l’automne est souvent le moment de préparation de nouveaux projets, montez à bord !

Même dans les moments professionnels les plus sombres, comme un licenciement à un âge déjà automnal, les opportunités peuvent se révéler qu’il faut alors saisir.

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Perceptions of failures in IT projects : a rapid questionnaire

chuteTwo students, Liz Jose Paul and Maite Bailet are studying the perceptions of failures in IT projects”  for the validation of their MSc with Skema Business School.

The trigger for this dissertation was the high level of subjectivity of the concept of failure/success in a project team.

Although this could be a very elusive topic, they are hoping to draw some parallels in terms of defining failure and its reasons.

As a part of this, Liz and Maite developed a survey and are hoping to reach professionals with varying levels of experience, expertise and background, and ideally with some IT project management practice.

If you can spare 5 minutes of your time to respond, it would be greatly appreciated by these two students.

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5 December – Webinar #PMI® – The team charter

How can a project manager ensure that his/her project won’t suffer from problems linked to people issues?

Project Management relies heavily on people to design and deliver services, products and results. Project Managers are accountable for ensuring teams remain focused, in tune and motivated. It’s in the Human DNA that we are motivated by different goals, desires & aspirations. We have different levels of skills, work ethics and emotional intelligence. We even have preference on how we like to work, communicate and solve problems.

What is a Team Charter ? and how it can be positioned as an effective tool for creating a cohesive team?

Yes you read correctly – A Team Charter and not the Project Charter.

The speaker, Benjamin Govindsamy, will also cover practical examples to ensure these aren’t just concepts, so that you may apply them successfully in your projects and working environments.


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25 October – Webinar #PMI® – Bringing Philosophy to Project Management

The Stoic Project Manager

Project management is not an exact science as much as we want it to be. People are dynamic. They change hour to hour while projects last months or years. As a leader, project managers have to deal with these dynamic individuals on a daily basis. There is not a science that has come up with an equation to solve the mental mysteries of team members.

droit dans ses bottes, pieds bien ancrésEnter Stoicism, continually challenging ideas new and old. Dealing with the questions of Who? What? Where? When? and most importantly Why?

Assuming project managers have the technical and educational backgrounds to know the frameworks of project management.

This presentation will take those frameworks and incorporate philosophy to better deal with conflicts and continue performing at a high level. Instead of seeing team members as X’s and O’s on a whiteboard trying to accomplish a goal, they will be seen as dynamic characters whose roles change and giving the project manager the mental tools to stay sharp in such an environment.

Learning Objectives for this webinar:

  • Use Stoicism as a guide to decision-making mindset
  • Control what you can and prepare for what you cannot
  • Actions speak louder than words. Embody what you teach.

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12 September – Zaventem (Belgium) #PMI® – Best practices and practical cases of MS PROJECT usage

Organise and Manage your Projects. The Best Practices and Practical cases of MS Projects

Vincent Capitaine

Next Chapter Event planned for the 12th of September @Microsoft Zaventem.

As we want to have different type of meeting and also covering all the aspects of project management. This Chapter event will be driven by the technical skills and project management software usage.

Vincent Capitaine (Global Black Belt MS Project), our keynote speaker for the event, will present the BEST PRACTICES AND PRACTICAL CASES OF MS PROJECT USAGE as we understood from members they also expect receiving tips & tricks on the good usage of project management tools.

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Interested to Develop further your MS projects skills : 

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24 August – Webinar – the value of benefits realization with Dr Harold Kerzner

Dr Harold Kerzner has been hailed as the ‘father of project management’, having authored over twenty project management publications and over 140 papers in this field.

Dr Harold Kerzner

The project management landscape has changed significantly over the past decade. Strategic initiative projects designed to generate sustainable business value are now being managed by project managers. This shift has meant that project managers need to use clear benefits realization and value-based metrics to establish the business value of each project. But beyond that, it has become clear that project managers need to assess whether their projects are delivering real business value using more than just time, cost and scope. Business-related metrics must be used to ensure projects are aligned to corporate strategy.

During this session, Dr. Kerzner will walk you through the evolution of project management from 2.0 to 3.0 and the impact this has had on the industry. He will give insight into the significance of benefits realization and the importance of identifying the correct metrics to measure business success.

During this Axelos webinar on 24 August 2017 at 4pm CET, Dr Kerzner will speak for an hour on the value of benefits realization followed by a 30-minute audience Q&A.

Don’t miss the opportunity to speak with one of the greats in the industry!

Register for the session

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17 July – Webinar #PMI® – The Final Step to Agility for Your Project

What do you do once your project comes to an end?

When projects end in success, we often high-five and move on to the next project or task.

This may be successful in the short run, but long-term, it is critical to pause after every one of your projects for a Debrief.

In Flawless Execution, the Debrief is where the root causes of success and failure are identified.

We will teach you how to conduct a structured Debrief to assure your team can scale successes and eliminate the failures that may have occurred during the project.

Online registration

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25 July – Webinar #PMI® – Why are bad projects so hard to kill?

What simple actions can you undertake to avoid being victimized by bad projects?

Bad projects abound, and research by Project Management Institute and others has provided useful insight into the underlying causes of bad projects. This webinar looks beyond why projects go bad and explores why bad projects are so hard to kill.

Understand where to shoot…

It explains how sunk costs, groupthink, escalation of commitment, and conflicts of interest contribute to keeping death-march projects needlessly alive.

Each of these behaviors is defined and illustrated using project stories from history (the sinking of the Titanic and the Concorde jetliner), project stories from the presenter’s own personal experience climbing some of the world’s tallest mountains (Denali, Aconcagua, and Kilimanjaro), and project stories from business (Abilene Paradox and industry-funded soda studies).

Some recently published research about the neural science underlying these behaviors is referenced and the impact of these behaviors is described and then linked to the undercutting of ethics, trust, leadership, and project success.

Attendees will walk away with a list of actions that they can take to help avoid being victimized by bad projects.

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24 Juin – Luxembourg #PMI® – What is Project Assurance?

Traditional project management methodologies are sometimes showing their limits!

risque financier
Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

In particular with regards to the delivery of high-change projects, organisations are more and more opting for Agile Project methodologies. However, not all projects and programs are suited to be managed in an agile way.

For such a projectsProject Assurance is certainly an option to be considered especially in case of high risks and high capital projects.

Being a project role in itself, Project Assurance aims at providing independent and objective oversight to third parties in order to increase the delivery confidence of a project or a program.

PMI Luxembourg Chapter is pleased to invite you to this event

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21 March – Zurich #PMI® – How to rescue a troubled project

Comment venir au secours d’un projet en danger ? Session en Anglais du PMI Switzerland.

Change is omnipresent, and both private businesses and public organisations have to transform successfully to survive in a highly dynamic and competitive environment.

The problem is that 75% of transformation projects fail to meet the intended objectives in terms of benefits achieved, timing, or both.

What are the reasons for this alarming figure? Could these projects (or at least some of them) have been rescued from failure?

75% of transformation projects fail to meet the intended objectives !

This interactive presentation draws on experience gained from more than 40 projects to give you insights into how to identify the symptoms and main root causes of failure within complex projects.

You will find out how to identify the early warning signs and recurring risk areas in complex projects, and pinpoint when to take action based on an in-depth analysis of the main root causes. We will also be explaining how to define the right remediation actions and implement and monitor them properly to get your project back on track.

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