how about some Green-PM® to celebrate St Patrick’s day ?

GPM® Announces a Foundational Sustainability in Project Management Knowledge-Based Certification

The Certified Green Project Manager-b (GPM-b) is being launched in 2013 as a foundational knowledge-based credential.

Similar to the advanced level credential, the GPM®, which is a competency based credential for project managers who specialize in sustainability, the GPM-b will embody the commitment to act as an agent of change to manage and direct efforts to maximize sustainability within the project life cycle, improving the construct and delivery of goods and services produced as a project deliverable, and thoroughly considering and accounting for environmental, social, and economical impacts in the project management roles assigned using measurable standards. The Green Project Manager B (GPM-b) certification is the first project management credential for individuals demonstrating knowledge in delivering projects using sustainable methods.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the GPM-b you must have experience managing projects and the sufficient knowledge to realize sustainable outcomes.  We will not require a specific length of time, however in order to qualify the candidate must have the knowledge and competency to achieve aGPM-Level-B passing score on the GPM-b examination, the first of its kind to leverage the new Project Management ISO 21500.

The Certification Exam

To earn the Green Project Manager level B (GPM-b) credential, candidates must and pass the 150 multiple choice question examination, developed by GPM executive consortium members Joel Carboni, Michael Ruiz , Gilbert Silvius, Ron Schipper, and Monica Gonzalez, a committee member for the PC/ISO 236 Project Committee and the ISO/TC 258 Technical Committee: Project, Program, Portfolio Management.

PMGS Formations en Management de Projet
Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Candidates will have to achieve a minimum score of 76% to pass the exam which is broken down into two primary sections as listed below.

1. Project Management
  • Project Management Standards based on ISO 21500
  • Project Managemennt Competencies
  • Project management Knowledge Areas
  • Key Terms and Concepts
2. Sustainability Integration
  • Why Sustainability
  • PRiSM™
    • P5™
    • Sustainability Management Planning
    • Phases, inputs and outputs
  • Sustainabiltiy ISOs
    • The Energy Management Standards ISO 50001
    • The Environmental Management Standards ISO 14001
    • The Guidance on Social Responsibility ISO 26000

PRISM PROJECT METHODOLOGYThe GPM-b Exam will be available online and through accredited training partners beginning February 1st 2013 and will compliment the Practitioner Course. As the governing board for the credential GPM adheres to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO/IEC 17024:2003 standards for our certification process and is a member of the American National Standards Institute.

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