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7-9 May – Berlin – EMEA #PMI® Global Congress 2018

17 Déc

details and registration

Registration is now open for EMEA Congress 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

Experience one of PMI’s largest events of the year with thousands of project management professionals, chapter leaders, and volunteers from across the Globe.

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20 December – Tunis #PMI® – After Work : Bring agile to the whole organization

7 Déc

Most organizations today say they practice “agile” methods.

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But probing reveals that agility typically begins and ends with software engineering teams. It is rare for agile methods to be used more broadly in other areas, such as finance or HR.

PMI After-Work Agenda

• 6.30 pm to 7h15 pm: Registration & Networking

Michel Goldenberg

7.15 pm to 8.00 pm : Bring agile to the whole organization Conference
• 8.00 pm to 8.30 pm : Wrap-up & Networking

Speaker : Michel Goldenberg, Certified Scrum Trainer

Paid Access : 10 TND (50% Off for Chapter Members)


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12 Décembre – Lausanne – Cyber-risques sur les données projet : que ferais-je si…?

22 Nov

Un événement organisé pa la SMP

Comment réagiriez-vous, si un risque se réalisait brusquement sur les données de votre projet ? Votre premier réflexe serait-il approprié ? Préserverait-il au mieux le projet ? Votre réponse serait-elle justifiée en regard de la valeur des données menacées ? Qui serait réellement responsable au final, dans le contexte de votre projet ?

La SMP et le CLUSIS joignent leurs compétences pour vous l’apprendre en jouant ensemble !

Au cours de cette soirée, vous allez jouer ensemble autour d’un projet emblématique, et en jouant …

  • Saisir la valeur des données de vos projets, ou issues de ceux-ci,
  • Appréhender des risques majeurs sur ces données-projets, et la planification de leurs réponses,
  • Apprendre quelques bonnes pratiques ou réflexes de protection, bien au-delà des recettes archi-connues.


29 November – Zürich #PMI® – Generation Y in Project Business

15 Nov

Who we are, how we work and what we expect?

In the past years, we have heard a lot about the field of the Generation Y and the Digital Natives and all kinds of prejudices: unsocial, unworldly smartphone and Facebook junkies, spoiled and arrogant consumers, unloyal, picky and demanding employees, Feedback, involvement, rights to say and liberties.

It is about time to really get to know the majority of all workers, consumers and decision-makers of tomorrow.

generations at work

Philipp Riederle will talk in this presentation about the Generation Y. A generation which does not demand the impossibility, but rather draws the consequences from this digital, multi-media and global world, into which it was born: its ideas of communication, consumption and its working environments reflects what begun with digitalization.

Philipp Riederle, born in 1994, is a star of the Internet scene and Germany’s most recent business consultant.

The authentic speaker explains these concepts and their implications in his lecture:

  • Digitalization, quo vadis? Ways and manners of digital transformation – and how to use them.
  • The Virtual World – flexible head, space and time: It is no parallel world it is an enlargement of what we call the usual world. Cultural differences of the young generation
  • Project Team building: Onboading of new members, Individual vs. team esteem
  • Employee development – individual vs. team: How to establish a sustainable team enjoying continuous self-driven learning? Job Rotation / Buddy Programs & Mentoring
  • Communication: How does today’s communication change our life? Yolo (you only live once): The Generation Y – and what their philosophy means to them
  • Multimedia connections?  Communication strategies of the Digital Natives – and how they do it.
  • Like, share, recommend: New forms of consumption – and how they fascinate communities
  • Work-Life-Blending or the liquid world: About the Digital Natives’ mindset of life and work – how to hire the motivated knowledge worker

a PMI Switzerland event: Register

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22 November – Gent (Belgium) #PMI® – Is a project manager still needed in an agile context?

5 Nov

There is a wide variety of stand-alone project management methodologies available to project managers.

PMI only recently included an agile component in their traditional approaches.

Livre sur Amazon

Most companies already apply aspects of both agile and traditional methodologies when managing projects.

  • What does this mean for the role of the project manager?
  • How can the role be defined now, and how will it evolve in the future?

This role will be the basis of our discussion which will be facilitated by a session of Lego Serious Play, a method to facilitate group thinking on complex statements. This interactive method requires maximal input of every participant.

The desired end state of this session is to have current and future challenges of project managers defined.

Register for this event

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16 Novembre – Lausanne – Le bon projet au bon moment: la gestion de portefeuille

4 Nov

Une journée entière organisée par la SMP et dédiée au management de portefeuilles de projets.

Définir son portefeuille de projets R&D dans le domaine des maladies négligées par Pascal Carpentier, Head of Information Systems and Technology chez DNDi

Dans un contexte multidimensionnel de gestion de projets de recherche, Pascal Carpentier présente comment l’organisation Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) a défini les règles de gestion de son portefeuille de projets.

Détecter les bons projets à l’heure de la digitalisation par  Jean-François Bigey, Directeur des partenariats chez MEGA International, et Alain Geerts, Governance & Project Management Service Line Leader chez Itecor

Les métiers réclament des projets innovants. Mais comment favoriser ces investissements ? L’ambition de cette présentation est de proposer une approche innovante et complémentaire pour la sélection et l’arbitrage des projets.

Détails et inscriptions en ligne

La gestion de portefeuille : magie ou grande illusion ? Par Cyrille Ghiste, responsable PMO au CHUV

Tout comme le prestidigitateur qui multiplie à l’infini des pièces de monnaie dans ses mains, les entreprises depuis des décennies ont vu le nombre de leurs projets croître de manière exponentielle.

Puis pause déjeuner avant de choisir l’une des 4 sessions de formation de l’après-midi:

  1. Pilotage dynamique du portefeuille de projets par la Chaîne Critique
  2. Le Business Case : l’élément de décision clé dans la gestion d’un portefeuille de projets
  3. Mise en œuvre d’un Project Office efficace pour contribuer à la gestion de votre portefeuille
  4. La gestion de portefeuille : contrainte ou opportunité pour le chef de projet ?

et pour finir

Table ronde avec les intervenants, Animée par Aline Yazgi, journaliste économique

Détails et inscriptions

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23 November – Brussels – Yearly Conference: Why Project Management Matters

3 Nov

With this yearly event QRP International wants to hear the stories of 3 companies that have implemented Project Management, and specifically decided to start this journey with a well-known method like PRINCE2.

Free registration online

Come and hear their stories, their lessons and their tips for success!

First speakers confirmed!

  •  Fabrice Antoine, Directeur Général Adjoint du département Exploitation at ETNIC, partenaire informatique de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles.
  • Adriana Bancianu, Senior Manager at Deloitte Global Tax Center 

FREE inscription. Limited seats available. Hold Your Spot Today!

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14 November – Zürich #PMI® – Concrete Goes Agile as BIM and SCRUM shape the future of Real Estate

2 Nov

An event organized byPMI Switzerland

Tools like Value-Driven Delivery, Agile Product Development, and Adaptive Planning have made the way from software development to most of the industry sectors, corporate strategies and even the vocabulary of business schools. In the last 30 years, the productivity gains in many industries have increased, sometimes over 500%. Meanwhile, the productivity level of the Real Estate Sector has decreased by 15%.

For years, Real Estate business has kept its usual pace, providing relatively low but stable margin for the companies involved.

Most of the projects remain firmly tied to waterfall methodology – once lease contract has been signed, or concrete has been poured, it’s costly to do another ‘release’ and test other solutions.

However, we are now facing a change of attitude, tools, and methods. Concrete goes Agile for sure.

How and why?

We will hear from two experts in the fields of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Digital Real Estate: Simon Caspar and Adrian Wildenauer from pom+Consulting AG.


PMI is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.

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27-29 November – Warsaw #PMI® – 12th International Congress by Poland Chapter

1 Nov

Drive for Connection!

12th Annual conference – details and registration

We all have two common goals. Leading projects effectively and personal growth.

That’s why we will meet at XII International PMI Poland Chapter Congress in Warsaw on 27th – 29th November 2017.

12th edition will be the most important polish event of project management this year. This will be a unique event because you can meet deeply passionate project managers from all over the world.

The special schedule of the congress (lectures and workshops) shows this is not only the place for learning but also to share the opinion or to acquire practical experience during workshops.

XII Congress will be filled in knowledge, inspiring conversations and fantastic atmosphere for three days. It will be over 30 sessions and one-full day training courses.

Register on line

PMI is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.

7 November – Luxembourg #PMI® – Large-scale transformations: tips, trends and tools

30 Oct

The PMI Chapter Luxembourg and Deloitte are looking forward to welcoming us at the conference.

Two key topics will be covered:

  • Large-scale transformation programs – What are the best practices in terms of governance?
  • Large program implementation – How to select the right delivery approach?

PDUs are offered to PMI members, both Chapter members and non-Chapter members.

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