C’est la rentrée des rencontres sur le management de projets et l’agilité

La période des grandes vacances s’achève pour beaucoup d’entre nous et c’est avec grand plaisir que nous allons pouvoir participer à de nombreuses réunions, virtuelles bien sûr pour la plupart.

De quoi apprendre, découvrir, nous étonner, mais aussi nous distraire de nos tâches journalières tout en enrichissant nos perspectives.

Belles rencontres à vous !

Mercredi 1 – Scrum . Org – Using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in Scrum

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) act as goal-setting framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. OKRs are often misunderstood and are a powerful practice to create razor sharp organisational focus. Isn’t Scrum about goals and focus as well? There is the Vision, the Product Goal, the Sprint Goal as well as the Sprint Review.

These elements of Scrum can be very well combined with OKRs. Actually, you might want to turn it around, start with OKRs and map your Scrum implementation to them. In this Scrum Pulse webinar Professional Scrum Trainer Ralph Jocham with Agile Actors #learning will give a quick intro to OKRs, and you then you will learn how Scrum can benefit from using OKRs to create a network of responsibility from the vision down to individual Sprint Goals. This responsibility network offers a transparency most corporations long for.

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Jeudi 2 – PMI – Finding Confidence in Conflict

Managing conflict is a critical competency for every leader and employee. Unfortunately, many people choose simply to ignore conflict and hope it goes away by itself, thinking that it’s not my call to resolve it. However, conflict is an essential part of growth, especially when there is a need to be innovative and creative, when deadlines are tight, and when the directions are unclear.

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Jeudi 2 – PMI Tunisia – Open discussion

Open discussion and Question&Answers Session on Membership, Certification Preparation, Volunteering, etc.

Vendredi 3 – Gouti – Présentation de l’outil

Ce Webinar a pour but de faire une rapide présentation de notre solution Gouti, ERP de gestion de projet.

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Vendredi 3 – PMI – Using Agile to Fast Track Digital Transformation

In the current day, Agile and Digital Transformation are two of the most discussed topics in project management; however, neither is as new as we are led to believe.

Samedi 4 – PMI Virtual Africa Conference

Lundi 6 – Swiss Cognitive – Preparing 3 Billion Employees for AI – A Zeitgeist Challenge

We are facing an unprecedented challenge. With the development of cognitive technologies, the skills gap is increasing. It is our pivotal responsibility today to start aligning employees’ talents to organisational capabilities. So how do we educate & prepare our workforce and transform our workplace so that we are all ready to embrace and collaborate with AI?

Mardi 7 – PMI UK – Project Data Analytics Webinar: The Project Data Analytics Starter Kit: Getting to Grips with Data in 2021

Livre de Gilles Babinet sur Amazon

After popular demand, a new and improved Project Data Analytics event with James Smith, PhD is here!

He will be walking you through all the components of project data analytics, through the lens of a project delivery professional. Many existing roles will look radically different in a few years time; for some it will be a matter of adapt or become obsolete.

Mercredi 8 – PMI – Situational Problem Solving Versus Problem Prevention – How to Best Use Your Energy

In this webinar we uncover that all problems can be broken down into a few categories, each with their own solution technique. Knowing this assists with quick problem identification and action, which will properly utilize our time and efforts. Likewise, we will review which prevention methods work best for each problem category, and our unique situation. We will understand how to solve problems while maintaining relationships, instead of compromising relationships to solve problems.

Jeudi 9 – Scrum . Org – 10 Steps to Integrate Evidence-Based Management with Scrum in 60 Days or Less

Many companies use the steady rhythm of Scrum to make steady improvements in quality or time to market. Over time, they start expanding their focus from optimizing activities to optimizing business outcomes like customer delight, customer retention, revenue, profit, and cash flow. This is when they start gravitating towards outcome based frameworks like Evidence-Based Management (EBM). However, this is when they seem to run into some common challenges…

1. How to integrate outcome based frameworks like EBM into Scrum principles, values, roles, events and artifacts?

2. How to create a starter set of steps to convert the theory of EBM into concrete actions?

3. How to integrate these steps into the pressure and rhythm of Scrum time-boxes to shorten the learning loop?

In this webinar moderated by PST Ravi Verma with Anca Tanase, PST Magdalena Firlit and PST Nagesh Sharma, they will propose one possible approach that evidence based Agile organizations can take to overcome these challenges. They will propose 10 steps that can be followed in 60 days or less to integrate EBM with Scrum to achieve these outcomes.

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Jeudi 9 – PMI – Why Humility is Important to Your Career Success

As powerful as humility is, a common misconception is that it’s a sign of weakness. Some think that people who are humble behave as if they are inferior to others. As a result, humility is not regarded as a critical skill. But the fact is that there is an incredible amount of courage and strength involved in the practice of humility especially for those in leadership. As a leader in the project management space, it is critical for you to understand that humility is the foundation of great leaders, and the basis for world-class customer service. This webinar will highlight how humility can take your career to heights you may not have imagined.

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Mardi 14 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer with PST John Coleman – Answering Your Toughest Questions about Scrum

Guide téléchargeable gratuitement

Scrum itself is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex products. While it is lightweight and simple to understand, it can be difficult to apply effectively. The Scrum.org Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer series, features Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) in a live session, answering your most pressing questions regarding the challenges and situations your Scrum Teams are facing.

In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, John Coleman will answer your burning questions about Scrum and the challenges your teams are facing. Bring your toughest Scrum challenges for this interactive experience with an expert!

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Mardi 14 – PMI UK – The 5 Pillars of Effective Public Speaking: Structure Your Presentation for Success

There are 5 Key Skills, or Pillars, that make the greatest public speakers unforgettable, undeniable, and truly impactful…

You are invited to partake in this unique online workshop that will focus specifically on Pillar number 3: Structure.

Jeudi 16 – PMI UK – How Can YOU Lead into the Future of Project Management?

Key Takeaways of this presentation include:

  • PM Industry current and future state
  • Opportunities for the PM professionals
  • How PMs can set themselves apart
  • How PMs can become more competitive

Jeudi 16 – PMI – Can Waterfall And Agile Co-Exist?

Livre sur Amazon

The domains of waterfall and agile often appear as two solitudes, not overlapping at all. More often they appear to be warring camps, decrying the other and advocating for their preferred way of working. This gets reinforced by the adherents of one practice or the other (often most influenced by which perspective they learned first). One is considered good, the other bad, and there is very little middle space to explore common ground, let along find a potential way of working together. And yet, work together they can. Both strategies have a place, both have a role, and both deliver value. They key is in understanding what each provides, how they are similar and in what important ways they are different, and how commonalities can be found. If you’re stuck in the middle—or you are wondering what all the fuss is about—you won’t want to miss this webinar.

Vendredi 17 – Gouti – Présentation de l’outil

Ce Webinar a pour but de faire une rapide présentation de notre solution Gouti, ERP de gestion de projet.

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Lundi 20 – Mercredi 22 – Paris + Streaming – Agile en Seine 2021

Agile En Seine revient pour une édition 2021, qui se déroulera du 20 au 22 septembre 2021, inclus.

Fort des enseignements de l’édition 2020, une édition doublement inédite, à la fois en présentiel et en distanciel. New Cap Event Center Paris, entre 200 et 350 personnes, dans le respect strict des règles sanitaires, et , en parallèle, un accès aux sessions, en direct et en streaming pour 1000 participants en ligne.

La troisième et dernière journée sera totalement dédiée à des sessions et ateliers sur le Framework SAFe pour permettre au plus grand nombre d’en savoir plus sur un framework de plus en plus déployé dans les organisations et générant de nombreux débats dans la communauté des Agilistes. Au-delà des postures, vous permettre d’en savoir plus sur des éléments de SAFe, de façon concrète. Cette journée sera animée par des experts reconnus de SAFe en France.

Lundi 20 – Vendredi 24 – APM – THINK DIFFERENTLY & Women in Project Management

In person and Virtual conference – check it online

Mardi 21 -St Petersburg (& Online) – IPMA – 32nd IPMA World Congress

les compétences de ICP et IPMAFor several decades now, the World Congress has been a leading event in the management of projects, programs and portfolios. In 2018, Kazakhstan became the venue; in autumn 2019, the World Congress is held in Mexico. In 2020, leading project management experts, professionals, business representatives, practitioners, representatives of global companies, scientists, students, teachers, non-governmental organizations, the media and others will meet in Saint-Petersburg, the cultural center of Russia.

• Offline. St. Petersburg, Holiday Inn
• Online from anywhere in the world

Mardi 21 – PMI – Black Swans in Your Project: Understanding, Identification and Management of Extreme Unknown Unknowns

Livre sur Amazon

Following in the footsteps of a seminal book The Black Swan by Nicholas Nassim Taleb, I will demonstrate key failures of traditional risk management and stakeholder management practices in projects where extreme unknown unknowns are concerned. A special attention would be given to explaining how identification of Black Swans and planning the response for them is different from the traditional techniques we apply with tractable risks (known unknowns). More importantly, I will address the Project Management Principle of „Embrace Adaptability and Resiliency“ in the 7th edition of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as the fundamental, if not perfect, remedy to negative impacts of Black Swans that we need to apply for the benefit of the project and its stakeholders.

Mercredi 22 – Scrum . Org – How Choosing Nexus Helped eimagine and their Client Provide Care to Over 100,000 Indiana Senior Citizens

Get the guide

eimagine, a full-service Indianapolis US-based information technology consulting company, used the Nexus framework to replace legacy systems for a large project for a state government agency that provides connects senior citizens with social services, health care, and their communities. By doing so, their number of help desk tickets decreased by 75%, therefore getting critical services to senior citizens faster.

Join Laura Hansen. VP of Talent Solutions and Scott Crane, President from eimagine as they discuss:

  • How they came to their decision to use Nexus to replace this legacy system
  • How eimagine introduced Nexus to their client
  • The challenges the teams overcame by using Nexus
  • How Nexus enabled them to help their client be successful in delivering these critical services
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Jeudi 23 – Lille – PMI France Nord – Comment innover en équipe avec la méthode LEGO® Serious Play®

Après cette longue coupure, la Branche Nord de France du Chapitre PMI France est contente de reprendre ses évènements et vous propose un atelier participatif  qui traitera de :

  • Livre sur Amazon

    La méthode LEGO® Serious Play®,

  • Résolution d’un problème pratique à l’aide d’un Exploration Kit (fourni),
  • Retour d’expérience

Ce sera pour vous l’occasion d’avoir les premiers éléments sur cette méthode innovante et une première mise en pratique vous permettant de repartir avec des éléments concrets et un kit …

Vendredi 24 – PMI – Scaled Agile Frameworks – What are They Scaling?

Visitez le site SAFe

‘Scaled Agile’ is one of the most misunderstood concepts. Agile adoption surveys indicate that Scrum, or some combination of it, is used by 70–80% of Agile Teams. None of the ‘scaled’ frameworks is mentioned as ‘used’, only as an option to ‘scale’. Agile, a new approach in 1970 to scale down manufacturing processes and make them more ‘Agile,’ was created to improve Lean Six Sigma. Out of Software development, the team frameworks are now ‘scaling up’ by reverting to Lean Practices like Kanban, Theory of Constraints, Voice of Customer, Kaizen, etc.

Mardi 28 – QRP – Agile Change Agent ; an agile approach to change

Whether derived from internally or externally changes, any organisation comes at a point where transformational change is inevitable for the organisation to remain viable and scalable.

Change however is a very sensitive topic as it influences many and should be guided precisely and wisely. There are many methodologies and approaches that can help you deliver change, ‘Agile Change Agent’ is one of these.

QRP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

The purpose of Agile Change Management is to support the ideas of collaboration, empowerment and self-direction that are core to Agile approaches. It starts from the idea that anyone within the organisation can be a change agent, somebody that actively supports and facilitates change next to his/her daily work.

What does this exactly mean and how can the Agile Change Agent approach support change within your organisation? Come and find it out in our free webinar!

Together with expert Niels van Bemmelen we will dive into the Agile Change Agent topic. We will discuss the definition of Agile Change, the roles in Agile Change and the management of Agile Change.

We will seek to make the webinar as interactive as possible, with polls, live discussion and input from all listeners. Come and join us!

Mardi 28 – Paris – PMI France – Chefs de projet : Cultivez votre équipe !

Le pôle Paris Centre de PMI France , vous invite à assister à la conférence-atelier « Chefs de projet : Cultivez votre équipe ! »

Livre sur Amazon

A la façon d’un jardinier, un chef de projet peut parvenir à fédérer une équipe performante au service du projet confié, s’il prend les dispositions pour construire la cohésion et favorise la coopération. Ensuite il pourra cultiver ce collectif, avec soin et constance.

Animée par Sophie Le Stum et Elizabeth Gauthier, spécialistes du travail collaboratif, co-autrices avec Olivier Dutel de : Cultiver une équipe

Mercredi 29 – Zürich – PMI Switzerland 10th conference and 20 years anniversary

Following on from the tremendous success of our last conference, PMI Switzerland Chapter is pleased to announce that we will again be hosting the Project Management Conference on the theme of Innovation in Project Management. Given the extraordinary situation we are currently facing, this theme is ever more relevant in how we not only live personally, but also professionally.

​We have invited expert speakers to share their innovative experiences in project management. Arm yourself with the skills required to navigate the changing economic, social and technological landscape.

​A fresh perspective, first-hand insights and countless connections are just some of the things you will walk away with. Immerse yourself in a world of project management and gain an array of ideas and inspiration to take you towards your next success.

Mercredi 29 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – Evidence-Based Management with Mark Wavle and Chris Conlin

In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, PSTs Mark Wavle and Chris Conlin along with Patricia Kong from Scrum.org will take your questions about Evidence-Based Management (EBM) and content covered in the new Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence Based Management (PAL-EBM) training course! EBM is an Agile approach to help leaders guide their teams toward continuously improving customer outcomes, organizational capabilities, and business results. Mark, Chris and Patricia will be available on this session to answer all of your burning questions about measuring value, shifting to a more agile mindset, outcomes over outputs thinking and more!

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Mercredi 29 – PMI – PMI Citizen Developer & Disciplined Agile: Two Approaches to Accelerating Value

Livre sur Amazon

Citizen Developer and Disciplined Agile both help organizations deliver value faster and increase enterprise effectiveness. In this session we will explore the relationship between Citizen Developer and Disciplined Agile. We will answer key questions such as, “How do Citizen Developer Disciplined Agile leverage each other?” and “How do Disciplined Agile and Citizen Developer fit together?” We will discuss situations best suited for each concept. Finally, we will examine how and where the concepts can be combined to form a stronger approach.

Jeudi 30 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – French edition

Scrum est un cadre simple qui permet de favoriser une collaboration efficace au sein des équipes sur le développement de produits complexes.

Livre sur Amazon

Bien qu’il soit léger et simple à comprendre, il peut être difficile à mettre en place.

Dans les sessions « Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer » de Scrum.org, des formateurs professionnels de Scrum (PST) répondent en direct à vos questions les plus importantes concernant les défis et les situations auxquels vos équipes de Scrum sont confrontées. Dans cette session « Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer », Sabrina Ferlisi, Christian Lapointe et Fabio Panzavolta répondront à vos questions sur Scrum et sur les défis auxquels vos équipes sont confrontées.

Jeudi 30 – PMI Lebanon – The Project Revolution & the Rise of Strategy Implementation Specialists

Speaker: Antonio Nieto Rodriguez

Jeudi 30 – PMI – Persona to Product: User Story Mapping and Projects

Relisez ce billet sur la méthode INVEST

How are product features defined using the user story mapping exercise to develop user stories? Once user stories are written, then they can be grouped into releases, with the first release being your MVP or Minimum Viable Product. During the webinar we will describe use an example to develop a story map and group the stories into a product backlog. The product backlog will keep the team focused on delivering value to customers.

Jeudi 30 et Vendredi 1 – PMI Mauritius – Annual Event – Managing Projects in a VUCA World

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