Agenda Mensuel des Managers de Projets

Belle année 2022 à toutes et tous qui suivez le blog DantotsuPM et êtes comme moi passionné.e.s par le management de projets, l’agilité, le leadership, le management de portefeuilles de projets, les PMOs…

Voici ma sélection de rendez-vous en Janvier pour améliorer vos compétences et découvrir des nouveautés.

Mercredi 5 – Agile Alliance – Game On – Applied Learning with Agile Games

Come learn and share Agile games and exercises that can help to create Aha! moments for yourself, your teams, and those that lead them. We’ll bring our favorites, and encourage you to bring games to share too–this is a great space to experiment with games in development with a friendly audience! We may even create something new together to unlock practice, process, and mindset.

Jeudi 6 – Scrum . Org – Establishing a « Common Language » on a Scrum Team

Words matter, especially when working in any team setting. Words that are spoken or written by one person can have different meanings when read or heard by another. Scrum Teams have multiple members, which means the interpretation of words used in the team setting increases with each member. The chances of misinterpretation also increases. Shared understanding among members is needed to reduce complexity and provide greater clarity. So the need for a « common language » becomes critical to produce value every Sprint.

Create your own playbook to help your teams and organization develop their « common language ». In this Scrum Pulse webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer John Riley will demonstrate some theory and components behind a « common language ». Words and phrases become less about jargon and more about shared understanding. You will also see some techniques to use in developing a team’s common language, and how this language helps a team create artifacts. Some of these artifacts include Product Goals, team agreements, and Product Backlog Items.

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Mardi 11 – Bordeaux – PMI France – [Présentiel] Ne ratez pas le management financier de votre projet !

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Mardi 11 – Lausanne et Wébinaire – SMP – 1+1+1 = 111 ou 1.11 ? Potentiel et pièges de l’intelligence collective

Qu’est-ce que l’intelligence collective, quels sont ses avantages et ses limites pour le monde de la gestion de projet ? Quand faut-il l’engager et quand ne pas le faire ? Quels sont les biais qui peuvent empêcher la coopération ou pire, conduire à la bêtise collective ? Et quels sont les outils et techniques concrets pour éviter ces pièges et cultiver et stimuler l’intelligence collective dans vos projets ?

Commencez la nouvelle année avec une soirée engageante sur la création de sens et d’action collective menée par le cabinet de conseil Julhiet Sterwen Switzerland.

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Mardi 11 – PMI UK – Project Data Analytics Starter Kit: Getting to Grips with Data in 2022.

Change is coming, get ready for it. James Smith Ph.D. will be walking you through all the components of project data analytics, through the lens of a project delivery professional.

Mercredi 12 – PMI UK – Project Data Analytics: Why Should the Construction Industry Up-skill a ‘Low-Skill’ Workforce?

Martin Paver is the CEO of Projecting Success and Founder of the Project Data Analytics Community. From being a young engineer through to leading a $bn infrastructure project he has always been frustrated with how difficult it is to leverage experience from previous projects. He now has the opportunity to do something about it and it is a wonderful challenge.

His quest is to work with organisations to help bring new thinking to how they leverage value from investments in delivered projects, avoid the same costly mistakes of the past and exploit good practice. He applies the latest data analytics thinking and combines this with practical experience in bids, project delivery and knowledge management.

Jeudi 13 – Agile Change – Top Trends Influencing Agile Change in 2022

Share your thoughts with Melanie Franklin as she summarises what she thinks the trends in change management will be this year !

Jeudi 13 – PMI UK – Personal Branding for Service Professionals

What will be covered in this session:

  1. The importance of defining your professional identity, your body of work and your North Star
  2. Why visibility of your work matters and how it can propel you forward and connect you with opportunities
  3. Practical steps towards developing your professional brand (with a focus on LinkedIn)

Lundi 17 – Wellingtone – What Change Management Is…Not

During this 18-minute webinar, you will be awakened with a new perspective on Change Management. Instead of focusing on what it is, you will explore what Change Management is not, in order to begin to understand the not often talked about nuances of this discipline.

Extracted from the Wellingtone APM Accredited Change Management Practitioner course, you will get an insight into some of the key themes, messages, and exercises that our delegates go through to become confident with their Change Management responsibilities.

Mercredi 19-Vendredi 21 Janvier – PMI France – Project Management Professional Days 2022

L’objectif principal du Programme PMPD est d’apporter de l’aide aux étudiants, pour mieux comprendre le métier de Project Manager en leur offrant la possibilité de dialoguer avec des professionnels qui pratiquent le métier au quotidien.
Cette rencontre dans des ateliers de discussion doit leur permettre de découvrir l’importance du métier dans leur entreprise, le chemin de carrière pour en arriver là, comment bien se préparer et aussi de discuter sur les perspectives de carrière.  
Le deuxième objectif, tout aussi important est de permettre aux étudiants de rencontrer les représentants des Ressources Humaines des plus belles sociétés Françaises ou Internationales afin de participer à des entretiens de « Speed recruiting » pour leur présenter leur CV et négocier avec ces entreprises des opportunités de Stages, d’Alternance, de contrats temporaires (CDD) ou à temps plein (CDI).
Après le succès des éditions PMPD 2019, 2020 et 2021 pour lesquelles vous trouverez des informations importantes et détaillées ci-dessous, nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que l’édition PMPD 2022  a des objectifs très ambitieux et de nouveaux moyens encore plus performants.

Mercredi 19 – PMI – Creating the Future of Work Together

Are you ready to take action and create the future of your organization, leveraging the PMO function to rapidly react to changes in the marketplace, drive digital business transformation efforts, and utilize emerging technology to improve our quality of life? Sara Nunez discusses organizational project management, digital transformation, and creating the future of work together.

Jeudi 20 – IIBA Geneva – En route vers un poste de direction !

Dans la partie théorique nous allons aborder les sujets suivants :
– Comment passe-t-on de Cadre Expert ou Manager à Dirigeant.e « C-Suite » ?
– Quelle est cette nouvelle étape, cette nouvelle posture et quels sont les nouveaux apprentissages pour cette nouvelle fonction que vous visez à court ou moyen terme ?
– Oser est essentiel pour mieux réussir sa vie professionnelle.

Ensuite chacun-e mesurera par 2 petits exercices très simples, à quels niveaux est sa confiance en lui/elle ainsi que son niveau d’audace, puis nous vous transmettrons quelques bons conseils pour vous dépasser.

Jeudi 20 – Wellingtone – Increase PPM Maturity in Your Organisation With P3M3

Amy Lewis will give an overview of the Axelos P3M3 maturity model and share some of the real-life benefits that organisations can achieve using the P3M3 model. Amy will also share some hints and tips to making a step-change in your organisation’s maturity.

Jeudi 20 – Scrum . Org – 7 Steps To Reclaim Your Scrum Master Super Power

Over the years, we have trained, mentored and coached hundreds of Scrum Masters. As we reflect on our experience, one truth seems to stand out – many Scrum Masters we meet are driven by a purpose.

Being a Scrum Master is not just a job for them. It is a calling to help others. It is a calling to live by principles and values higher than the principle of survival. The Scrum Master is accountable for the Scrum Team’s effectiveness and they are most fulfilled when they are truly honoring their calling.

Unfortunately, in some organizations that claim to adopt Scrum, a Scrum Master is not always fully respected and they are only responsible for scheduling meetings, typing up notes, and being a management enforcer to deliver on-time, on-budget and ever-increasing scope projects. Being trapped in such roles can really affect the morale of purpose-driven Scrum Masters and they are unable to really utilize their super power of supporting the Scrum Team. But what can Scrum Masters do to avoid this pattern? If you are interested in the answers to this question, please join us in this webinar.

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Jeudi 20 – PMI – The Agile Enterprise: COVID & Lessons Learned

COVID – the word that has impacted our lives at a planetary level over the past couple of years. The changes introduced by the pandemic impacted organizations as a whole and, of course, the way we deliver projects. This webinar is a practitioner’s reflections on how COVID accelerated (real) agility, not only by forcing people to think outside of the box but to learn how to adapt to a new ‘normal’; work and collaborate remotely; and use technology to support change rather than driving it. From an Agile perspective, COVID forced agility beyond small ‘projects’ delivered by a team of software developers. COVID also uncovered some shortcomings of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development version of Agile.

Lundi 24 au Mercredi 26 – Modern Workplace Conference Paris

La conférence #Microsoft365 de l’année, la Modern Workplace Conference Paris revient dans une version entièrement en ligne #MWCP22

C’est une occasion unique de se former de découvrir de nouveaux usages,  et une façon très efficace, d’étendre son réseau ou d’approcher des experts.

à ne pas manquer !

Lundi 24 – PMI France – Innovation in the context of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation community of Paris branch of the PMI France is ready for another event! We would like to invite you to an interactive webinar with the world leading expert on innovations, professor Marc Gruber.

Marc will lead us through the latest findings on how to approach innovation, especially in the context of digital transformation of companies and industries. We will look at the innovation from various angels. Is innovation just about creativity and great ideas coming to our mind in the middle of the night? Is it enough to have a brilliant idea and then the magic happens? Or is it rather a hard work and discipline that makes innovation anchored as part of the company operating model? And what role innovation plays in the fast changing landscape of incumbent companies, new players and disruptors?

Don’t miss the opportunity to ask your questions, share your experience or participate in the interactive part of the webinar to innovate by yourself.


Dans le cadre de ces activités mensuelles, PMI Morocco Chapter vous invite à une conférence en ligne sur LE MANAGEMENT DU PORTEFEUILLE le 25 Janvier à 18h animée par Samir JADID, Engr., PfMP®, PMP®, PMI-RMP®, MoR®, P3O® fraichement certifié en management de portefeuille et qui aura tout le plaisir de partager avec vous son savoir, ses connaissances et son expérience dans le domaine de la gestion du portefeuille. 

Mardi 25 – APMG – How to improve performance with behavioural science

Employee behaviors can be a determining factor in the success or failure of key business initiatives, whether it be a project, a major change program or the implementation of a new strategy.

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) is a scientifically proven, evidence-based approach to optimizing organizational performance. Increasingly recognized as “The Science of Success”, OBM is based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), combining a 7-step protocol with hard data to positively change behaviors.

Mercredi 26 – Options Réelles, premiers pas

Piloter le portefeuille de projet via les Options Réelles.

Nous allons vous présenter comment :
– Mettre en place des options dans votre projet
– Evaluer la valeur ajoutée de chaque étape
– Evaluer les probabilités des embranchements
– Mettre en place un pilotage par la valeur,
– arreter des projets sur des critères économiques / valeur

Mercredi 26 – PMI – Sustainability – The Value Proposition for Project Managers

The subject of sustainability has received a lot of attention in recent times. It is slowly moving from understanding it as a global phenomenon to action what we can, as professionals in business and industry, do in the larger interest of preparing for the future. For Project Managers this is a unique opportunity to contribute beyond the immediate objectives outlined for their projects.

Jeudi 27 – IIBA Geneva – Traversez la crise grâce aux secrets cachés de votre cerveau !

Comment aborder cette 5ème vague et cette année 2022 sans s’épuiser et y laisser trop de plumes tant à la maison qu’au bureau ? Comment manager vos équipes, faire avancer vos projets / recherches / études, en sachant pertinemment à quel point ni vous, ni eux n’avez franchement « la tête à ça » et pourtant, il faut bien que la roue continue de tourner !

Jeudi 27 – Wellingtone – Resource Planning & Time Tracking in Microsoft 365

Join this 18 Minute Short, to discover how you can effectively plan resources across projects or against BAU activities through Team Planner, and simplify time registration through Time for Teams in Power PPM.

Jeudi 27 – PMI UK – Strategic Planning, Digitally.

Come to this participative webinar to learn about an innovative and pragmatic strategy-making process that embraces digital. This isn’t about building digital into your business strategy – this is about using digital to build your strategy, as well as leveraging the latest in strategic thinking and collaborative decision-making.


Mercredi 9 – PMI Communauté francophone – « Transition énergétique, le futur va-t-il carburer à l’hydrogène ? » #3

Lors du troisième et dernier volet de cette série de webinaire, nous vous présenterons des exemples pratiques avec le témoignage de responsables de projets concrets.

L’objectif est de vous illustrer l’ensemble de la chaine de valeur d’un projet lié à l’Hydrogène. De la production d’électricité à la production d’hydrogène tout en découvrant les enjeux de stockage, de transport et de distribution, vous aurez l’opportunité d’avoir un panorama exhaustif de projets hydrogène.

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