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24 August – Lausanne #PMI® – The Business Case for Ethical Leadership & Decision Making

24 Juil

In our current times, there’s not a single month, week, or even day without a new case of individuals or organizations disclosed as using the system or worst infringing it for their sole benefit, to the expenses of others.

When infringing the system, the case is pretty clear, when you break the Law, you’ll get punished. If ever caught.

Organizations are facing a constant and growing challenge on most of the markets regarding their ethical practices, societal responsibility, the integration of sustainable development trends and their contribution to the overall welfare.

Millennials are choosing the organizations they will work for (or with in fact) based on their reputation.

Ethics, workplace situations, sustainable development and social responsibility are becoming the cutting-edge Value differentiator in today’s market and having a clear strategy addressing these dimensions is the key success factor which will make the difference between surviving or disappearing. As Simon Sinek says, “People do business with you, not because of What you do, but because of Why you do it.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES of this session facilitated by Olivier Lazar

Olivier Lazar

Understand the aspects of business ethics, corporate social and societal responsibility.
• Demonstrate capability to analyze and select organizational initiatives based on their ethical implications.
• Define a strategy integrating these aspects.
• Make decisions to realize strategic & business objectives by harnessing the benefits of and ethical business framework.
• Actively manage business value within an ethical and responsible governance framework.
• Enhance the reputation of your organization as an attractive workplace and a trusted partner for your employees, candidates and clients.
• Support the development of an ethical business framework and culture.

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26 July – Webinar – Emotional Intelligence: What Project Managers Should Know

21 Juil

In this webinar  Frank Saladis addresses the human and behavioral side of project management and how the movement from one phase to another can affect the team’s effectiveness.

Frank Saladis

Frank Saladis

Presenter: Frank P. Saladis PMP (LinkedIn profile) is a respected author, keynote speaker, and senior consultant for the International Institute for Learning Inc. (IIL).  Frank is also the originator of International Project Management Day, a day of recognition for project managers held during November each year.

Frank is the author of numerous highly regarded Books within the Project Management community and a popular series of articles entitled “Positive Leadership in Project Management”  He was awarded the 2006 Linn Stuckenbruck Person of the Year Award by PMI®. He is a past president of the PMI® New York City Chapter and was the Chair of the PMI Education and Training Specific Interest Group (EdSIG) through 2008.

Frank also has a creative side
He wrote & performs his project management classic …

Take a listen toThe Project Management Blues

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10 August – Webinar #PMI® – Acknowledge It to Manage It: Discover 4 Steps to Recovery

20 Juil

When initiating a high profile project there is a very good chance that you will start on the back foot, already one week behind a schedule that still needs to be agreed.

Or you may find yourself in a crisis that needs to be resolved at all cost. Either way there are some very specific things that you, as the project manager, should and should not do in your attempts to recover. We use a very simple analogy to illustrate why you would not want to reach for the low hanging fruit immediately.

why you would not want to reach for the low hanging fruit immediately…

During this webinar we will relate the analogy to real-world scenarios and illustrate how the simple concept of Acknowledge It to Manage It can be applied to recover from pending disasters, making it easy for the attendee to relate and apply in their own environment.

The attendee will also learn how to apply 4 simple steps to better manage the risk associated with issues to prevent them from escalating beyond control.

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9 August – Webinar – Burning Bridges #PMI® – Costly Mistakes Arising from Unnecessary Errors

19 Juil

Lessons learned from real life situations to share tips on how professionals can guard against unnecessary mistakes

Professionals working in the field of project management are often exposed to stressful situations and frustrations caused by a wide variety of challenges ranging from unrealistic expectations, stakeholder resistance, or constantly changing priorities. The reactions to these challenges depends greatly on the individual, their experience, and capabilities. One thing that is certain is professionals could employ different techniques in dealing with organizational or team stressors, some positive, and others negative.

Burning bridges results in irreparable damage to relationships and often in hind sight may not be necessary.

Unfortunately, even the most seasoned professionals are sometimes susceptible to committing a major mistake or taking an action that could ultimately be detrimental to the organization. Given that all projects are about relationships, one of the most common causes of mistakes is due to misalignment of relationships. As project, program, and portfolio managers react to these misalignments either fix them or to deal with frustration, there is a major risk that the action could ultimately result in burning bridges in terms of relationships with stakeholders, sponsors, customers, or organization. Burning bridges results in irreparable damage to relationships and often in hind sight may not be necessary.

This webinar lead by Philip Diab explores the concept of burning bridges through a series of scenarios based on fictionalized accounts and stories. The session will draw upon lessons learned from real life situations to share tips on how professionals can guard against unnecessary mistakes leading to burned bridges. We will also discuss potential techniques and actions to be used in avoiding some common mistakes.

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8 August – Webinar #PMI® – What Does It Entail to Manage a Project Team for High Performance?

18 Juil

The gist of the matter is to manage « Collective Commitment » of an individual member, team, and an organization.

Muhammad Mirza

This webinar facilitated by Muhammad Mirza will cover how that happens.

  • The prerequisites for a high performing team
  • Knowing what to do to assist the team and when
  • Behaviors to avoid
  • What leadership skills are important for collective commitment

Details and registration

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2 August – Webinar #PMI® – How can you inspire change capability ?

17 Juil

Start a conversation about how to advance change management maturity!

As organizations experience on-going market pressures and workplace disruptions, determining how to lead change management is often challenging. In order for organizations to manage change in a sustainable way, a more strategic approach should be considered.

people may react very differently to changes…

What are the potential benefits of advancing change management maturity and starting a conversation about how to inspire change capability where employees and leaders expect and thrive on transformative opportunities?

By providing the right infrastructure and blend of experiences, organizations can improve change capability, and positively impact business outcomes.

Topics will include global macro trends organizations are facing today.

This webinar facilitated by Brian Hampton will discuss:

  • The leading global macro trends organizations are facing today
  • The potential benefit of advancing OCM maturity
  • 5 critical drivers of high impact change capability
  • Ways organizations can apply the 5 critical drivers to drive business outcomes


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27 July – Agile Webinar Series – Learn about Pivotal with Steve Denning and Elisabeth Hendrickson

16 Juil

Extreme Programming (XP) provides a set of technically rigorous, team-oriented practices — e.g. Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and Pairing — that empower teams to deliver high quality software, iteratively.

At Pivotal, our Labs practice built their reputation on their particular flavor of XP.

However Pivotal is more than Labs: we ship enterprise products including Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Greenplum Database, and GemFire.

How does XP apply when you have multiple teams collaborating across multiple timezones and locations to deliver a shipping product?

This talk lays out the XP practices as the foundation but then explains how we operate at scale to achieve visibility, tight feedback loops, and radical collaboration even with large products and distributed teams.

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Elisabeth Hendrickson is Vice President of Data R&D at Pivotal where she is responsible for engineering and product management for big data solutions. Under her leadership, the R&D teams have successfully transitioned to an agile, iterative approach, shipping releases of our enterprise-class data products on a frequent cadence. Elisabeth is a recognized as a leader in Agile software development and received the prestigious Gordon Pask Award from the Agile Alliance. She is the author of Explore It! from Pragmatic Bookshelf.


2 August – Webinar – The Empirical Product Owner

13 Juil

Agile practices rely on empiricism for the best solution to emerge.

But what is ‘empiricism,’ anyway? And how does that affect the development of the optimum product?

In this session, Professional Scrum Trainer Mark Noneman looks at what it takes to be a Product Owner who practices empiricism.

Mark Noneman

He’ll explore the combination of empiricism and Product Ownership in agile development.

  • How does empiricism affect the long-term role of the Product Owner?
  • How should the Product Owner use empiricism to develop the best economic results?
  • And how can an Empirical Product Owner explore their options using agile practices, in the first place?

Join us for this thought-provoking discussion on the skills and behaviors of an Empirical Product Owner!

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19 Juillet – Montréal #PMI® – Comment gérer la dette technique ?

12 Juil

Les bonnes pratiques de l’Agile Alliance

Ward Cunningham, un des auteurs du manifeste agile, a comparé l’ensemble des problèmes dans le code à une dette financière, et l’a appelé dette technique.

Qu’est que la dette technique ? Comment l’évaluer ? Comment prendre des décisions rationnelles et comment gérer la dette technique ? Il y a-t-il d’autres types de dette à prendre en compte ?

L’initiative “Technical Debt” de l’Agile Alliance a été lancée pour répondre à ces questions. La présence à Montréal des membres de ce programme est l’occasion de présenter des bonnes pratiques, le modèle A2DAM et d’organiser une session du jeu “Dice of Debt”.

Pour cette session, seront présents :

  • le livre de Chris Sterling

    Declan Whelan, un des membres à l’origine de cette initiative. Il est coach agile et membre du board de l’Agile Alliance.

  • Jean-Louis Letouzey, leader de l’initiative, il est l’auteur de la méthode SQALE pour manager la dette technique.
  • Tom Grant, auteur du jeu “Dice of Debt game” a été le directeur de la pratique agile du Cutter Consortium. Il a participé à l’Analyst Panel d’Agile 2015 – En plus de son expertise agile, il est expert en serious games.
  • Jean-Pierre Fayolle est consultant en qualité des logiciels. Il est l’animateur du blog “Qualilogy”
  • Dan Sturtevant, chercheur étudiant la qualité des logiciels  et son impact financier à la Harvard University, et CEO de Silverthread, Inc.
  • Thierry Coq, consultant principal et directeur de projet pour les systèmes industriels, pétrole et gaz et maritimes chez DNVGL


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18 juillet – Montréal #PMI® – Visite guidée du Centre de transport Stinson de la STM

11 Juil

Dans le cadre du 40e anniversaire du PMI-Montréal, ses membres pourront visiter des organismes de différents secteurs qui contribuent à faire rayonner la gestion de projet au Québec.

Prenez part à la prochaine visite guidée du 40e anniversaire du PMI-Montréal!

Le Centre de transport Stinson de la Société de transport de Montréal (STM), ouvert en début d’année 2014, est l’un des premiers centres de transport au Canada à obtenir la certification LEED OR, une des plus hautes en matière de développement durable.

Le bâtiment de plus de 38 000 m2 est établi sur un site de 73 000 m2, soit l’équivalent de sept terrains de football canadien. Il peut abriter 300 bus et comprend les installations nécessaires à leur entretien ainsi qu’un étage de bureaux. Des aménagements, tels des bornes de recharge, ont été prévus pour accueillir des véhicules électriques.

Reconnu pour la qualité de sa conception, la gestion rigoureuse du projet et ses caractéristiques en développement durable, le CT Stinson a reçu plus d’une dizaine de prix, dont le prix élixir en 2015 .

Seront présents afin d’animer la visite guidée (inscriptions) et répondre à vos questions :

  •  Karim Amed, surintendant par intérim du Centre de transport Stinson
  • Chantal Dubuc, ingénieure Leed AP
  • Jean Choufani, surintendant du projet de construction

PMI is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.



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