Information for PMI Luxembourg members – Probationary Period for the local Chapter

Probationary period (full announcement here)

PMI Luxembourg ChapterAs PMI France-Sud chapter founder, I understand how difficult it is at times to dedicate personal time to such activities as PMI Events organisation, local marketing of the PMI value, organizing the chapter to provide valuable services to its members…

trust confianceHowever, my experience is that the personal rewards are always higher that the efforts you put in !

So, I can only encourage you if you’re a project manager living and/or working in Luxembourg to contact your local chapter representatives to join them and help them return into a chapter in “good standing” with PMI and increase services provided to members.

In the mean time, you can still earn the PDUs you need for your credentials by attending offers at or live events in any other PMI chapter like PMI Belgium Chapter, PMI Munich Chapter, PMI France Chapter or any other in the world:

Sincerely wishing my Luxembourg colleagues the best.

2 réflexions sur “Information for PMI Luxembourg members – Probationary Period for the local Chapter

  1. Call for Nominating Committee for PMI Luxembourg Chapter Elections

    Dear members of the PMI Luxembourg Chapter,

    Following the plan for re-establishing the PMI Luxembourg Chapter, the interim team launches a call for the Nominating Committee. The call will be open from September 9th until September 19thincluded.

    The PMI Luxembourg Chapter will hold elections to elect officers who will serve as chapter board members for the 2015-2016 term. The Nominating Committee’s main responsibility is to ensure the independent and impartial execution of the chapter vote.

    The role of the Nomination Committee:

    Sole distributor of all election material for Chapter elected positions, with support of interim team members who are not on the candidates list.
    Outline and communicate the conditions under which a member may run for office; eligibility criteria for election positions and procedures for nomination and election.
    Organize the set-up of the elections with the support of interim team members who are not on the candidates list, and collects the results of the election.
    Reports and submits the election results at a special meeting with the incumbent Board of Directors.
    The committee should be composed of two persons who are members in good standing of both PMI® and the PMI Luxembourg Chapter.

    If you are interested and wish to be part of this committe…

    Read more at:


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