5 weeks before learning about “The Shift in the Project Management Profession: From Complication to Complexity” with Olivier Lazar

“The Shift in the Project Management Profession: From Complication to Complexity”

Olivier Lazar, MBA, PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP

Global Manager, Project Management Excellence
Altran – Geneva

Olivier Lazar, is a project management consultant, coach and trainer. He graduated with a master’s degree and an executive MBA in strategy, project and programme management from the Lille Graduate School of Management. He is currently global practise manager for project management excellence at Altran, a global innovation consulting company. Committed to the advancement of the profession, he is also partner at Valense with Michel Thiry and vice president of the PMI Switzerland Chapter.

With more than 15 years of project and programme management experience, both on the operational and consulting perspectives, Oliver has worked in a large scope of industries, from corporate finance to aerospace or from e-business to pharmaceutical. He has been published in professional press and has presented at a number of project management conferences around the world, including PMI global congresses in EMEA and North America. He is also one of the very few to hold three credentials from PMI: PMP®, PMI-RMP® and PMI-SP®.

Olivier’s leitmotiv lies in his conviction that sharing knowledge is a major factor for global performance and common development, organisational and personal.

Olivier’s presentation at the PMI Global Congress in Marseille on April 9 is about “The Shift in the Project Management Profession: From Complication to Complexity”

Olivier will address the various dimensions faced by project managers in their daily environment, going beyond the traditional definition of project management performance and success related to the classical triple constraint. Highlighting the relation between programmes and strategy and proposes tips and tricks to manage these dimensions of project management complexity.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the new paradigm of project success, beyond the classical triple constraint.
  • Understand the notion of project value, define and measure it throughout the project.
  • Understand and manage the relations with programmes and organizational strategy and manage these relations.

The roles and responsibilities of the project manager have evolved tremendously. As this is basically described, the project manager is responsible for delivering the outcome of the project, into the classical triple constraint of time, cost and quality. This vision of the performance of a project and very often then of its success, describing the technical, complicated aspects of project management represents one dimension for the project manager to address. But, even if delivering within the parameters of the triple constraint reflects a good performance, this no longer reflects the success of a project.

The success of a project nowadays is measured in regards to the value produced by the project outcome. The delivery of value can only be done by applying a strong management process, taking into account the stakeholders and their expectations all along the project, extending the very scope of the project manager to deliver not only the project right, but also ensuring to deliver the right project, the right way for the right stakeholders to fulfill the right expectations. This is adding new dimensions to the single project management technical aspects of the triple constraint. And by adding new layers and dimensions, the value context to be addressed by the project manager moves from complication to complexity.

You will explore these new dimensions, connecting projects, operations, programmes and strategy, relaying with principles of value management and complexity management to define, address and achieve project success. As a conclusion, Olivier will also show operationally how to define and measure value through a project value chain helping project managers to identify stakeholder, express their expectations, identify their needs and formalize the project’s objectives.

Congrès PMI à Marseille
Tarifs réduit jusqu’au 20 Avril !

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