Take part: Global State of the PMO 2015

In 2013 ESI found out just how popular PMOs had become in organisations in ESI’s last Global State of the PMO. This year the survey is being launched again to see how PMOs are now faring two years on.

You can take part in the survey here

This is the fourth global survey from ESI focused on PMOs within organisations and like the previous report  it’s aim is to uncover how the PMO is used across different organisations.

pmo_2013_coverThe survey will uncover areas such as:

  • What kind of organisations use the PMO function?
  • What challenges are PMOs currently facing in their organisations?
  • How do PMOs measure their own effectiveness?
  • Do organisations have more than one PMO within their businesses?
  • What kind of PMOs do organisations have?
  • What are the most popular PMO structures and the services they provide?

The survey also aims to uncover the current challenges that PMOs are facing in relation to Agile. If PMOs are responding well, what kind of changes have they implemented? If Agile is causing challenges, what are these challenges?

The survey will also look at the PMOs role in providing a hub for training and development. A popular advancement in recent years sees the PMO a take on a more central role when it comes to the development of PPM practitioners within delivery organisations. The global report will give us more insight into what and how the PMO is delivering this area.

Take part: Global State of the PMO 2015 

The Global State of the PMO Report for 2015 will be formally launched in June 2015 when ESI will present the findings in a keynote speech at London’s first PMO Conference. The PMO Conference brings together senior PMO practitioners for a day of PMO sessions from leading experts from the US, UK and Europe. ESI are platinum sponsors for the event.

More information can be found at PMO Conference

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