May 10 – Anvers – Reinforce traditional project management with Agile

5 Mai

Agile… again… when will this hype finally be over ?!

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

Well… probably never.

It is not even a hype. It is just sound project management.

There have always been aspects of agile, and there will always be aspects of agile. In any project that is somehow successful.

This session will walk you through a series of different types of projects each time picking out one (or more) aspects of agile. By the end of this chapter event you will have a clearer view of how agile and traditional project management (can) reinforce one another.

Steven Deneir will share his vast experience of combining Agile with traditional project management practices. Next to managing projects and programmes himself, Steven gives certified training and coaching workshops for companies. He’s also experienced in doing maturity assessments and giving speeches at conferences. He holds many certificates of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management specialties.

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