Voici un mois d’avril riche en rencontres sur le management de projet et l’agilité !

De très nombreuses rencontres sur le management de projets, Agile, Scrum, le leadership et les soft skills, les product owners, la communication avec le story telling, L’Intelligence émotionnelle, les PMOs… De quoi vous enrichir de nouvelles connaissances et perspectives !

Vendredi 1 – Sète – Agile Games France 2022

Vendredi 1 – PMI UK Webinar: How to Accelerate Growth with a Strategy Sprint.

Subjects to be covered;

  • Leading under uncertain conditions
  • The only 3 things you can really control
  • How to enable real-time decisions
  • The 3 strategies for business growth
  • How to align a team around what matters most
  • How a Strategy Sprint accelerates growth and resilience
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Mardi 5 – Scrum . org – High-Performance Teams: Core Protocols for Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence

Want awesome teams that build great products? Great teams don’t happen by accident. And they don’t have to take a long time to build.

In this interactive session, Richard Kasperowski from With Great People, lays out the case for Continuous / Extreme Teaming. Session participants will join in a flight of fun learning activity-sets. These will give you a taste of team awesomeness and how to start when you go back to work.

Richard builds on the work of Jim and Michele McCarthy, Google, Bruce Tuckman, Gamasutra, Standish Group, Peter Drucker, and Melvin Conway. His learning activity-sets activities are short games, using elements from improvisational theater, The Core Protocols, Extreme Programming, and more.

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Jeudi 7 – PMI France Côte d’Azur – Persuade Your Company to Change Before It’s Too Late

How can you make the case for change in your company when the evidence isn’t yet clear?

Pontus Siren, EDHEC Global MBA Innovator in Residence and Partner at Innosight, will be on-line to discuss and answer questions, hosted by Sandra Richez, Global MBA Director at EDHEC Business School. Pontus will share insight and advice based on his recent HBR article (Persuade Your Company to Change Before It’s Too Late, Pontus M.A. Siren, Scott D. Anthony, and Utsav Bhatt) in the January 2022 edition of HBR Magazine.

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Jeudi 7 – Agile Change – Why is Agile Change a great fit for your work?

Since the launch of Agile Change Management publication (first edition) in 2014 the demand for courses and workshops in this approach has grown phenomenally. The reason is simple; it provides a common sense, easy to understand, useful approach to any scope and scale of change.

Presenter Melanie Franklin (Agile, change and project/programme management expert) will:

  • Describe how Agile Change brings together Agile practices and change management approaches.
  • Demonstrate how the concepts apply to project deliverables and business readiness activities to realise benefits.
  • Share how she explains this value to senior leaders to get their buy-in; and
  • Share examples of how the principals work in practice for the many projects and change initiatives she is involved in.

Jeudi 7 – Genève – PMI Switzerland – How to Tailor Your Project Based on PMBOK7 (An Opening to Hybridisation)


With the progressive complexity and dynamism of COVID-19 and other global phenomena, project management needs to continue adapting so that projects effectively deliver value and the profession cements its strategic importance to organisations.

PMBOK 7 is the culmination of actions in response to stakeholder calls to improve the ”usability and readability » of the PMBOK Guide and, through Tailoring, guides practitioners on how to select and combine alternative project management approaches.

Key Takeaways from this session with Stéphane Derouin

  • Tailoring as detailed in PMBOK7
  • Hybridization in Project Management (Traditional and Agile approaches)
  • Ask the Expert – Q+A session with event host, Stéphane Derouin, Hybrid Project Management Expert.

Jeudi 7 – Octo – Live Academy Product Management

Si en matière d’innovation, le Product Management s’est imposé comme incontournable ces dernières années, sa mise en application s’avère souvent hasardeuse.

En effet, le Product Management requiert un changement de paradigme de la pensée, pour replacer la création de valeur au coeur même de son activité. Qui suis-je ? Quels sont mes enjeux ? Quel impact souhaite-je avoir ? Des questions primordiales, souvent oubliées, mais ô combien stratégiques pour le développement de son produit/service.

Jeudi 7 – PMI UK Workshop: Storytelling in business

This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to develop your Storytelling capability within a workshop environment with a renowned speaker, author and business coach in Jeremy Cassell.

  • Are you fed up with boring bullet points?
  • Do you need to engage audiences and ensure you are remembered?
  • Do you want to differentiate yourself by being an exceptional communicator?

We are all capable of telling great stories – too often we just forget about our inherent skill and find numerous ways to bore audiences or disengage them. We have all been there!

Vendredi 8 – PMI France Midi Pyrénées – Gagner en efficacité (1ère partie): Retrouvez votre sommeil !

La branche PMI Midi Pyrénées est heureuse de vous proposer un nouveau format de webinaire sous forme de mini-conférences de 30 minutes.

dormir au travailNombre d’entre nous accusent un manque ‘quantitatif’ de sommeil, ce qui a un impact négatif sur les efforts que requiert une longue concentration attentive. Au-delà du quantitatif, il est aussi important de ‘bien’ dormir, en respectant l’activité physiologique du sommeil tout au long de nos différents cycles. De quels cycles parlons-nous ? Comment faire des cycles complets ? Et surtout, comment améliorer notre sommeil pour qu’il nous permette de rester en forme toute la journée ?

Vendredi 8 – CSP Docendi – Le MBTI, un moyen de mieux communiquer au quotidien

Venez découvrir votre type de personnalité à partir d’exercices ludiques et interactifs dans ce webinar d’une heure.

Nous y aborderons les origines du MBTI, ses 4 dimensions, la notion de préférence et ses applications pratiques dans la vie quotidienne pour mieux communiquer.

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Mardi 12 – PMI France Paris – How to use Digital Identity as Business Accelerator ?

We would like to invite you to an in-person, interactive event with Kalin Nicolov, to dive in Digital Trust and Innovation. Event is part of the ICOP: Digital Transformation series that is led by PMI France, Paris branch.

Topic of the event is Digital Identity and its amazing potential in the business of the future. Our speaker Kalin Nicolov has 25+ years experience in managing transformation and innovation, with focus on complex systems like identity, currency and supply chains. He is a builder of sustainable open ecosystems with intimate knowledge of global and nation state public-private partnerships and key trust architectures. Kalin is founding steward of the Sovrin Foundation (decentralized identity) and founding member of the Trust over IP Foundation (a Linux Foundation project).

Vendredi 15 – PMI France Midi Pyrénées – Gagner en efficacité (2ème partie) : Adaptez votre alimentation !

Pour faire suite au sujet sur le sommeil (conférence du 8 avril), la branche PMI Midi-Pyrénées vous propose la deuxième mini-conférence pour retrouver l’énergie nécessaire à vos activités et regagner en efficacité!

Connectez-vous après votre déjeuner! Michael Harismendy nous expliquera comment adapter son alimentation pour rester en forme toute la journée.

Notre alimentation a un impact direct sur notre niveau d’énergie et de vitalité disponible tout au long de la journée. Bien associer (ou dissocier) ses aliments, le cadre dans lequel est pris le repas, conscientiser ses apports et ses limitations sont autant de facteurs à prendre en compte pour vivre des journées productives et épanouies.

Mardi 19 – Scrum . Org – Scrum Pulse: My Professional Coaching Journey

Did you know there is a growing profession that focuses purely on coaching? The work in this area has inspired thousands of agilists to develop rich coaching capabilities used to unlock the full potential of the people and teams they work with. Coaching helps people, teams, and organizations navigate the human dynamics of change and turn uncertainty into value.

In this panel discussion moderated by Leslie Morse, Product Owner, Scrum.org, you will learn from Professional Scrum Trainers Olivier Ledru and Bogdan Doroslovac as well as ICF Master Certified Coach Cherie Silas as they discuss their personal journeys with professional coaching. They will reveal how they came to the idea of bringing  coaching skills to their lives, how they went about it and what changed in their lives as a result of that decision. This discussion will focus on how coaching helps them in working with individuals, teams and organizations. They will also give an insight into what they would have wanted to know before they stepped on their coaching journey.

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En 2022, la SMP renoue avec sa tradition et organise de nouveau le Congrès du Management de projet à HEC Lausanne (UNIL). Le programme propose plusieurs sessions en parallèle et de nombreuses possibilités de réseautage aux professionnels sur le thème de la gestion de projet, ceci dans un cadre universitaire.

Le Congrès se déroulera selon le protocole sanitaire en vigueur.

Mardi 26 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – French edition

Scrum est un cadre simple qui permet de favoriser une collaboration efficace au sein des équipes sur le développement de produits complexes.

Bien qu’il soit léger et simple à comprendre, il peut être difficile à mettre en place.

Dans les sessions « Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer » de Scrum.org, des formateurs professionnels de Scrum (PST) répondent en direct à vos questions les plus importantes concernant les défis et les situations auxquels vos équipes de Scrum sont confrontées.

Dans cette session « Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer », Sabrina Ferlisi, Olivier Ledru et François Fort répondront à vos questions sur Scrum et sur les défis auxquels vos équipes sont confrontées.

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Mardi 26 – PMI Belgium – Hackathon – Agile practices in new drug development​

PMI Belgium in cooperation with UCB a global biopharmaceutical company are launching a hackathon where project management practitioners, agile enthusiasts and pharma experts will unite to collaborate on how to effectively apply agile methodologies to drug development.

Mercredi 27 – PMI UK Webinar: Sustainability Storytelling with PechaKucha.

Join this event and take inspiration from your project management community. Through storytelling with the PechaKucha technique, we will explore how project managers can take action and mobilise against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This event will use the exciting format of PechaKucha to deliver project management stories from three individuals, showcasing how they are supporting activities and taking action against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

This sustainability inspired PechaKucha event is a steppingstone designed to engage, inspire, equip and mobilise current and next generation PM professionals to make a 10x impact and create a better world, through the development of a PMI Sustainability Community of Action.

Mercredi 27 – Agile Change – Best Leadership Behaviours for Effective Agile

To be an effective agile leader, there are seven behaviours that support each other, and taken together enable agile processes and techniques to flourish. These behaviours are:

  1. Imagining the future state
  2. Flexing your vision
  3. Identifying small steps
  4. Living with uncertainty
  5. Decision making
  6. Seeking the input of others
  7. Relinquishing control

If you are in any form of leadership position, this presentation will give you the chance to benchmark your own behaviour against agile excellence and to identify areas for improvement. If you are a project/programme manager, PMO or Product Owner, this will give you lots of ideas of what discuss with your Sponsor. To support your “managing upwards” objectives, I will provide you with examples of what actions to ask your senior leaders to focus on and why these are essential to an effective agile culture.

Jeudi 28 – Agile Change – Neuroscience for Change Management

Change is stressful, lets not make it worse by working against how our brains want to operate.

Know the basics of how our brains work, so that you can reduce resistance, decrease stress and maximise positivity, creativity and engagement. Neuroscience isn’t new, but as technology enables us to track how our brains work in different situations, we can identify ways to apply this understanding in the workplace.

Following the success of the last webinar where over 1000 of you attended, Melanie will once again run through the basics of what neuroscience is, how it applies to managing change, the benefits of basing your interventions on neuroscientific principles and shares examples of how you can apply the concepts to your own change initiatives.

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