Nov 4&5 – Zürich & Lausanne – Amazing IPM Day(s) in Switzerland

Amazing International Project Management Day 2015 Events in Zürich (Nov 4th) and Lausanne (Nov 5th) organized by PMI Switzerland

Did you ever wonder what singers do, when they do not perform on stage?

Turns out, it’s not so different from what project managers do – each concert and each CD production is a project on its own, which has to be managed with the same care as IT or construction projects.

Jaël Malli
Jaël Malli

So are singers, musicians and movie stars « just » regular project managers? And what makes them still so different, that these professions are the dream jobs of many, while you won’t find a single child who wants to become a project manager…..

Jaël Malli will tell us about her most recent project – creating her first solo CD – and shows us how close her work is to traditional project management and what still sets it apart. With that she might trigger some ideas, how project managers can make their profession appear more attractive in front of their stakeholders.

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