” approach contributes to achieving the Nationally Determined Contribution of countries and the reversal of Climate Change.

Urban growth, sustainability and needs for a greener life, are driving the requirement to make cities smarter, more efficient, and sustainable for their residents. The context is extremely challenging; characterized by growing commitments, limited resources aggravated by the COVID -19 pandemic.

Energy, Mobility, Building & Construction, Water & Waste Management assisted by New Technologies are the evolving battlefields of “Smart Cities,” as they strive to achieve the ambitious targets of a greener environment.

In this webinar Yohan Abrahams will show how Transport for London pursues these objectives in the UK Capital, followed by Mark Cannata who will explain how Kassandra; a multi-dimensional research and design approach, is helping to take a whole-system view of the historic urban environment.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

En Mai, fais ce qui te plait. Assiste à ces rencontres sur le management de projets !

Enfin libérés physiquement et toujours aussi libres d’apprendre en restant curieux et ouverts aux nouvelles idées, approches, techniques et compétences.

Voici ma sélection d’événements, presque exclusivement à distance, sur le management de projets, le leadership, l’agilité, le management du changement et les compétences relationnelles et humaines.

Lundi 3 – CSP – Télétravail : Faire du stress un allié

Depuis le début de la crise sanitaire, l’organisation du travail a bien changé avec notamment la montée en puissance du télétravail. On pense souvent aux bienfaits de cette nouvelle organisation de travail, mais moins aux aspects négatifs alors qu’il peut être source de dépression, d’anxiété et de stress.

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Nous verrons en quelques chiffres les spécificités du stress en télétravail, nous apprenons à lâcher les tensions inutiles, et à cultiver une énergie positive grâce à de nombreux exercices pratiques, pour se donner enfin les moyens d’organiser une journée sereine plutôt que d’en subir les contraintes.

Mardi 4 – PMI – 2021 and Beyond….5 Disruptive Trends in Project Management

In the next five years, the world will see more projects than ever. The reconstruction of the economy, healthcare, social care, and society at large after the devastating global pandemic crisis, will be unprecedented in human history. According to McKinsey, Governments’ have announced $10 trillion in reconstruction funds just in the first two months of the crisis, which is three times more than the response to the 2008–09 financial crisis. These are millions of projects, which will need millions of project managers.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

However, despite this positive outlook, significant trends will put at stake the project management profession that we have learned to know in the past 40 years. We should consider these signals as an urgent call for profound change in our practices and a much needed evolution in our competencies. A small price to pay compared to the unique opportunity that the project management profession has to lead what I call our new world driven by change.

Mardi 4 – PMI – A Small Agile Team’s Journey from Scrum to Disciplined DevOps

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Disciplined Agile (DA) is a hybrid of existing methods that provides the flexibility to use a tailored approach that matches your context. In a nutshell, Disciplined Agile is “pragmatic agile”. This webinar explores how a small software development team in an established enterprise applies Disciplined Agile strategies over time to successfully improve their agility to provide real value to their stakeholders by moving from Scrum to Disciplined DevOps.

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Mardi 4 – IIBA Geneca – Empowering People in the Workplace – des pépites pour une collaboration positive

Travailler en équipe, c’est mieux ! On peut s’entraider et surmonter des obstacles ensemble, on va plus loin et c’est plus amusant !

Vous avez sûrement entendu cela et vous savez que c’est parfois vrai … mais pas tout le temps. Travailler en équipe est difficile, pas forcément naturel, il peut y avoir des conflits, des incompréhensions et de la frustration.

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

La bonne nouvelle: la collaboration n’est pas un hasard ! La collaboration se construit, se travaille, se nourrit et a besoin de tous les membres de l’équipe – de vous aussi !

Livre sur Amazon

Pas de baguette magique dans cet atelier, mais un espace pour expérimenter la collaboration positive et trouver des pépites qui insuffleront une dynamique positive dans votre équipe. Cet atelier est un extrait du programme “Servant / Leader : faire émerger le potentiel de mon équipe … et le mien aussi” crée par Luisa Colombo et María Cortés Astudillo.

Il s’agit d’un atelier très interactif, nous ferons des activités avec des jeux de rôle où les participants parcourront le cycle « ressentir, penser et agir” pour comprendre l’importance et l’impact de leur posture sur la collaboration. Nous vous invitons à activer votre caméra, ce qui favorise les échanges et les apprentissages.

Mardi 4 –PMI UK – The Essence of Online Collaboration

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During this interactive workshop, we explore new tools and methods that provide both structure and an objective way to understand and manage effective Collaboration in a different context.

Mercredi 5 – PMI Communauté Francophone – Management adapté des Equipes Distribuées

Les équipes distribuées sont composées de personnes situées sur des sites physiquement distincts, souvent dans des pays voire des continents distincts. De telles équipes sont possibles grâce aux améliorations des moyens de communication. Pour autant, leur mise en place ne va pas de soi et nécessite un management adapté.

Cette introduction à l’ouvrage collectif propose d’aborder ce management adapté des équipes distribuées à travers des expériences vécues en entreprise et en milieu associatif.

Mercredi 5 – PMI Montréal – CdP Disciplined Agile

Thème de la rencontre : les cycles de vie DAD. DA propose différents cycles de vie pour la livraison de produits ou de services.

Cela donne aux équipes la flexibilité de faire les meilleurs choix en fonction du contexte de réalisation dans une perspective de création de valeur pour l’organisation.

  • Survol des cycles de vie DAD et comment choisir le cycle de vie
  • Échanges autour de cas précis
  • Conclusions, partage de références et proposition de sujets pour les rencontres à venir

Jeudi 6 – PMI France Pôle Grenoble – Et si ce qui bloquait dans mon projet venait des émotions ?

problèmes« Mon projet n’avance pas comme je voudrais… et pourtant, j’ai tout bien fait : planning, plan d’actions, appui d’un PMO, gouvernance du projet au top, jalons, livrables… et si le facteur bloquant était les émotions ? Quoi ? les émotions que je ressens ? celles des membres de l’équipe projet ? celles des membres du COPIL ? Et il faudrait que je m’en préoccupe ? Franchement, est-ce vraiment le moment ? Et puis, en entreprise, c’est un sujet tabou… »

Pourtant : nous vivons tous des émotions. C’est une des caractéristiques de l’être humain. Quelles soient agréables comme la joie, ou désagréables comme la peur, la colère, la tristesse. Et la bonne nouvelle : ces émotions sont nos alliées. Elles sont là pour nous aider. Alors autant le savoir, autant les comprendre, autant les utiliser… y compris dans nos projets !

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Vous voulez savoir à quoi sert une émotion ? Ce qu’elles vous disent ? Comment vous pouvez vous en servir ? Rejoignez-nous. Avec ce webinaire, promis : les émotions n’auront plus de secret pour vous ?

Au programme : Voir les émotions comme un indicateur au service de notre quotidien, partager deux grilles de lecture des émotions (=> ce qu’elles nous disent), les appliquer sur des cas concrets, prolonger les échanges avec l’intelligence émotionnelle / intelligence relationnelle.

Mercredi 5 – PMI – Conflict and Change – The Two Elements Go Hand-in-Hand

Change and conflict go hand-in-hand. We need to understand and embrace how change can create conflict and how, as leaders, we need to address and manage that conflict. This webinar will provide you with ideas that will help you embrace the positive conflict that drives change and build your willingness to engage and manage conflict. The webinar touches the following concepts: the change process, pain vs. gain, change threshold, the change curve and strategies for managing conflict.


Jeudi 6 – PMI –  Developing an Agile Plan

Agile planning is widely different from Waterfall planning based on Gantt charts. There are many factors to consider when developing an Agile plan to make sure it increases successful project delivery. How can you use these steps to proactively approach Agile planning? In this webinar, attendees will learn the components of an Agile plan and how to create one. They will learn about the “onion” model of Agile planning and consider each step in the planning process, particularly product planning and release planning. They will leave with the knowledge necessary to construct their own Agile plans.

Jeudi 6 – Scrum . Org – 7 Lessons Learned When Scaling and Aligning Outcomes Using Nexus

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Anca Tanase and Ravi Verma will recap their journey of scaling Professional Scrum across 21 teams using the Nexus framework. They will share the key challenges they faced and the lessons they learned when scaling multiple Nexuses to form a Nexus+. of teams that were not only geographically distributed across 3 continents, but also represented 6 distinct organizations.

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Along the way, Anca and Ravi unpack the lessons they learned by answering the 7 questions they faced when scaling Scrum and Agile across 21 teams in an organization.

  1. Visitez aussi le site SAFe

    Why scale?

  2. How do we choose our scaling framework?
  3. Who should we include in our scaling initiative?
  4. How do we learn about scaling?
  5. What barriers might impede our scaling initiative?
  6. How do we overcome these barriers?
  7. How do we measure the benefits of scaling?

Jeudi 6 – PMI Montréal – gestion du changement à l’aide d’approches agile – retour d’expériences

Gérer le changement dans un projet peut prendre des formes bien différentes selon le contexte. Les panélistes conférenciers partageront leur expérience au travers de cas vécus afin de clarifier les différentes approches et leviers possibles. Une large place sera faite aux échanges avec les participants.

Vendredi 7 – Gouti – Présentation d’un ERP de Gestion de Projet

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Plus d’informations sur Gouti.net

Lundi 10 et Mardi 11 – PMI UK – Project Management Virtual Conference

The annual meeting of the Greek Project Managers will take place in 10 & 11 May 2021, live on your screen, aiming to highlight the means and skills that Project Management professionals need in order to develop the necessary resilience for themselves, their projects and their organizations. Technical training should now be combined with principles and skills such as adaptability and resilience, complexity management and a focus on quality as well as taking initiatives and managing potential threats.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mardi 11 – PMI – What is Project Oversight and Why it Matters?

Whether you are a project manager or product manager tasked to oversee an outsourced capital project, or an owner investing in a major project critical to the future of your business, you are most likely starting at a disadvantage. A savvy contractor’s project team is likely to be populated with project management professionals who have read an abundance of literature on how to maximize project value for themselves. Unfortunately, little has been written on the best practices for overseeing a project from the client’s perspective. You will gain insight into what is project oversight and why it matters from former Naval Reactors project oversight professionals. This webinar answers the question of how project oversight differs from project management and covers basic principles of project oversight.

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Mardi 11 – IIBA Geneva – Centres de gravité: mise en pratique de la stratégie militaire dans l’entreprise

La stratégie vue par des idéalistes dans les livres conceptuels n’aura jamais fait gagner une seule bataille. Elle est avant tout un art issu des combats glorieux de grands guerriers qui ont su imaginer comment arriver à leurs fins par d’habiles manœuvres.

Version française commentée par Germain Domitille

Sun Tzu a été le premier il y a 2500 ans à décrire cet art qui n’a eu de cesse d’évoluer.

La stratégie d’entreprise, elle, n’a qu’à peine 60 ans et peut encore beaucoup apprendre de sa grande sœur.

Si vous souhaitez avoir une image pratique de la stratégie comme le lien entre la vision et l’action opérationnelle, comme la possibilité de définir des modes d’action pour atteindre ses objectifs, vous devriez assister à cette soirée au cours de laquelle je vous montrerai un outil pratique et concret (opérationnel) permettant d’identifier le centre de gravité de votre entreprise et celui de votre concurrence afin de protéger vos vulnérabilités et d’influencer ou cibler celles de votre concurrence sans gaspiller inutilement vos ressources dans le cadre de votre manœuvre commerciale.

Un atelier pratique permettra de mettre en œuvre cet outil, un des piliers de l’art de la stratégie militaire d’aujourd’hui.

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Mardi 11 – PMI UK – Ditch, Dump or Delegate?

“If you want a job doing properly, then do it yourself”.

Most of us have said words to this effect at one point or another and delegation is a huge risk for managers, leaders and all parents, but without delegation, the consequences are:

  • Under-performing teams who resent the fact you won’t trust them.
  • Dis-empowered teams who rely on YOU as the one and only person to put in the extra shifts and take the initiative.
  • Stressed out leaders who juggle too many jobs and refuse to delegate because they ‘CAN’T’ (won’t), resulting ultimately in burnt out leaders and job applications elsewhere!
  • Under-developed teams, deprived of the opportunity to stretch themselves, try new things, make mistakes and benefit from the learning.
FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Nobody wins in these scenarios and yet, it is possible (even remotely) to delegate your tasks AND ensure that they get done on time and to the standard you want, whilst also developing your relationship with your delegates and protecting your sanity. You just need to know what NOT to do and what TO do instead.

Mercredi 12 – Gouti – Méthode et outil pour les projets d’une DSI

Pourquoi mettre en place une méthodologie pour gérer les projets d’une DSI ?

Durant ce Webinar, nous allons vous présenter une méthode pragmatique qui s’applique à la réalité des projets d’une DSI. Nous détaillerons ses apports après avoir discuté des problématiques et grands enjeux de la gestion d’un portefeuille de projet et de ses différents acteurs.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Plus d’informations sur Gouti.net

Mercredi 12 – PMI UK – Will Project Data Analytics Reinvent Risk Management?

Flyvbjerg’s book on Amazon

Risk management has existed for decades. But how many times do we go back and analyse how many times we got it right? How good were we at managing risk?

We leave a forensic data plume that evaporates, yet it contains a huge amount of insight.

Rather than relying on expert judgement, can we use risk to augment our instinct and counter inbuilt bias? What will the impact of this be on traditional project based risk management roles?

Mercredi 12 – APMG – Change the future of work

The biggest change initiative facing all organizations is the need to devise their future working arrangements. All around us organizations are debating how to maximize the benefits from the temporary changes they adopted at the start of the pandemic, which over a year later have become the new norm. There is greater flexibility of where, when and how we work, with the adoption of new tools and a cultural shift which has seen us bring our whole selves to work.

QRP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

This practical session will help you to build your capability for managing change so you can help lead this initiative. Presenter and Change Management expert Melanie Franklin will provide a speedy masterclass on how to scope and plan this agile change using three key techniques:

  1. End goal to scope to the change
  2. Decomposition to create the roadmap
  3. Community map to drive collaboration across all stakeholders

Mercredi 12 – ScrumPulse – Russell Miller – Answering Your Most Pressing Questions about Scrum

How can we improve customer outcomes by focusing on values within the Scrum Team? How can you inspect the values at work in your team? What are team values? How can you identify the behaviors team members think are important? Come learn how to create positive, productive team norms that lead to high morale and great customer outcomes!

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 12 – PMI – Best Practices in Stakeholder Management: Lessons from Engaging Patients and Families in Healthcare

Explore how successful stakeholder management in healthcare has, and can, lead to higher-quality care, improved patient outcomes, and increased staff satisfaction. I will offer lessons learned and best practices for sustainable stakeholder management, tools to measure and evaluate your stakeholder management activities, and recommendations to enable meaningful partnerships with the people we serve in healthcare. While the examples pertain to a healthcare setting, the tools, best practices, and recommendations will be transferable to other settings and sectors.

Mercredi 12 et Jeudi 13 – PMI Montréal – Symposium 2021

Joignez-vous à nous pour 2 jours de conférences pour REbâtir notre société ensemble. 100% virtuel. 20+ PDUs

L’humain de l’avenir : Un monde qui a besoin de vous !

Développement durable et responsabilité sociale : Des discussions à ne pas manquer !

Développement communautaire : Vos talents vous rendent uniques, soyez-y !

Jeudi 13 – PMI – Empathy the New Leadership Power Skill

Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from withier their frame of reference, that is the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. In this webinar you will discover the power of Emotional Intelligence and the power of empathy as a leadership skill and the language of empathy.

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Lundi 17 au Vendredi 21 – PMO Global Alliance – #PMOcareerWeek

Register for the #PMOcareerWeek for free, meet the most experienced PMO Leaders and Experts and learn how to skyrocket your PMO professional career. https://lnkd.in/efm547e #expandingthePMOhorizons

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Mardi 18 – PMI Montréal – CdP ExcELLE – Gestion d’équipes et diversité : Comment créer un environnement de travail inclusif ?

Si vous vous posez ces questions, cet atelier est pour vous !

1)    Qu’est-ce que la diversité ? Qu’est ce qui nous différencie et en quoi les multiples facettes de notre identité et de notre vécu ont-ils un impact sur la cohésion d’équipe et la performance d’une organisation ?

2)    A quoi ressemble les micro-agressions en milieu de travail et comment apprendre à réagir en allié ?

3)    Comment assurer la motivation et le bien-être des membres d’une équipe et favoriser la rétention du personnel en tenant compte des facteurs : diversité, équité, inclusion dans l’organisation ?

Mardi 18 – PMI UK – Using LinkedIn effectively: both professionally and personally

Outline of subjects you will cover:

  • LinkedIn as a professional branding tool
  • Creating an effective Personal Profile
  • Using the Privacy & Settings page to best effect
  • Understanding the search opportunities on LinkedIn for targeting and engaging
  • Contacting and Networking with colleagues and connections
  • Creating posts and articles on LinkedIn

Mardi 18 – PMI – Disciplined Agile for Business Teams: Applying Agile Outside Software Delivery

Livre sur Amazon

Disciplined Agile (DA) is a hybrid of existing methods that provides the flexibility to use a tailored approach that matches your context. In a nutshell, Disciplined Agile is “pragmatic agile”.

This webinar explores how different business teams in an established enterprise apply Disciplined Agile strategies over time to successfully improve their own agility while also supporting the agile software delivery teams and the organization’s overall journey towards business agility.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 19 – PMI France Nord de France – 60 minutes inside PMP®

QRP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 19 – PMI Montréal – CdP Construction et aménagement – Les contrats d’entreprise ou de service dans le domaine de la construction

Les conférencières passeront en revue les règles applicables en matière de contrats d’entreprise ou de service dans le domaine de la construction, dont notamment leur formation, les règles qui leur sont propres et leur résiliation. Elles donneront également des exemples d’applications pratiques en plus de résumer la jurisprudence pertinente en la matière.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mercredi 19 – PMI – The Inside Scoop on the PMI Citizen Developer Handbook

Livre sur Amazon

Citizen Development is gaining traction and PMI have launched new resources to help support project managers to learn all about this new approach. In this session we will provide an overview of the recently launched Citizen Development: The Handbook for Creators and Change Makers. This book brings together the latest thinking on Citizen Development from industry thought leaders, no-code/low-code vendors, transformation experts, and executives who oversee large technology investments. It guides organizations to deliver Citizen Development projects, design better apps, scale the operating model, align key stakeholders, and nurture and grow Citizen Development.

Come explore how the PMI Citizen Developer handbook can guide Citizen Development project teams with flexibility to help drive change, innovation and business transformation.

Jeudi 20 – PMI Montréal – CdP Gestion du changement – Ce que vous ne savez pas sur le changement !

Le conférencier présentera un cadre de référence sur la gestion du changement. Ce cadre permet de comprendre ce qui se passe pour les personnes et les groupes en situation de changement. Puis, il décrira une méthodologie permettant aux participants d’accompagner les groupes et les organisations en gestion de changement. Une période de questions et d’échange est prévue.

Jeudi 20 – PMI UK – Decoding Global Talent

The Global Talent Survey is the largest survey of its kind, we surveyed 209,000 people in 190 countries looking at the pandemics long-term impact on the world of work. The survey was conducted by The Network and Boston Consulting Group.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

There are three reports – the first looks at where workers want to work and the impact on mobility. The second report examines how people want to work and the importance of flexibility as we start to return to work. The third and final report will examine what jobs people want to do and the shift towards reskilling/upskilling in an ever changing working landscape.

Jeudi 20 – PMI – Surviving Bad Leaders

Livre sur Amazon

Dive into the depths of bad leadership to understand what it is, what it looks like and why it happens.

Get concrete strategies to function, operate and be as effective as you can be while working for a bad leader.

If you have a bad leader now—or you fear you might work for one in the future—this will be a webinar that you won’t want to miss.

Vendredi 21 – PMI – The Agile Enterprise: What is « Agile » Project Management?

Agile remains a hot topic. Started in the late 70s as an alternative to Lean Six Sigma, Agile become popular in the second decade of the 21st Century when Scrum became the de facto Agile delivery framework. Like most popular Agile frameworks, Scrum started as a software product development approach used by a small software development team to build new products. Scrum remains at the core of most Agile frameworks with the Scrum Master role being the flag bearer of any Agile Team. Nowadays, many projects have a software development component and a software development (sub) team.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

From the Project Management perspective, the Scrum framework doesn’t handle some important project areas like Financial Management, Procurement, and Risk Management; therefore, a Project Manager is still required. The term « Agile Project Management » is widely used these days. Although, most of the time, it refers to small software implementation projects. This webinar is a comparative analysis of various aspects of a project from an Agile Perspective, attempting to define what differentiates an « Agile » Project from a standard project. The webinar will also address skills that the Project Manager needs to acquire or develop and practices that must be avoided when using an adaptive delivery approach.

Lundi 24 au Vendredi 28 – Databricks – Data + AI Summit 2021

Data + AI Summit is the global event for the data community, where 100,000 practitioners, leaders and visionaries come together to shape the future of data and AI.

Mercredi 26 – PMI – AI: ADVANCES & ETHICS

How is AI disrupting traditional project management? Can AI improve project performance? What are we learning from the application of AI and machine learning? How are organizations proactively addressing ethical considerations? Explore these and other questions during our May Center Stage Podcast Club. Dr. Wanda Curlee, PfMP®, PgMP®, PMP® and PMI-RMP®, program director, business administration at American Public University joins moderator Tammy Ashraf to explore how AI is reshaping the future of work.

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Jeudi 27 – PMI Lebanon – Fantastic Tools and Where to Find Them

PMI Lebanon web site

Speakers:Fabio Rigamonti & Simona Bonghez

Jeudi 27 – PMI UK – Project Management Reinvented: Welcome Strategy Implementation Professionals

Antonio Nieto Rodriguez

In the next five years, the world will see more projects than ever. The reconstruction of the economy, healthcare, social care, and society at large, after the devastating global pandemic crisis, will be unprecedented in human history. According to McKinsey Governments’ have announced $10 trillion in reconstruction funds just in the first two months of the crisis, which is three times more than the response to the 2008–09 financial crisis. To achieve this incredible goal, project management and project managers will need to reinvent themselves into strategy implementation professionals, … you will find out all the details during Antonio’s keynote.

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Jeudi 27 – PMI – Project Management in the Public Sector: Constraints on Public Sector Projects

Every project is subject to constraints. This webinar will consider the constraints faced by one government agency, how they are generalizable to all government projects, the constraints imposed by government, and possible approaches to overcoming these constraints. If you work in government, or have an interest in government (surely everybody does!), this is the webinar for you.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Vendredi 28 – Gouti – Présentation d’un ERP de Gestion de Projet

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Plus d’informations sur Gouti.net

Vendredi 28 – PMI – Cybersecurity for Project Managers 101

What are a project manager’s responsibilities with respect to cybersecurity? The Project Economy and Digital Transformations are here to stay. So, what are you doing to mitigate cyber risk? What can you do to mitigate cyber risk that could threaten the success of your project? Project Managers can significantly reduce cyber risk with a few basics. By applying the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, Project Managers can significantly reduce cyber risk that threatens to derail project success.

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“PMI,” the PMI logo, “PMP,” “PMBOK,” “PM Network,” “Project Management Institute” and “Pulse of the Profession” are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Agilistes, managers de projets, business analysts, leaders… Voici les rencontres que je vous recommande avec DantotsuPM pour le mois d’avril

Avril sera riche d’événements et de diversité: AI, Design Thinking, Business Agility, Transformation digitale, méthode de la chaine critique, ERP de gestion de projets, Scrum, Financial risk engineering, gouvernance Agile, intelligence émotionnelle… bloquez ces créneaux dans vos agendas !

Jeudi 1 – CSP Docendi – WEBINAR : réintégrez le CPF dans votre politique de formation

Rendez-vous le 1er avril de 10h à 11h

CSP DOCENDI, en partenariat avec Skillup vous propose un webinar gratuit pour vous aider à mieux comprendre le CPF et le réintégrer à votre politique de formation. En effet, depuis le 3 septembre 2020, les entreprises ont enfin leur espace pour abonder le CPF de leurs salariés sur MonCompteFormation.gouv.fr.

  • Présentation de votre espace EFED
  • Pistes pour adapter votre politique et accompagner vos collaborateurs
  • Cas concrets d’entreprises qui ont déjà remis le CPF au coeur de leur stratégie
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Jeudi 1 – PMI – From Takeoff to Touchdown – The Pilot as Project Manager

quelle est la cible?Project Management Processes, both predictive and adaptive, are applied to a variety of projects including « repeating projects. » This webinar addresses the processes of initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control, and close (as well as burn down charts in Agile) related to piloting a small general aviation aircraft. The webinar will explain the type of aircraft, the procedures involved in everything from takeoff to touchdown (landing), and finally how this application can help you « land » your next project.

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Mardi 6 – PMI – Superior Customer Service – Bringing the Nordstrom Philosophy to Life

This webinar is for project managers who wish to improve their stakeholder engagement skills, with practical advice on determining communication mode, frequency, and manner.

Mardi 6 – PMI – On the Path to Business Agility: Disciplined Agile for Executives

By now, most organizations have figured out how to build and then continually improve high-performance software delivery teams. This is akin to creating a powerful race car engine. Sadly, in many cases we take these great engines, put them in an organizational tractor, and then complain when we are not going as fast as expected. This webinar explores the Disciplined Agile principles and how executives can apply them in their own organizational context to put them on the path of business agility.

Mercredi 7 – Swiss Cognitive – How AI Fosters Primary & Secondary Sectors

The role of AI while turning natural resources and raw materials into tangible products across the primary and secondary industry sectors – be that anything from mining to farming, forestry, fishing, manufacturing, construction, heavy industry, food industry, fashion industry, and fast-moving consumer goods.

Mercredi 7 – PMI – Digital Transformation in the 2020’s: The 6 technologies every business leader must know how to use

Natural interfaces, machine vision, industry 5.0, hyper personalization, autonomous vehicles, blended realities, passenger drones, intelligent products, cobots, connected services, generative design, and augmented work are all covered in this fast-moving talk that reveals the incredible opportunity business leaders will face in the 2020s.

Jeudi 8 – IIBA Geneva – Mettez les foules en mouvement grâce à votre discours

Nous avons appris à parler comme nous avons appris à marcher. Mais le don de se mouvoir ne fait pas de nous des marathoniens, tout comme le don de la parole ne fait pas de nous des orateurs brillants.

Le temps d’une conférence, je vous ouvre les portes du monde de l’art oratoire. Un monde qui a forgé la communication que vous connaissez aujourd’hui : celle utilisée dans le marketing, les réseaux sociaux ou encore les relations publiques. Vous découvrirez notamment des outils pour consolider vos arguments et pour développer votre style à l’oral.

Et puisque l’art oratoire est un merveilleux moyen de prendre une place dans la société, je vous montrerai comment terminer vos discours pour que le public ne se souvienne que de vous.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 8 – ScrumPulse – Goals, Measures, and other Mysteries – How Evidence-Based Management Helps Focus and Improve What Matters

In this discussion, Ralph Jocham, Don McGreal, Patricia Kong, and Kurt Bittner will discuss how to improve goals by adding specific measures to know when goals are achieved, how to seek toward goals using empiricism, and how to choose measures to help inform improvements. They will talk about Evidence-Based Management, a framework developed by Scrum.org to help organizations use empiricism to set goals and make progress toward those goals.

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Jeudi 8 – PMI UK – How project managers influence sustainable development

With COP26 looming ever closer, the project management profession needs to accelerate developing our knowledge and skills to align our operations with our ambitions. Arup Director Rob Leslie-Carter joins us to discuss the route to achieve net zero through programmes and projects, and how every project manager can influence sustainable development.

QRP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 8, 15, 22 et 27,28 & 29 Avril – PMI Montréal – Spark the change Montréal

L’événement Spark the Change vise à INSPIRER et OUTILLER les agents de changements et ceux qui aspirent à le devenir, tout en facilitant les échanges sur leurs PRATIQUES. Ultimement, il vise à augmenter l’impact et la réussite des efforts de transformations des entreprises.

Après avoir vécu l’expérience Spark the Change, les participants repartent fortement inspirés, confiants et motivés par toute l’énergie reçue et les émotions vécues lors de leur formation. Ils en sortent outillés, avec de nouvelles pratiques innovantes et des idées qui vont les aider à mener à terme leur mission : changer le monde!

Vendredi 9 – Gouti – Spécial DSI: « Comment gérer la réalité des projets de votre DSI avec des méthodes pragmatiques »

Qu’en est-il des nombreuses bonnes pratiques, méthodes ou encore outils censés permettre de gérer efficacement votre portefeuille de projet à 360 degré de manière organisée et précise ? La réalité est que, trop souvent, ces solutions ne fonctionnent pas aussi bien dans la pratique.

Et si on parlait de méthodes pragmatiques ?

C’est l’objet de ce webinaire durant lequel nous allons aborder ensemble des solutions concrètes pour gérer la réalité des projets de votre DSI.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mardi 13 – PMI – Generate Valuable Projects through Design Thinking

A deep dive to understand the fundamentals of the Design Thinking approach. You will experience the power of Design Thinking concepts that can lead to the path of innovation and unveil new possibilities to generate valuable Projects. Projects that will add customer and Business value. Ultimately leading to your organization’s success.

Mercredi 14 – PMI Communauté Francophone – Le management de projets par la Chaîne Critique ou Comment augmenter les performances tout en réduisant le stress dans vos projets ?

De nombreux témoignages d’entreprises provenant de différentes industries relateront les résultats étonnants obtenus :

  • des projets qui se terminent à l’heure, tout en allant 40% plus vite et avec des efficiences augmentées de plus de 50% !
  • des impacts qualitatifs remarquables: excellente visibilité à l’aide de la « Fever Chart », des priorités claires et transparentes lors de l’exécution.

Découvrez une tout autre manière de vivre avec l’incertitude. Un monde serein et performant dans l’univers du management de projets pourtant réputé stressant et chaotique !

Eli Goldratt - The Goal
Le livre sur Amazon

Une approche issue de la Théorie des Contraintes (illustré par le roman bestseller « Le But » d’Eliyahu Goldratt), qui se répand de plus en plus à travers le monde et continue à gagner en visibilité.

Aussi, le prix PMI du meilleur projet de l’année 2019 a été attribué à la société Embraer pour le développement d’un nouvel avion, projet géré avec l’approche Chaîne Critique, qui a battu tous les records de qualité, d’efficacité et de rapidité, terminant avec 22 mois d’avance !

Mercredi 14 – Gouti – Démonstration et découverte de l’outil

Découverte d’un ERP de Gestion de projet. Wébinaire interactif de présentation de la solution logicielle et de comment elle saura répondre à vos problèmes spécifiques

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mercredi 14 – ScrumPulse – Deciphering Goals – How Good Goals Can Lead to Success

In the world of Professional Scrum there are many goals and objectives: Vision, Strategic Goal, Product Goal, Nexus Sprint Goal and Sprint Goal.

What does each mean, how do they impact each other, when do you use which one and how can you prevent confusion?

Professional Scrum Trainer Ralph Jocham, will walk through the different goals in Scrum and share examples of how they are used and how to avoid challenges when using them.

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 14 – APMG – How essential are Business Relationship Managers to your organisation’s digital transformation?

IT and digital strategy managers now speak of the digital organisation, digital business and a digital transformation. Covid-19 has accelerated business change and this acceleration has created new roles, adapted roles and even made some roles redundant. Organisations are looking more closely at service management, agile, lean and DevOps. So where in this evolution does a relationship manager sit?

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 15 – PMI Switzerland – From PM to CEO and Grammarly for Coders

The lecture focuses on the application of PM experiences & tools in inventing, founding, and developing DeepCode.ai, the first AI for software code that can learn from billions of lines of code and extract the knowledge of the global development community. Named, ‘Grammarly for Coders’, it enables AI-based detection of security and reliability code issues. DeepCode is an excellent example of a modern AI system that can learn from data, software code in this case, yet remain transparent and interpretable for humans (AKA Symbolic AI).

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 15 – PMI UK – Integrating Design Thinking on Your Projects

In the current business environment, project leaders must look beyond the foundational knowledge of managing projects and embrace more innovative practices and methodologies. Design Thinking enables project teams to solve business problems by following an iterative process and focusing on their customer’s or user’s standpoint. It is another method that can be added to a project leader’s toolbox to help manage risk, customer expectations, and to ensure stakeholder alignment.

Lundi 19 – PMI Montréal – CdP Construction et aménagement – Que sera la mobilité du futur? Grandes tendances dans le secteur du transport

Le secteur du transport, et plus largement, la façon dont les personnes et les marchandises sont déplacées, est en pleine transformation. Plusieurs facteurs et tendances influencent et accélèrent cette transformation au niveau local, mais aussi mondial (électrification, urbanisation, technologies, etc.). Cette conférence a pour objectif de vous présenter les grandes tendances qui vont définir la mobilité de demain et l’impact qu’elles auront sur le secteur du transport, au niveau des habitudes, des véhicules, mais aussi des infrastructures. Propulsion Québec est la grappe des transports électriques et intelligents du Québec. La conférence inclura une présentation de l’écosystème local et les atouts que le Québec possède pour saisir ces opportunités stratégiques.

Mardi 20 – ScrumPulse – The Power of Stories

Stories have a powerful impact on humans. Most of us have a favorite story. This can be a book, a movie, a play, an opera, or something else. We can remember details from stories that surpass most of the facts we can otherwise keep in our mind.

Livre sur Amazon

And yet in a professional setting we often use facts to transport information and learning instead of stories. In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer Peter Götz will discuss why this is wrong and how it can be improved. He will share where he is using stories and what effects can be achieved when we tell each other stories instead of facts.

In his book « The Professional Scrum Team« , which is a part of the Scrum.org « Professional Scrum » series at Pearson. He and his co-authors consistently use stories to set the stage and illustrate problems throughout the book. The reader can relate this story to their own experience, which makes it easier to understand the importance and point of the message that comes afterwards. Peter is convinced that we can and should use this effect more often and wants to share some ideas on how to do it.

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 20 – PMI Switzerland – An Open Space around the theme of Project Management tools

We have all experienced massive change in our organisations recently, or if out of work, may be wondering how we will fit in since the last time we were active. As projects are the endeavours to change organisations, what is happening with the project management tools themselves?

Things we could address around this theme include:
– How to stay relevant with tools for the job market
– Which tool do you use to share your project’s dashboard or scheduling
– What tools have changed in your organization in the last year and what impact does this have on the portfolio performance
– How do you encourage use of tools when there is a mismatch of maturity level between your experience and your new organisation

Mardi 20 – PMI – Financial Risk Engineering – Decision making using Financial Ratios

An introduction of financial ratios and inferences which buyers / Project managers can make before considering any suppliers for on boarding on the project.

Mardi 20 – PMI – Disciplined Agile Governance: From Control to Enablement

Despite claims to the contrary, the need for governance does not disappear for agile projects. Your project sponsors have a right to know the status of the health and risk of their investments. But trying to blend traditional agile methods such as Scrum with traditional stage gate approaches can cause frustration for both project teams and their stakeholders. Disciplined Agile (DA) provides straightforward and common sense ideas for applying governance in a lightweight fashion for agile projects.

Mardi 20, Mercredi 21 et Jeudi 22 – SMP – 3 soirées de rencontres virtuelles

Gestion de projet et durabilité : un défi ?

La gestion de projet s’adapte pour contribuer à rendre notre environnement durable. Nouvelles organisations d’entreprise, nouveaux critères, nouvelles visions… Êtes-vous bien préparé-e ?

  • Mardi 18h30 – Aspects humains
  • Mercredi 18h30 – Gouvernance
  • Jeudi 18h30 –   Gestion d’équipes

Mercredi 21 – PMI UK – EQ (Emotional Intelligence): What is it and why you need it to become a successful leader

So just what is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? Is it just a buzzword concept popularised by researchers? No, it’s more than this. But what exactly does it mean? And how does it differ from normal or general intelligence? Well, here’s the thing. EQ is all about and all starts with you! It’s about having the ability for a genuine sense of self, that raised self-awareness coupled with an innate ability to understand and have the capacity to manage your own emotions.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 22 – PMI France Côte d’Azur – Leading Digital Transformation: A strategic perspective & practical experience

Karin Kollenz-Quetard, keynote speaker, consultant and professor of Strategy at EDHEC Business School, will discuss the imperatives for successful digital transformation.

We will cover the main different areas of digital transformation, ranging from process to business model digitalization, but also covering cultural and organizational transformations. 

Karin will be joined by two executives who had led the digital transformation of their companies. She will share insights about the main challenges and how to overcome these.

Jeudi 22 – PMI – Servant Leadership in Action

This webinar delves into the reason why Servant Leadership is the need of the hour in this VUCA world. Speaker draws inspiration from the movie « The Lion King » to drive home the relevance of Servant Leadership.

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 27 – ScrumPulse – Scrum for Digital Marketing – Control the Chaos and Deliver Value

Radical disruption and social media go hand in hand, yet with things moving so quickly, there is a constant need to inspect, learn and change. Can Scrum improve how your digital marketing team works to help your business pivot faster to deliver more value?

Join Clayton Darrohn, Founder and Allisa Evarts, Digital Strategist and Product Owner at Fishbat along with Professional Scrum Trainer Matthew Hodgson from Zen Ex Machina as they look at the lessons learned by introducing Scrum into their highly disruptive world of digital marketing. They’ll look at why Fishbat started down this journey, the benefits that Scrum delivered, and how marketing teams can start using Scrum to control chaos in a simple and practical way.

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 27 – PMI UK – Are you setting yourself up for success?

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a position where our unconscious map of the world is not aligned with our conscious actions. Shifting our mindset can help us access more resourceful states and behaviours on demand. It can also help us achieve more of what we value and define as success. For some, success is defined by a job title or salary, but for many, success means more time, more energy, career fulfilment, improved rapport, less conflict etc.

Mardi 27 – PMI – Achieving Outcomes Through Customer Experience Transformation

Jumpstart your CX transformation practices and support your workforce become more customer-centric. We’ll draw upon scenarios that many companies face to offer brief solutions and tangible actions you can adopt in your journey towards delivering a superior customer experience. We will cover topics such as customer journey mapping, voice of the customer exercises, creating a customer-centric maturity model, establishing the processes, playbooks, and templates to drive outcomes that achieve greater customer retention, renewals, and upsells.

Mercredi 28 – PMI Montréal – CdP Planification et contrôle – Covid-19: Exécution Agile au CIUSSS de l’Est de l’île

Planification traditionnelle et exécution en mode Agile d’un projet innovateur en milieu hospitalier pendant la Covid-19: Équiper une nouvelle Unité d’Hémato-Oncologie et de Thérapie Cellulaire en mode fast-track.

Mercredi 28 – PMI – Mastering The Art of Creating a Resilient Mindset – Impossible is Just an Opinion

Things that you found impossible in the past, like opening a business or achieving a goal, became possible after you chose to push ahead. So, it’s really just an opinion of something being impossible. It does not have to be your reality. How do you CREATE a resilient mindset? I like the word create, as you can create things from nothing. When I am stuck, I look at my next steps as IF it were a blank slate and that I control what my vision looks like. I am the creator of my own destiny. So, if YOU have the courage to create your own conditions, then the rainstorm is simply a rainstorm. We’ll discuss creating habits that support you and how to redefine stress so you have a launching pad to action.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 29 – PMI Montréal – La gestion de portefeuille, un outil stratégique

Avec les réorganisations économiques dues à la pandémie, les entreprises vont chercher à faire des économies d’échelles. Il est donc plus que probable que de nombreux chef de projets vont se retrouver à devoir gérer un portefeuille. À travers cette présentation nous allons explorer comment la gestion de portefeuille peut devenir un outil stratégique pour les dirigeants et exécutifs d‘organisation qui recherchent des résultats d’affaires très spécifiques dans un échéancier assez rapide. Le focus sera sur l’identification, la quantification et la sélection d’opportunités en ligne avec les résultats d’affaires recherchés qui rapportent le plus en fonction de l’investissement demandés. Le montage du portefeuille et son suivi seront couverts .

Ex : Portefeuille stratégique : réduction de couts ,  développement de produits, développement de marche etc..

Vendredi 30 – Gouti – Démonstration et découverte de l’outil

Découverte d’un ERP de Gestion de projet. Wébinaire interactif de présentation de la solution logicielle et de comment elle saura répondre à vos problèmes spécifiques

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Pour le mois de Mars 2021, DantotsuPM recommande ces événements sur le management de projet, l’Agilité, la Business Analysis et le leadership ?

Voici ma sélection de rencontres virtuelles pour ce mois de mars qui verra le printemps revenir !

Mardi 2 – PMI Switzerland – Disciplined Agile – Interactive Live Online Workshop

Frank Tassone, Antje Lehmann-Benz, Daniel Gagnon and Frederic Lieser will present and explain how to implement DA.

They will give a short introduction and then they will explain DA with a show case and a practice example for an Agile Transformation with the DA Toolkit and how to choose your WoW, your Way of Working. At the end you can ask your questions and we will discuss with the DA experts.

PMI offers four Disciplined Agile certifications to create a comprehensive suite of agile training and certifications that extends beyond any single agile approach: DASM, DASSM, DAC and DAVSC. We will explain what these abbreviations mean, show the added value of the associated ceritifiactes and display the ways to become certified.

Mardi 2 – PMI – Dream Team: Possible!

As team leaders, we need to focus our efforts on people factors to get maximum return in performance. This is why it’s so important to understand how to build and support healthy teams. During this webinar, we will focus on building and maintaining high-performing teams, creating a collaborative environment, and looking at leadership styles depending on what stage of formation the team is.

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 3 – PMI UK – How Professional is Your LinkedIn Brand?

With more people active online than ever before, LinkedIn has still managed to retain its position as the key online environment for business networking and personal branding. But how do we make the most of this opportunity when a professional social media presence is key?

We will look at a number of important aspects when it comes professional branding and networking on LinkedIn.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 4 – PMI Montréal – La face cachée du changement : comment les jeux de pouvoir contribuent ou entravent les changements dans nos organisations

Le changement dans les organisations amène inévitablement des jeux de pouvoir entre ceux qui souhaitent la réussite du changement et ceux qui veulent y faire obstacle. Ces jeux de pouvoir ont un impact à la fois sur la façon de mener le changement et sur les objectifs visés par ce changement. Être aveugle à ce phénomène serait une des causes les plus fréquentes de l’échec des changements.

Planisware est partenaire DantotsuPM

Jeudi 4 – Swiss Cognitive – How to Set Up an AI Centre of Excellence

An AI Centre of Excellence is a seemingly complex puzzle with lots of pieces needing to fit together. At this event, leaders and experts join forces to put the pieces of this puzzle together, and with that, create clarity about the requirements of setting an organisation off for an AI journey successfully.

Jeudi 4 – PMI Mauritius – Bagatelle – Leadership and your Philosophy for Success

Ravin S. Papiah is an Entrepreneur who has achieved worldwide recognition in his multiple endeavors, from being a 3-times Amazon Best Selling author, Men of the Year 2019 & 2020 to being among the Top 300 amongst over 12M Forever Business Owners for 7 consecutive years, he has won several prestigious International Awards and Prizes. Rising from a difficult and challenging childhood, Ravin Papiah has defied all odds to become today an exemplary father, reader, trainer, coach, public speaker, writer, politician and influencer.

Lundi 8 – PMI UK – International Women’s Day webinar: The modern woman in leadership

5 PMI Women

Women stand at the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, as health care workers, caregivers, innovators, community organizers and as some of the most exemplary and effective national leaders in combating the pandemic. The crisis has highlighted both the centrality of their contributions and the disproportionate burdens that women carry.

Our event will be held on the day recognised globally to celebrate woman and was born from inspiration from the book “Ignite Your Modern Goddess. » The agenda is filled with real stories and celebrates women who embody the virtues and multifaceted strengths of the modern goddess.

Mardi 9 – IIBA Geneva – Comment attirer de nouveaux clients régulièrement sur les réseaux sociaux en tant que consultant ?

1,250,000 : Il s’agit du nombre de personnes que l’on trouve lorsqu’on cherche le mot clé « consultant » sur LinkedIn. Et ce nombre correspond uniquement aux consultants dans les pays francophones… J’ai une question pour vous. Pourquoi devrai-je choisir de travailler avec vous et non pas… ?

Mardi 9 – Scrum . Org – How A World-Leading Company in Secure Communications Used Scrum to Restore its Competitive Advantage

After many years of relative stability, a world leading secure communications company found itself struggling with sudden and huge changes in their market. In no more than a few years, competition increased tremendously along with the emergence of new technologies. Having been a dominant player for several decades, the company felt ill-equipped for this new market situation.

They realized that they needed to fundamentally upgrade their operating model to keep up with the changes, and—ultimately—restore their competitiveness. In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainers Fabio Panzavolta and Gunther Verheyen will walk you through the company’s fascinating journey. They will share an experience and the lessons learned from this agile transformation.

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 10 – PMICommunauté Francophone – ITER – Comment réussir le management de l’agilité, de la complexité et de l’incertitude dans un méga projet

Elise Delchambre

Elise Delchambre, Risk & Opportunity Officer au sein de ITER Organisation (IO), nous parlera du projet ITER, un projet scientifique international qui réunit 35 pays, situé dans le Sud de la France. ITER vise à démontrer la faisabilité de la fusion nucléaire – le processus qui alimente le soleil et les étoiles – comme source d’énergie abondante, sure, dé-carbonée et sans déchet nucléaire de haute activité et de vie longue. Nous apprendrons comment s’inscrit dans la gestion des risques et des opportunités le pilotage d’un méga projet complexe. Nous verrons pourquoi le management d’un tel projet alliant enjeux technologiques et scientifiques est un sujet d’étude a lui tout seul. Nous découvrirons comment la gestion des opportunités peut être un atout majeur pour s’adapter à un contexte incertain et disruptif et pourquoi prioriser et manager les risques transverses est essentiel dans environnement ou la complexité et les interfaces évoluent tout au long de la vie du projet. Nous verrons qu’il est possible d’avoir une vision stratégique claire, un alignement total de toutes les parties sur ces objectifs et une capacité d’adaptation à la complexité – des éléments connus comme les facteurs communs de succès des mégaprojets1.

Mercredi 10 – PMI Montréal – Disciplined Agile in practice: sharing knowledge and experiences

Twenty years ago, the signing of the Agile manifesto marked a turning point in the world of software development. Over the years, many professional sectors have appropriated agility and multiple working frameworks have thus been conceptualized and implemented to respond to organizational issues: SAFe, Kanban, Scrum …

Disciplined Agile (DA) is a toolbox developed by Scott Ambler and Mark Lines at IBM between 2006 and 2012, before being integrated into the PMI in August 2019.

During this panel-workshop we will explore what is DA, some of its principles such as “choice is good”, “context matters” or “be pragmatic” and ask the question: Could this toolbox help in our Agile journey?

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 10 – PMI UK – Making Your Goals Stickier!

Do you :

  • Need to refocus your 2020 Vision?
  • Stop all your best intentions and New Year’s Resolutions going from fizz to flat? And
  • Increase the likelihood that you achieve what you’ve set out to do?

Mercredi 10 – PMI – Success stories from Lean Agile Procurement (LAP) and Disciplined Agile (DA)

Lean-Agile Procurement (LAP) is a new and exciting simple approach for procurement. Imagine sourcing an ERP system in just four weeks by having three competitors cocreate their proposals simultaneously in the same room over two days. LAP is based on agile and lean principles and focuses on the business value and people involved. The results will surprise you! Lead time of sourcing a new partner is reduced to days. The approach solves the most important customer problems upfront to reduce risk. LAP strategies are part of the Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit’s approach to Vendor Management because LAP represents the leading edge in partnering with vendor organizations.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 11 – QRP International – Examen PMP 2021 : Tout savoir sur la nouvelle certification

Détails de la certification sur le site du PMI

Il y a plus d’un million de certifiés PMP à ce jour, faisant de la certification la plus répandue dans le monde. Afin de maintenir la qualité et la valeur de la certification, le PMI a récemment décidé d’apporter des changements majeurs pour répondre à l’évolution des marchés et du secteur.

En tant qu’ ATP ou encore un Authorized Training Provider du PMI, QRP vous propose un webinaire de 45 minutes + 15 minutes de questions/réponses pour vous présenter la nouvelle version 2021, déjà disponible depuis le 2 janvier.

QRP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 11 – PMI FranceMidi-Pyrénées – Transformer son équipe en ESP (Equipe super performante)

Quel que soit notre métier, nous rêvons tous d’animer une équipe performante ou d’en faire partie. Mais qu’est-ce que cela veut dire exactement ? Quelles sont les caractéristiques d’une équipe performante? L’autonomie ? La productivité ? La flexibilité ? Quoi d’autre ?

Olivier Bonnefous animera pour nous ce webinaire. Il nous parlera de son expérience et nous partagera les principes et les outils qu’il a mis en place pour former ces équipes, qu’il nomme d’ailleurs ‘super’ performantes, et qui se révèlent être parfaitement adaptées aux défis de notre environnement actuel.

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 11 – PMI Montréal – Augmenter son impact avec le leadership conscient

Le leadership conscient est un nouveau paradigme de leadership qui vise le bien commun autant que les intérêts personnels.  Un leadership guidé par une vision et propulsé par des valeurs qui vise le bien-être de toutes les parties prenantes autant que le succès de l’organisation. Un leadership inspiré à co-créer un avenir prometteur pour les prochaines générations. Lors de cette conférence, Stéphane Leblanc vous présentera les fondements du leadership conscient et comment il peut vous aider à transformer votre leadership et votre organisation pour avoir des résultats conscients tout en ayant un impact positif au sein de votre organisation et dans la société.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Vendredi 12 – Les facilitateursFacilitation Day

livre sur Amazon

Le 12 mars 2021, le collectif Les Facilitateurs (Marc Bougeret-Incardona, Hicham Amraoui, Alain Sibous et Robin Béraud-Sudreau ) organise une journée de conférences dédiées à la facilitation. Cet évènement a pour but de diffuser des postures engageantes, de bonnes pratiques, des astuces, et de créer un espace de partage.

Mardi 16 – SMP – Renforcer la résilience organisationnelle et individuelle

La résilience organisationnelle est la capacité d’une organisation d’anticiper, de se préparer, de réagir et de s’adapter aux changements progressifs et aux perturbations soudaines afin de survivre et de prospérer.

La résilience organisationnelle est une stratégie essentielle pour qu’une organisation s’épanouisse dans le monde dynamique d’aujourd’hui et peut être atteinte au fil du temps, établie sur le long terme.

La résilience organisationnelle est un processus d’apprentissage culturel continu. Une organisation ne sera pas prête à répondre correctement à un incident majeur si elle n’a pas appris à gérer les incidents mineurs qui se produisent quotidiennement.

Quels profils d’organisations étaient prêts à affronter l’inconnu ? Quels étaient les critères qui ont permis à ces organisations et à leurs personnels de gérer la transition requise, comment ont-ils construit la résilience nécessaire pour vivre une telle crise, atténuer les risques et chercher des opportunités pour envisager un avenir dans un futur encore instable ?

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 16 – PMI Lévis-Québec – La gestion des risques à un niveau stratégique

Au Québec, la gestion des risques est reconnue comme étant l’une des meilleures pratiques pour augmenter les probabilités de réussite d’un projet. Plusieurs PMP® ont développé des méthodes de travail et des outils pour exécuter les six étapes itératives du processus référencé dans la norme du PMBOK® ce qui permet de mieux gérer le projet. Toutefois, le gestionnaire de projet joue aussi un rôle de direction et doit assumer personnellement plusieurs responsabilités dont le respect du budget, la plus influente des décisions qui seront prises. C’est dans ce rôle que la gestion des risques doit aller au-delà de ce processus et s’intégrer aux autres domaines de connaissances du PMBOK® à un niveau stratégique.

Cette formation propose au gestionnaire de projet une façon de mettre en pratique la théorie présentée dans le PMBOK® dans ses activités quotidiennes en demeurant à l’intérieur de ce que l’on peut gérer à un niveau stratégique.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mercredi 17 – PMI – Leapfrogging Into the Future – How A New Perspective on Youth Will Get Us There!

An overview of PMI’s Youth Initiative! Our world is evolving at an ever-increasing speed. Keeping up requires us to innovate and change more rapidly to find new solutions to burning issues, including strategies for empowering the next generation of youth to lead and conquer today’s challenges. So, how can a fresh perspective on youth help us to not only keep up with current demands but also bring us into the future faster, better? This webinar will explain PMI’s new perspective and the actions we are taking to embrace today’s young leaders—and how you can do the same.

Planisware est partenaire DantotsuPM

Jeudi 18 – PMI Montréal – Le saut cognitif dans la transformation numérique

Au-delà de la gestion du changement liée à la gestion de projet, je propose de parler du changement vers la transformation numérique, surtout pour la pme. Il est question de stratégie numérique et des alignements nécessaires avec des ramifications dans le modèle d’affaire, l’organisation de l’entreprise, la stratégie des données et de l’information. La gouvernance numérique est aussi à l’ordre du jour notamment pour prendre en compte les environnements numériques externes et internes de l’entreprise, la culture numérique dans l’entreprise et le leadership numérique nécessaire pour assurer l’exécution de cette transformation. Le leadership numérique est un ensemble de comportements et de qualités qui soutiennent la prise de décision dans l’entreprise pour la création de nouvelles capacités et l’exécution des alignements nécessaires à leur mise en place. Il est question des décisions et de l’exécution de la stratégie d’affaires numérique, de la transformation technologique, de l’atteinte de la compétitivité qu’offre l’outillage numérique et de la génération d’activité par une offre de service qui rejoint l’utilisateur final.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 18 – Scrum . Org – How Do You Know if You’re Really Agile?

Numerous industry surveys have shown organizations receive a number of benefits from being agile. Unfortunately, the collection and analysis of empirical evidence is rarely conducted. Without robust empirical measures, many turn to the symbols they can see – measuring velocity, team happiness, and getting teams to « self assess » their capability.

This talk with Professional Scrum Trainers Matthew Hodgson and Mia Horrigan will give you a playbook to measure agility based on:

  • The empirical evidence and data on what makes an enterprise agile
  • How you measure an agile culture
  • The antecedents of agile leadership
  • How to grow and sustain an agile culture across the enterprise
CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 18 – PMI UK – How using PRINCE2 Agile could revolutionise your projects

PRINCE2 Agile combines the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the world’s most practised project management method, PRINCE2.

Effective project management is critical to the successful delivery of new products and services that are necessary to keep organizations competitive in a changing world. PRINCE2 Agile can be used in today’s high-speed and uncertain world to develop ever-evolving solutions aligned to the organization’s strategic objectives.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 18 – PMI – Leadership in Hybrid Projects

Hybrid projects require both the skills of agile and of waterfall environments. This could be very challenging as the style of leadership may change, according to the needs of the different streams within the project or to the stakeholders or teams you work with. The different situations and approaches will be discussed during this 1 hour webinar.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Samedi 20 – PMI UK – Project Data Analytics Webinar: Project:Hack8

If you would like to help shape how projects are delivered in the future, then Project:Hack will give you the opportunity to work with and influence major players in industry who share this bold vision and passion. Data Science is transforming how projects are delivered, it can save billions for society, improve certainty in outcomes and change the face of the project management profession forever.

Explore methods and tools to transform how insights and value can be extracted from project data. Ranging from risk and schedule data through to on site presence of personnel. Enable delivery professionals to understand the predisposition of projects to specific challenges, to predict them arising and take action to avoid the avoidable. Ignite the professional imagination on what can be achieved and shape the future of project delivery.

QRP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 23 – PMI Belgium – How is COVID Revolutionizing Pharma Project Management

Why is it that some companies thrive in uncertainty, while others lag behind? What organizational capabilities give successful companies the upper hand? Do project management capabilities provide this competitive advantage?

This event asks our participants, ‘How did COVID revolution your industry’s project management practices?’

Through presentations and an interactive panel discussion the objective of the event is to provide industry specific insights, share best practices, and alternative views on the “new normal” in project management.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mardi 23 – PMI – PMI Podcast Club: Resilience and Deep Learning

Our next Center Stage podcast club brings together two of our most popular and provocative Center Stage leaders – Dr. Nancy Dixon and Dr. Madelyn Blair on building resilience and establishing deep learning when we are engaged in dialogue and trust. They will join PMI member and volunteer Tammy Ashraf, our Podcast Club moderator, for a provocative discussion.

Mercredi 24 – PMI France Branche Nord de France – 60 minutes inside PMP®

Découverte du PMBoK® Guide et de l’examen PMP®.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 24 – PMI – Leading with EQ in Virtual or Remote Environments

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many teams to start working remotely. Even for those who are used to working in virtual environments, the events of 2020 have accelerated the intensity and changed the pace. The pandemic has changed how remote working is perceived, and has most likely changed forever, how virtual teams interact. With the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in leading project teams, it becomes more important while working remotely. Team members may feel isolated and this may contribute to reduced productivity. The leader may also feel the loss of control and could suffer from emotional disconnect. But these situations can be managed effectively. This webinar outlines basic the steps that you can take as a leader of project teams, to ensure that your teams remain engaged and highly productive.

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 25 – PMI France Pôle Lyon – Comment rendre nos entreprises plus agiles, plus apprenantes et plus innovantes de façon pérenne ?

Animé par Emmanuel Béguinet avec Christophe Collette comme intervenant principal, ce webinaire permettra de bien comprendre les dynamiques de transformation des organisations et de fournir des repères et méthodologies pour se mettre sur le chemin de la transformation.

  • Comprendre quelles sont les transformations à l’œuvre et comment la crise COVID les accélère
  • Identifier les acteurs qui portent les transformations et les freins au déploiement
  • Se mettre en chemin dans nos pratiques quotidiennes pour se transformer
Planisware est partenaire DantotsuPM

Jeudi 25 – PMI – PMXPO New World. New Challenges. New Solutions.

Earn 10+ PDUs

This annual virtual event is now part of PMI’s award-winning Virtual Experience Series. Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or new to the field, PMXPO provides an excellent opportunity to learn, earn PDUs toward your certification, broaden your perspective on project management, and connect with your global project management community.

PMXPO is complimentary for PMI members; non-members can attend for just $29 and take advantage of all the full suite of offerings live and on-demand.

Mardi 30 – PMI – Using Project Management to Write Competitive Grants and Proposals

During this webinar, participants will delve into the depths of successful grant writing and how to lay the foundation for exponential growth capacity-building for their professional and/or volunteer pursuits.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mercredi 31 – PMI Montréal – Qu’est-ce que le projet Manhattan et James Bond ont en commun ?

Démystifier la méthode Monte Carlo par des exemples concrets et des cas simples.

L’atelier sera animé par toute l’équipe des bénévoles de la CdP de gestion des risques : Sabrina, Slim, Alexandre et Thomas.

Mercredi 31 – Scrum . Org – 6 Ways to Get Faster Time-to-Market by Improving Release Forecasting with Scrum

What is one of the most common reasons organizations choose Agile Software Delivery with Scrum? The promise of a faster time to market. And what is one of the most common reasons organizations get frustrated with Agile Software Delivery with Scrum? Not getting faster time to market.

So what are some common challenges that prevent most Scrum Teams from delivering on this promise? And what practices might help them overcome these challenges?

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 31 – PMI – A Successful Business Strategy: Value Delivery

We all want successful projects. Projects that not only deliver a product on time, on budget, and on scope, but also value to customers. This webinar will start with defining value creation and value delivery to make a thriving business model and a happy customer. Then we will explore the two main ways that a product or service can offer value to customers. The first way is value creation, to ensure that the product has the features that customers need, and they see value in. To do this, we will discuss prioritization techniques to ensure the highest priority features are delivered first, for every release. The second way is value delivery, through value stream mapping and waste elimination while developing a product. As a project manager, you need to understand where waste is created and look for ways to eliminate it in your project management processes. Lean processes combined with strong value delivery approaches will help your organization become successful in the long term.

“PMI,” the PMI logo, “PMP” and “Project Management Institute” are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Février 2021, à quels événements participer si vous vous intéressez au management de projet, à l’Agilité, à la Business Analysis et au leadership ?

Voici ma sélection de rencontres virtuelles pour ce mois de février qui sera court mais dense !

20 ans du Manifeste Agile : tout un mois de festivités !

Nous fêtons en février les 20 ans du Manifest Agile

je vous invite à cette occasion à relire Le Manifeste Agile, ses 4 valeurs et 12 principes, par QRP International

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Pour célébrer cet évènement, une initiative a été lancée par des bénévoles en septembre 2020 dénommée Agile20Reflect. L’initiative se déroule sur tout le mois de février avec des évènements dans le monde entier.

Visitez le site pour un calendrier complet de toutes les rencontres virtuelles.

Lundi 1 – PMI – What Can Project Managers Learn from the Most Amazing Projects Launched by Kids?

Some of the most amazing projects were launched by kids and young professionals. What can we learn from them to become better project leaders?

Planisware est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 2 – Scrum . Org – Product Backlog Anti-Patterns — An Introduction to Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis: “Forensic analysis refers to a detailed investigation for detecting and documenting the course, reasons, culprits, and consequences of a security incident or violation of rules of the organization or state laws.” Even if you chose to use Scrum for the right purpose—solving complex adaptive problems and your product quality is high, and the team is self-managing entirely; If your Product Backlog is not actionable, your Scrum Team will be performing at a mediocre level at best—way below its potential.

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 3 – PMI Montréal – Disciplined Agile – Accompagner au bon niveau

« Quand on a seulement un marteau, tous les problèmes ont l’air de clous. »
Comment enrichir votre boîte à outils pour mieux lire le contexte et ajuster votre accompagnement à la situation ?

  • Avec la présentation du modèle de culture organisationnelle selon Frédéric Laloux, vous affinerez votre façon de cerner la culture de votre organisation et des personnes que vous accompagnez.
  • Avec la présentation du modèle CYNEFIN, vous porterez un autre regard sur le contexte et le type de projet. Ces grilles de lecture vous permettront de mieux choisir vos options, aussi bien la méthodologie que la posture à privilégier (expert, conseiller, mentor, facilitateur, coach).

Mercredi 3 – PMI Levis-Québec – La gestion de la chaîne logistique dans la gestion de projet

D’ici 2025, ce seront 66 000 postes vacants à pourvoir en logistique au Canada et un taux de croissance de 14.9 % pour des postes de gestion de la chaîne d’approvisionnement. Toute entreprise doit acheter des matières premières, des composants ou des fournitures. Elle doit aussi les stocker, les transformer, les distribuer. Il faut donc une organisation efficace et efficiente pour réduire ses coûts, optimiser ses délais et organiser ses flux amont et aval.

Mercredi 3 – PMI Luxembourg – Kick-starting 2021

We invite you to come together for this first members-only meeting of 2021, where we will look back on 2020 achievements and celebrate the start of a new and exciting year, together. Just as in the good old days, we’ll raise our glass together, exchange stories and share new ideas and plans.

Mercredi 3 – PMI UK – The 4 key elements of best practice programme design

Programme design, what questions does the design approach in the programme strategy answer as a minimum? How the four elements relate to each other in order to achieve benefits and value ?

Mercredi 3 – PMI – Looking Forward to Project Management in 2021 after a Turbulent 2020

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 3 – PMI – The 6 Keys to Confident Change Management

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 4 – APMG – AgilePM: why so popular?

Developed and published by the Agile Business Consortium, AgilePM guidance (the AgilePM Handbook) offers a practical and repeatable methodology that achieves an ideal balance between the standards, rigour and visibility required for good project management, and the fast-pace, change and empowerment provided by Agile. But why has it become so popular?

Jeudi 4 – PMI – Everyone Communicates, Few Connect Effectively!

Learn how to identify with people and relate to others in a way that increases your influence with them. People who connect with others have better relationships, experience less conflict, and get more things done than those who cannot connect. Leaders who have learned the art of connection are able to communicate their ideas persuasively, establishing buy-in and attracting followers.

Mardi 9 – PMI France Branche Midi-Pyrénées – Networking: On redémarre 2021 avec le Management Visuel !

Pour démarrer 2021 et ne pas avoir l’impression que cette année ressemble encore à 2020, nous innovons avec un premier Networking… en distanciel ! Nous vous proposons une animation autour du Management Visuel. Comment représenter visuellement une situation ou un ensemble d’activités tout en favorisant les interactions au sein de votre équipe ? Comment garder la dynamique des réunions en virtuel et améliorer la collaboration ? Nous vous donnerons des éléments pour comprendre l’intérêt du management visuel, pour vous aider dans l’animation de vos réunions, pour assurer la participation active de vos collaborateurs et booster leur créativité.

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 9 – SMP – Data science: des projets d’un nouveau type ?

Livre sur Amazon

La data science est un sujet de plus en plus actuel pour les entreprises. L’élaboration de ces projets d’un nouveau type donne cependant encore beaucoup de fil à retordre sur le terrain. En effet, ils requièrent des compétences variées et multidisciplinaires. Basé sur le célèbre travail d’Osterwalder et Pigneur, Swiss Statistical Design & Innovation a développé un canevas afin de soutenir la construction de ce type de projet.La conférence débutera par une démystification des éléments principaux constituants l’IA pour ensuite présenter le Business Data Science Canvas au travers d’exemples concrets.

Planisware est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 10 – PMI France Région Globale – Mise en œuvre de la gouvernance des grands projets & Le management de projet par le FLUX

Mise en œuvre de la gouvernance des grands projets par Philippe SCHULER et Le management de projet par le FLUX par Anthony FOUQUÉ

Mercredi 10 – PMI UK – The C3 Model of Influencing: An introduction to the foundations of effective influencing

An introduction and overview to the C3 Model of Influencing, a powerful blueprint to influence in any situation. Whether you are a project leader or want to make the most of your career, this session will help. Based on original research into the habits of highly successful individuals, Jeremy will identify the key traits that are found in all effective influencers in the simple and easy to learn C3 Model of Influencing – Confidence, Credibility and Connection.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 10 – PMI – Project Management as a Generic Discipline – Are We Ready For It?

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 11 – PMI France – PMPD 2021 – Project Management Professional Day DIGITAL Conference

CETTE CONFÉRENCE ENLIGNE EST POUR VOUS ! C’est le résultat d’un projet pédagogique sponsorisé par le PMI France. L’événement    consiste    en    une    conférence    interactive    et    significative  permettant  de  mettre  en  relation  les  étudiants  et les  professionnels  par  le  biais  d’une  présentation  sur  un  thème  porteur  du  management  de  projet,  d’ateliers  et  de  sessions  de  recrutement.

Visitez le site PMI France pour davantage de détails

Jeudi 11 – PMI France Pôle Cergy – 3 leviers de la viralité pour booster la portée et l’adhésion de vos idées

Au sein d’un marché mondial de plus en plus compétitif, les contraintes sur les équipes se font de plus en plus fortes et une stratégie de communication efficace devient absolument essentielle pour mener à terme les projets. Alors que les différentes parties prenantes mettent tout en œuvre stratégiquement et opérationnellement pour atteindre leurs objectifs exigeants, une question fondamentale subsiste néanmoins : comment augmenter la portée et l’adhésion de vos messages auprès de vos collaborateurs ? Pourquoi certaines idées deviennent virales au sein d’une organisation alors que d’autres n’arrivent guère à se propager ? Comment faut-il concevoir un message pour qu’il se diffuse au sein des collaborateurs ? Faut-il des ressources importantes pour créer une vision qui sera partagée par tous ?

Jeudi 11 – IIBA Geneva et IIBA France – La business analyse dans les projets data légaux

IIBA Geneva et IIBA France vous invitent à venir découvrir un retour d’expérience sur des projets data réglementaires. Ces projets où l’objectif est de calculer les plans de licenciements, de justifier au tribunal les infractions. Comment s’assurer que le projet aboutissent avec des parties prenantes non coopératives? Où placer l’intégrité et l’éthique et l’humain? Comment défendre l’indéfendable? Comment gérer vos émotions et celles des parties prenantes?

Jeudi 11 – PMI Switzerland – Virtual Annual Members Meeting 2021 – The Future of Work is Human

We will share both, some worth knowing information from the Chapter year 2020 and a forcast on you you can expect in 2021. Our main topic is the question of how our working world is developing and how our workplaces may look like in the future. A panel by three experts will highlight their experiences across global boundaries, coupled with reflections and a series of forecasts relating to the changing future of work dynamics, and the impact on the project management profession and project managers.

Jeudi 11 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – Venkatesh Rajamani

In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, Professional Scrum Trainer Venkatesh Rajamani will answer your burning questions about Scrum and the challenges your teams are facing.

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Jeudi 11 – Scrum Alliance – Agile Manifesto 20th Anniversary

alling all agilists, we’re celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the signing of the Agile Manifesto. We’ll stream live from Snowbird, Utah from the Aspen Room where it all happened as we discuss the past, present, and future of agile through a variety of panels and networking activities. Whether you have been a part of the agile community for years or are just beginning your journey, this virtual event is for you! Join for one session or stay for the entire celebration, just like a true party you can come and go as you please.

Vendredi 12 – Agile Academy – Agile100

Agile100 virtual conference series aims to bring the knowledge and experience of the world’s top 100 agile thinkers and speakers to everyone across the globe. Embrace the latest technology to help spread the best ideas. People with access to knowledge and information can tackle any challenge and make our world more productive, more humane, and more sustainable.

Lundi 15 – PMI Montréal – L’agilité et son influence des 20 dernières années depuis le Manifeste Agile, où en serons-nous dans 20 ans ?

Cet atelier invite les participants à regarder l’évolution de l’agilité dans les dernières années et l’influence de cette évolution dans notre quotidien, notamment l’impact de l’adoption de la mentalité Lean-Agile sur différents secteurs de l’économie, les certifications professionnelles, le développement de Disciplined Agile et même les changements à l’examen PMP®. Nous discuterons également des quelques tendances en vue d’anticiper ce dont les prochaines années nous réservent.

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Mercredi 17 – Gouti – Découverte des capacités de Gouti

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet…

Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mercredi 17 -PMI Communauté Francophone – De la Région Globale au PMI Communauté Francophone du PMI

Prolongement et transformation 2.0 de la Région Globale, ce webinaire constitue un jalon majeur pour les volontaires et le public de la Région Globale et pour le monde francophone du management de projet. Il marque le rattachement de la Région Globale (fondée depuis 2017 par Jean-Christophe Hamani, animée et développée par une équipe de volontaires) au PMI Global et plus précisément au « Strategic Alliances, Societal Impact & Youth Engagement » dont Olivier Lazar est le Président. Au cours de ce webinaire, Olivier et Jean-Christophe présenteront les enjeux, la vision, la feuille de route et la structure de la toute nouvelle organisation, ce qu’elle apportera à l’écosystème francophone de management de projet. De nombreuses parties prenantes du PMI Global seront invitées à partager leur vision et leurs encouragements pour le lancement historique de cette toute nouvelle entité.

Mercredi 17 – PMI UK – Working Successfully with the Indian Culture

Since financial deregulation in the early 1990s – which made it easier for foreign companies to set up in India – and more so since the boom in off-shoring, many of us have been working with Indians. Great English language skills, and some shared history, should make it especially easy for Brits. Yet India is a complex culture with probably more internal variety than Europe. As the Cambridge economist Joan Robinson said: ‘whatever one can rightly say about India, the opposite is also true.’

Mercredi 17 – PMI – Determining a Balanced Scorecard: Improving Business Performance & Reporting

A modern light version of a balanced scorecard for planning and reporting purposes. This presentation is focussed on the design, development, and deployment of a modern light balanced scorecard that allows for organizational-wide performance to be shown and communicated. EPMO and portfolio leaders in particular will benefit from its content and messages.

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Jeudi 18 – PMI – Earned Value Management (EVM) Applied to Large IT Projects

A brief overview of the EVM fundamentals; why EVM is not used on large IT projects; how to create a baseline for the project; what a rolling wave is and how to use it; and the benefits of using EVM on large IT projects.

Mardi 23 – PMI UK –Best practice guidelines and templates for business cases

Challenges are how to get the right level of detail so that senior management will be able to understand the main elements of the business case with their limited time but give them the confidence that enough analysis has gone into it that clarifies enough assumptions for it to be valid.

Mardi 23 – Scrum . Org – How Scrum Guide Updates can Help Organizations Increase Value Delivery

Join Digital.ai and Scrum.org for this discussion-based webinar to learn the updates to the Scrum Guide you need to know, why they were updated, and what they mean for your Scrum Teams moving forward. We’ll also discuss:

  • Why value is the ultimate measure of success
  • How certain tools better enable your organization to measure value across Scrum Teams
  • Why Agile organizations need to be all-in on delivering outcomes in 2021
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Merdredi 24 – PMI – Eight (8) Golden Tips to Lead the Human of the Transformations

Why implementing agile methodologies does not lead to business agility in some cases? Why does digital transformation fail for the customer? The key is on the human side! Real life examples taken from electronic government, digital transformations, M&A’s and even from economic development in the middle of the jungle, will help you to visualize what is a how to lead the complexity that human factor adds to change and transformation initiatives.

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Jeudi 25 – PMI France Pôle Est-Parisien – PMBOK7® : Qu’est ce qui change, et pourquoi ça change ?

  • Guide sur Amazon

    Dans la 7e édition du PMBOK, les projets ne produisent pas seulement des produits ou des livrables. Les projets produisent des résultats et ces résultats apportent de la valeur à l’organisation et à ses parties prenantes.

  • Dans la 7e édition du PMBOK, les normes de management de projet sont fondées sur 12 « principes » qui représentent des dimensions de focalisation pour comportements, organisation et pratiques.
  • La 7e édition remplace les domaines de connaissances et les processus sont détaillés en 8 « domaines de performance » : l’équipe, les parties prenantes, le cycle de vie, la planification, l’orientation face à l’incertitude et l’ambigüité, la livraison, la performance et le travail projet.
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Jeudi 25 – IIBA Geneva et IIBA France – La symbiocratie pour être résilient dans un monde en chaos

Le chaos imposé depuis des mois a des conséquences dramatiques sur la santé des populations, sur la santé économique et sociale. Ce choc traumatique collectif provoque des prises de conscience, change les comportements, les convictions, de nouvelles valeurs émergent.Il est urgent de manager la résilience, de faire évoluer dans le bon sens les approches commerciales et marketing.

Jeudi 25 – ICCPM – Investigating a Complex Systems Thinking Approach to Improving Project Risk Management

Despite the considerable investment in Complex Projects globally, leading industry research still continues to suggest that as much as 70% of such projects will fail to meet their investor sanctioned cost, schedule and benefit objectives. Even more alarmingly, is how this recorded hurdle rate has been observed to have remained consistent across most major project sectors for more than 50 years.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Vendredi 26 – PMI – How to Manage Scope Creep in a Power Plant Outage

Outages are planned shutdowns of plants for maintenance, including preventative maintenance and defects. Preventative maintenance works have pre-defined scope, a job plan and resource requirements built into a maintenance management system. The problematic area is corrective maintenance scope (i.e., defects). Defects often result in significant increase in outage scope, known as scope creep. Scope creep is a serious challenge that outage managers, outage engineers and planners face before and during an outage.

“PMI,” the PMI logo, “PMP” and “Project Management Institute” are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Préparez-vous pour le Project Management Professional Day 2021 qui aura lieu le 11 Février.

CETTE CONFÉRENCE ENLIGNE EST POUR VOUS ! C’est le résultat d’un projet pédagogique sponsorisé par le PMI France.

L’événement    consiste    en    une    conférence    interactive    et    significative  permettant  de  mettre  en  relation  les  étudiants  et les  professionnels  par  le  biais  d’une  présentation  sur  un  thème  porteur  du  management  de  projet,  d’ateliers  et  de  sessions  de  recrutement.

Visitez le site PMI France pour davantage de détails

En  tant  qu’entreprise,  le  PMPD  vous  offre  l’opportunité  de  gagner  en visibilité et de participer à la plus célèbre conférence sur le management de  projet  en  France  organisée  par  le  PMI  France. Ce  sera  pour  vous  l’occasion  d’apporter  votre  expertise  à  la  future  génération  de  chefs  de  projet,  d’échanger  sur  vos  activités  et  méthodes  de  gestion  de projet, ainsi que de développer votre marque employeur auprès des étudiants.

Vous aurez aussi la chance d’accéder à un vaste réservoir de talents : présentez votre entreprise et vos missions aux étudiants à la recherche d’emplois et de stages.

Ashwini Bakshi

Vous    aurez    l’opportunité    d’entendre    notre    conférencier Ashwini  BaksiDirecteur  PMI  EMEA.

De  plus,  le  PMPD  est  l’occasion pour vous de rencontrer des chefs de projets juniors et seniors lors des Workshops, mais aussi des recruteurs lors des sessions de speed recruting.

Ouverte aux étudiants de Maitrise 1 & 2 portant un intérêt pour le  management  de  projet,  cette  conférence  vous  permettra  de  mieux  comprendre comment la gestion de projet se pratique en entreprise

Programme des rendez-vous sur le management de projets, la business analysis et l’Agilité de Janvier 2021

Une nouvelle année de rencontres virtuelles (et peut-être en face à face après la pandémie) sur les sujets qui me et je l’espère vous passionnent aussi : Leadership, Management de Projets, Agilité, Soft Skills, Business Analysis

Lundi 5 – PMI UK – The new PMP, what it is and how to get prepared for it. 5th January 2021

Détails de la certification sur le site du PMI

The international scenario of the Project Management credentials is evolving. New ones are entering the « arena », some other old ones are changing their shape and maybe their value.In this webinar we »ll cover the most important PM credential, defining and comparing their features. In particular, we’ll see the new PMP exam and how to prepare for it.

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Jeudi 7 -Université de la Valeur – Comment apporter de la « Valeur » au Design Thinking ?

Aujourd’hui le Design Thinking apporte à la fois une façon d’aborder les problèmes de l’entreprise mais également le processus pour les résoudre. Cependant cette démarche peut être enrichie par l’approche Value Design qui garantie et justifie la « Valeur » des solutions choisies.

Valeur = Satisfaction des besoins / Ressources consommées

Jeudi 7 – PMI – Estimation and Planning in an Agile World

  • What do Agile Estimating and Planning looks like?
  • How different are they from traditional methods?
  • Why would you even consider using agile estimation methods?

Story points, velocity planning, fixed date and fixed scope projects, product backlog management, scrum boards, daily standups, and more!

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Vendredi 8 – PMI – The Agile Enterprise: Scaling Agile – Up or Down?

Scaled Agile Framework web site

Scaling Agile has been a hot topic in the last 3 to 5 years. Scrum, the core of the most recent « scaled » frameworks, was designed for teams of less than 10 people developing software products. Take a look at Agile scaling from both perspectives: agile software development created for small homogenous teams AND agile manufacturing conceived in the last century for large companies as a replacement to Lean.

Mardi 12 – PMI – If You Don’t Want To Be Replaced By a Robot, Don’t Act Like One

The transformations brought about by AI and Robotization can be seen in different ways, depending on the lens with which professionals see the challenges and changes underway. Let’s talk about these two big trends of the moment and how they can be considered allies in generating efficiency and not just as an additional source of anxiety and how they reflect on the impact in the future of work.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 12 – Op² – Mieux piloter avec moins de reporting ?

Mardi 12 – SMP – Change Management : Un projet pour changer

Si les processus de fabrication de nouveaux outils et de systèmes toujours plus innovants permettent une accélération des propositions de changement, la capacité des êtres humains à les absorber ne suit pas la même rationalité. C’est bien notre vitesse d’adoption des changements d’une part, qui répond à des facteurs purement humains, qui est le goulet d’étranglement, et non pas, notre capacité à produire.

Une bonne nouvelle est que nos méthodes de management évoluent pour intégrer, accepter et accompagner ces facteurs humains en faisant évoluer les rôles de tous les acteurs de l’entreprise, en développant de nouvelles compétences et en conciliant Project Management et Change Management

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 12 et Mercredi 13 – Software Intelligence Forum – Accelerating Digital Transformation

The pace of digital transformation is gated by the ability to transform the most complex custom-build applications, the brains of the business. Navigating the journey requires accurate insight into the condition of the software and the impact of its changes. IT visionaries and senior leaders, with different perspectives, will share their experience of applying software intelligence to speed-up digital transformation and answer your questions live.

Planisware est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 13 – PMI France Région Globale – Changement climatique : quand la NASA veille sur nos ressources en eau !

Née et grandie à Zinder au Niger, une ville très connue pour ses problèmes de ressources en eau. Fadji MAINA a très vite su que l’eau est une denrée rare qui mérite d’être mieux étudiée afin de la préserver et l’offrir aux milliards de personnes qui habitent sur Terre. Cette motivation l’a conduite à entamer une longue aventure à la recherche du savoir sur les ressources en eau. Au cours de ce webinaire, Fadji MAINA retracera son parcours qui l’a amené à vivre au Maroc, France, Italie et États-Unis pour étudier l’Univers et la Terre, puis l’eau, cette composante précieuse de notre Terre. Elle parlera aussi de ses travaux scientifiques qui visent à mieux comprendre comment nos ressources en eau évoluent dans le contexte actuel du changement climatique.

Mercredi 13 – PMI Cameroon – Disciplined Agile et la posture du Leadership

Séminaire animé par le Coach Certifié

Mercredi 13 – PMI Montréal – Gestion des risques : Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur la gestion des risques… sans jamais oser le demander

Thomas Février, Sabrina Guerbas, Slim Ben Bahloul et Alexandre Martins da Silva de l’équipe de bénévoles responsables de la communauté de pratique gestion des risques vous invite à venir échanger !

Discussion de groupe sur un thème de votre choix.

Mercredi 13 – PMI – Getting to know the Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM)

How the DASSM successfully leads one or more agile teams and effectively takes on complex and key initiatives inside the organization. How a DASSM starts by looking inwardly and intelligently lead themselves. What tools a DASSM uses to lead teams to high performance. How a DASSM creates organizational alliances enabling the development team to deliver value to customers early and often. How a DASSM successfully leads the team inside the organization navigating common requests for planning, reporting, and metrics.

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Jeudi 14 – PMI France Pole Lyon – Projet vs. Portefeuille, lequel prioriser ?

Faut-il mettre l’accent sur la performance de management des projets ou sur la qualité de gestion du portefeuille projets ? Animée par Paul Tap, avec Christian Guérin comme intervenant principal, et le témoignage de Jean-Christophe Pages de la CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône), chef de projet interne sur des transformations visant à mieux manager les projets et mieux piloter le portefeuille.

Jeudi 14 – PMI UK – When virtual meetings go wrong … and how to make it right.

Digital disruption is everywhere … and facilitation is no different. I know I miss being in the same physical space as the leadership, project and community groups I’m helping. You might think going virtual is second best but come to this session to challenge your assumptions about what groups can do when they are not necessarily in the same place or even the same time.

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Jeudi 14 – PMI – Project Execution Excellence through Supplier Selection, Qualification and Evaluation

Book on Amazon

Methods and techniques used in best organizations for Supplier Selection, Qualification and Evaluation for avoiding risk during Project Execution.

Jeudi 14 – Scrum . Org – Real Engagement for Real Results – Improving Collaboration in Teams and Organizations

Business Agility demands teamwork and organizational learning. Teamwork and organization learning hinges upon collaboration (Individuals and interactions over process and tools). In organizations, collaboration does not happen naturally, and today’s leaders do not have the luxury to leave that to chance. Also, it is hard for people who want to be in collaborative relationships to sustain the relationship over time. Effective collaboration rests on people’s ability to be in a partnership – a relationship in which everyone feels responsible for the success of their common purpose. Unfortunately, the way most people try to do that creates interpersonal mush which, in turn, destroys partnership and collaboration. In this webinar, Ram Srinivasan and Dr. Gervase Bushe introduce a research-based, and time-tested model that explains how teams and leaders can build effective partnerships where people learn from each others’ collective experience and collaborate better. You will be introduced to a tool called The Experience Cube which increases individual’s self awareness, their ability to be an effective team player, and improve their partnerships at all levels of any organization.

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Lundi 18 à Mercredi 20 – Microsoft – Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2021 online

Dans l’esprit des conférences précédentes organisées à Paris par la communauté francophone autour de la Plateforme collaborative Microsoft, cet évènement communautaire vise à partager la connaissance et la passion autour des usages du Modern Workplace (Bureau digital) : Communication, Collaboration, Processus métiers, Gestion de la connaissance, Productivité personnelle.

Mardi 19 – PMI UK – Effective Agile Retrospectives; tips to run valuable retrospectives

Livre sur Amazon

The world of work is not evolving. Rather, today’s workplace exists in a state of creative destruction and constant reinvention. This ongoing transformation demands a new outlook for employers and workers alike. Corporate leadership, middle management, indeed all types of contributors must learn to adapt to this accelerated current of change or find themselves unemployed and unemployable. Applying an agile mindset to the modern workplace has the potential to deliver a range of benefits, to employers and to workers themselves.

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Mardi 19 – PMI – Young Entrepreneurs Making Reality with Future Ways of Working

Join three of our Center Stage podcast guests and moderator Tammy Ashraf as they explore how young entrepreneurs make reality by adapting traditional approaches to value delivery with new ways of working, leveraging evolving technologies, customer-centered design, sustainability and social impact

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Mercredi 20 – PMI Montréal – CdP Aéronautique – Au-delà du cockpit

Découvrez ce qu’ «exponentiel » signifie vraiment, combien le monde change vite et de quelles façons les méthodes issues de l’aviation de chasse peuvent vous aider à suivre la cadence. Adoptez un état d’esprit d’amélioration continue. Créez chaque jour de la valeur avec votre équipe et faites du D.briefing une habitude. Prenez le contrôle de votre état d’esprit et appliquez la méthode du pas à pas.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 20 – IIBA Geneva – LEAN Oui ! Mais comment faire ?

livre sur Amazon

Une Lean Enterprise. Voilà ce à quoi nous désirons souvent parvenir afin de satisfaire au mieux nos clients. Mais qu’est-ce que cela signifie exactement? Au travers de quelques outils simples et utilisables autant dans la vie de tous les jours qu’au bureau, nous espérons vous faire découvrir de manière ludique les premiers pas vers une démarche Lean (Six Sigma). Le problem solving n’aura alors plus de secret pour vous et vous saurez l’utiliser quotidiennement.

Mercredi 20 – PMI – PMBOK® Guide – 7th Edition: Forging Our Path Forward

Toutes les infos sur le site du PMI

Explore how different organizational stakeholders will benefit from the PMBOK® Guide –Seventh Edition. Specifically, we will address the value it will provide to organizations in their journeys towards organizational agility and as they navigate through complexity and uncertainty. Join us to learn how various organizational stakeholders can contribute to the value stream of the organization.

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 21 – PMI Switzerland – Traditional Gantt chart or Agile sprints to plan your project – Why not both?

Experiences from applying a hybrid approach when planning a 20+ million project. Some people say that projects are either executed in a traditional (plan-driven with a Gantt chart) or Agile (prioritized backlog-driven with a scrum board) way. However, Martin Härri will present how he successfully combined the two approaches for a 20+ million project  at SIX. Over 50 people are collaborating in 16 work streams, processing 60+ work packages, 200+ deliverables, and more than 1’000 tasks.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Jeudi 21 -Scrum . Org – Zombie Scrum Survival Guide

Livre sur Amazon

On November 23, the book The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide, written by Christiaan Verwijs, Johannes Schartau, and Barry Overeem officially launched. In this book, they dive deep into what causes Zombie Scrum; something that looks like Scrum from a distance but lacks a beating heart. During the Scrum.org webinar, they offer you a fresh perspective on Zombie Scrum, share key insights from the book, and discuss their latest findings on the relentless on-going research. To give you a good start fixing Zombie Scrum in your organization, some of the most powerful experiments will be shared during the session! So join the webinar, and let’s fight Zombie Scrum, together!

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Vendredi 22 – CSP – Journée de l’innovation managériale 2021 – Bordeaux

La crise sanitaire nous oblige à faire preuve de résilience. En effet, chacun d’entre nous a dû apprendre à rebondir et à vaincre des situations plus ou moins difficiles. En quelques jours seulement le télétravail est devenu pour la majorité des français une réalité, et aujourd’hui encore, il tend à se démocratiser davantage. Dans ce contexte, chacun peut réagir différemment, d’où l’importance de comprendre, de l’intérieur, ses comportements et ses émotions. Mais aussi d’ouvrir son esprit à d’éventuels changements. C’est la notion de « conscience de soi ».

Vendredi 22 – Gouti – Découverte des capacités de Gouti

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet…

Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Samedi 23 – PMI Tunisia – Systèmes d’information projet (PMIS) et mise en place d’un environnement EPPM (Enterprise Project Portfolio Management)

Dans un monde changeant et fluctuant, les organisations recherchent sans cesse de nouvelles techniques, outils et systèmes de pilotage et de prise de décision. Ces systèmes doivent assister l’organisation et assurer à la fois l’efficacité, la cohérence mais aussi l’agilité nécessaire pour déployer leurs stratégies. Les systèmes d’information projet (PMIS) à travers les outils EPPM (Enterprise Project Portfolio Management) deviennent une nécessité et impliquent l’ensemble des parties prenantes de l’organisation.

Mercredi 27 – PMI UK – Fantastic tools and where to find them

An interactive session in which you will make decisions with the help of the Ethics Toolkit for Project Management practitioners. Case studies (ethical dilemmas) derived from our project managers’ life will be presented and discussed, available tools will be proposed and applied. A very practical session in which you – the audience – will tame the fantastic tools! ?

Mercredi 27 – PMI – Which Methodology is Right for Your Project? Waterfall vs Agile

It can be hard to understand the differences between Agile vs Waterfall methodologies. It might seem like it does not matter which project management methodology you choose. Even though both methodologies are different, they both have the same goal which is to facilitate the completion of projects. Don’t miss out on the advantages that these methodologies can offer!

QRP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 28 – PMI France Poles Lyon et Midi-Pyrénées – Disciplined Agile ou l’approche contextuelle de l’agilité

Nous vous présenterons l’approche contextuelle de transformation des organisations vers des fonctionnements agile à travers le frameword PMI Disciplined Agile. Le webinaire sera illustré par des retours d’expérience des conférenciers: Claudine BLANQUIER et Jean-Yves KLEIN.

Jeudi 28 – PMI Cameroun – Stratégie Nationale de Développement du Cameroun 2020 – 2030 (SND30) : Quel impact sur les stratégies des organisations au Cameroun ?

Dans les processus d’établissement et de mise à jour stratégique des organisations, les entreprises recherchent les facteurs externes qui peuvent influencer leurs propres objectifs stratégiques afin d’identifier les opportunités ou les menaces liées à leur environnement. Dans cette démarche, la compréhension des objectifs socio-économiques recherchés par l’état est un facteur incontournable pour s’en faire un allié et mieux naviguer sa propre stratégie sur le marché Camerounais. Il s’agit donc pour le « PMI Cameroun Chapter » à travers ce webinaire, de ressortir les tendances majeures de la stratégie nationale de développement du Cameroun 2020 – 2030 (SND30) du point de vue d’une organisation déployant ses activités sur le marché Camerounais.

Jeudi 28 – Scrum . Org – Understanding the tension and opportunity of Product Ownership from a Product Manager’s perspective

The Product Owner in Scrum originally called the ‘agile product manager’ describes the responsibilities necessary to focus the team on delivering value. But for many Product Managers, the role causes confusion. Is the Product Owner owner someone different, is it an additional set of responsibilities for the product manager, and how do I resolve this with my day job? In this webinar with Pragmatic Institute, Dave West CEO and Product Owner, Scrum.org will address these questions showing how the Product Owner naturally fits into an agile product delivery organization.

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Jeudi 28 – APMG – A Quick Guide to Agile Change Management

Melanie Franklin
Melanie Franklin (Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute UK Chapter)

Agile frameworks and mindsets offer alternative and often better ways to plan and delivery change initiatives. With the pace of change refusing to slow in most areas – and accelerated in many areas thanks to the challenges brought on by the pandemic – practitioners must equip themselves with the latest thinking, methods & tools to thrive. Melanie Franklin will address frequently asked questions, providing you with easy-to-understand explanations and descriptions that will boost your Agile and Change knowledge, leading to more success with change initiatives.

Vendredi 29 – PMI – Agile Frameworks – from Product to Project

Agile has often been positioned as the silver bullet from the training class that will deliver « twice the scope in half the time, » only by shifting the « mindset » and throwing out centuries of knowledge. There will be #noprojects and #noestimations, and the Scrum Masters should replace Project Managers. The reality is that most Agile scaling initiatives beyond software product development or maintenance will fail if they are not treated and managed like a project with clear goals, resources and delivery timeframes. Project Management Knowledge areas, especially Organizational Change Management, Stakeholder Management, and Risk Management are even more important in adaptive delivery, aka Agile, than in predictive delivery.

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