Un webinaire et papier blanc de Melanie Franklin nous donnent un aperçu de l’impact des approches agiles sur la façon dont nous gérons le changement !

L’utilisation d’une approche Agile est pertinente pour tout type de changement, et pas seulement pour les changements technologiques.

Melanie le précise parce que, trop souvent, on a l’impression que Agile ne s’applique qu’aux projets des nouvelles technologies.

Agile Glossary By Melanie Franklin

All you wanted to know about Agile

Having studied Agile Project Management™ using the manual, the thing that I noticed immediately was that there was no useful Agile Glossary. As I researched and started writing my new book Agile Change Management, I figured this was a big draw-back for anyone wanting to study a new subject so I have pulled together what I consider to be 47 of the most useful terms. With short descriptions intended to give the reader enough information from which to move onto the next step, I hope you find this us use when understanding this exciting new topic.