Une bouffée d’air déconfiné avec toujours de beaux rdv de management de projets en Juin 2021 !

Voici ma sélection du mois de Juin. Je vous souhaite de bien profiter de ces moments de partage et de découverte avant la pause estivale.

Mardi 1 – Srum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer with Peter Gfader – Architecture, Code in Teams, Scrum with DevOps and more

Questions to ask Peter can include things like:

  • How can you do Scrum with 2 week Sprints but deploy on a daily basis?
  • What should we measure in our Scrum Teams when our product gets released once a year?
  • How should we get started with ensemble programming in our Scrum Teams?
  • What is the « Bunny Ear Model » and how does it relate to Water-Scrum-Fall? How do we move forward there?
  • How can Teams deal with Technical Debt?
  • Tips and Tricks on tackling Legacy Code?
  • What is the Inverse Conways Law Manouvre and how can you use it in your organization?
  • What advantages do 1 week Sprints have?
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Mardi 1 – PMI – How DA supported the Agile Transformation in a Large Bank in Brazil

Livre sur Amazon

We are the largest private Bank in Brazil with almost 100k employees. In our IT area, we have around 10k people that are organized in 500 squads and 50 tribes. We have been on an agile transformation journey for some years. In this webinar I will share how Disciplined Agile (DA) has been supporting us on our journey, the challenges we faced along the way, and the lessons we learned.

Mercredi 2 PMI France Branche Nouvelle Aquitaine – Étudiants Entrepreneurs, vivez vos projets !

De 18h30 à 19h30, sur Twitch, sur le thème de l’entreprenariat et des projets. Organisé par les étudiants du Mastère Spécialisé Management par Projets du CESI Bordeaux. Une occasion unique d’échanger en direct avec un expert et 2 jeunes chefs de projet qui ont créé leur entreprise durant leurs études.

  • Agathe Hénocq : Créatrice de la start-up Irydis
  • Nathan Bruzat : Co-fondateur de la start-up UnoVit
  • Dominique Tack : 25 ans dans la Gestion de projet chez Thalès 
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Du 2 au 25 Juin – IIBA Geneva – Congrès Annuel de Business Analyse – 8 Soirées en ligne !

Site pour détails et inscriptions

Mercredi 2 – PMI UK – Practical PM training with P3.express

Frank Turley will use a realistic project scenario as a basis for the training and participants will be asked to run the project and therefore do the necessary activities to run the project. Participants will therefore run the project and therefore learn much more that from a normal project management course. The best way to learn project management is to practice project management and this course enables that to happen.

Mercredi 2 -Science to Market – Women Leaders in AI

Technology and automation do not kill creativity, they enable it. Creativity, a very core human skill, becomes increasingly important as we manage uncertainty through discovery, imagination, and structured processes.

So, how do you prepare for a future where creativity becomes a vital skill for survival? Enter the world of women entrepreneurs leading start-ups that combine creativity and AI to deliver business value and impact. Our speakers, Raphaela Kurer, Co-Founder Meloncast and Shama Rahman, PhD Neuroscience and Complexity of Creative Cognition, NeuroCreate Ltd,  will share their non-linear journey. Learn about their portfolio careers, overcoming challenges, and the transformative journey of how they managed to beat the odds and launch a disruptive start-up that is leading us into our creative future.

collèguesAdditionally, While there is a growing number of women entrepreneurs in the field of technology like Shama and Raphaela,  it is not enough to break the stereotype of male dominance in the industry.

Mercredi 2 – PMI UK – The Failed PMO

Is a PMO still needed in our agile / VUCA world? What is the benefit from PMOs for project-oriented organisations? Is there a benefit or is a PMO just something that a project-oriented organisation has to have? In this webinar you will hear the example of a PMO which has failed. After several years of hard work to implement a PMO from scratch, the decision was taken to reorganise the process of execution of projects in another organisational unit, which provides more benefit to the organisation.

Katharina, the former head of the PMO, will share her insights and learnings with you. You will here:

  • How the PMO was positioned
  • What were the pitfalls and the challenges of the PMO
  • How and why the PMO was replaced
  • How this experience will help the organisation to improve

Mercredi 2 – PMI – Change on the Run: Surviving Workplace Uncertainty

Workplace change has never been at a higher rate or faster pace than now. PMOs, leaders and their teams grapple with multiple disruptions, from mergers and acquisitions to restructuring, pandemics, and digital transformations. In today’s dynamic environment, being successful in change is not about being perfect; it’s about being fast and effective so you can move on to the next task or issue—the speed of execution matters. Adopting one 80/20 action to address common project challenges is the best strategy. It gives you 80 percent of the results in 20 percent of the time. In this upbeat and interactive session, we will discuss how you can apply the 80/20 rule to focus in on one action to navigate the tasks and common situations that Project Managers typically encounter during a transformation project.

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Jeudi 3 – PMI France Pôle de VincennesPMBOK7® : La « Valeur »

Guide sur Amazon

Dans la version 7 du PMBOK Guide, la « Valeur » occupe une place importante et affirmée. En effet, un chapitre est dédié au système de livraison de la valeur et la valeur fait également partie des 12 principes de management de projet retenus par le PMI. Nos intervenants se proposent de vous faire un exposé sur l’approche de la valeur selon le PMBOK7 mais également de mettre en perspective celle-ci par rapport aux autres écoles et corpus. Enfin ils vous proposeront comment mesurer et maitriser la valeur tout au long de vos projets.

Avec: Jean-Luc Favrot, Ian Stokes, Laurent Thomas, Cédric Berger, Sylvie-Jeanne Labrosse, Jean-Yves Klein et Michel Thiry.

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Vendredi 4 – CARA Lyon – Trans’mutation Agile

Agile Lyon 2021 propose un format multi-modalités et multi-sites tout en privilégiant le partage.

Vendredi 4 – PMI – The Agile Enterprise: Agile Project Manager – Evolution or Regression?

Agile found its way into project delivery with many certifications trying to define various Agile project roles. Most Agile frameworks, such as Scrum, Crystal, and XP, were conceived by developers for a small team of software developers, and the Project Manager role is usually omitted. Unlike some specialized Agile Project Manager certifications, PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® remains the benchmark for the Project Manager role with an increased focus on Agile and Hybrid practices but without compromising the predictive knowledge required to manage projects that can’t or won’t use Agile practices. This webinar is a comparative analysis of the Scrum Master, seen in some organizations as a replacement of the Project Manager role; various flavors of the ‘Certified Agile Project Manager’; and the standard Project Manager role.

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Mardi 8 – PMI Montréal – Risque et incertitude dans le projet d’ingénierie

Les projets d’ingénierie ont tendance à présenter de nombreuses incertitudes en raison du manque d’informations ou d’informations peu fiables, des nouvelles technologies, de la complexité des projets ou même de facteurs imprévisibles. Ces incertitudes peuvent affecter la réussite du projet. La recherche vise à étudier le niveau de connaissance et l’adoption de la pratique de la gestion des risques dans les projets d’ingénierie. De plus, il vise à explorer la perception de l’influence de la gestion des risques sur la réussite des projets.

Mardi 8 – PMI UK – Practical Strategies for Embedding Project Management into your Operations

irritation, frustration, énervementWhy Strategy Execution Fails?

Overview of SIO concept  – SIO vs. Centralized PMO, activities and challenges

Emaar Group Operations – Case Study Featured in PM Network Magazine – 2020 PMO of The Year Finalist ; Embedding and elevating project management practices in managing real state giant’s operations

Mardi 8 – Scrum . Org – Biotech and Scrum: Rethinking How Biotech Innovates in the 21st Century

In this webinar Dave West CEO of Scrum.org talks to Tyson Bertmaring, MBA, Head of Partner Success at Dyno Therapeutics, and Matt Abbinanti, Ph.D., Senior Program Manager at CRISPR Therapeutics on how Scrum works in Biotech.

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Mercredi 9 – PMI UK – Project Data Analytics Webinar: Visionaries – Insights from Grant Findlay

Sir Robert McAlpine have been at the forefront of the transition to project data analytics. They have a vision that is helping to shape the industry. Grant Findlay has taken a leading role in mapping out this vision, from shaping the strategy for the Project Data Analytics Task Force through to chairing the Construction Data Trust. He is also championing transformational change within his business, with partners and in the wider supply chain.

Grant will set out why and how he believes the profession needs to change, the potential prize available to us and share insights into his journey so far. Although his challenge is focused on the construction industry, the insights will be applicable to every sector that aspires to transition towards data driven project delivery.

Mercredi 9 – PMI – Empathy the New Leadership Power Skill

Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from withier their frame of reference, that is the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. In this webinar you will discover the power of Emotional Intelligence and the power of empathy as a leadership skill and the language of empathy.

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Jeudi 10 – Gouti – Présentation de l’outil

Ce Webinar a pour but de faire une rapide présentation de notre solution Gouti, ERP de gestion de projet.

Durant cette présentation nous aborderons :

  • les outils des chefs de projets
  • la collaboration avec les équipes
  • le suivi transverse des managers
Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Vendredi 11 – PMI – Managing Projects Effectively during a Pandemic

During a Crisis, managing projects become extremely critical as we may experience Cost & Schedule overruns, unidentified Changes & Risks that creates an imbalance. Focusing on Priority Knowledge areas of PMBOK during a crisis, helps us stay aligned to the Program GOAL’s & the Organization Targets. An approach to consolidate the projects of a Program or a Portfolio in a single shell will be my call during this webinar – with my personalized model that can give an « Effective Approach ».

Mardi 15 – SMP – IPMA – Découvrez les certifications en gestion de projets, programmes et portefeuilles

  1. Connaissez-vous la diversité des compétences requises dans la gestion de projets, de programmes ou de portefeuilles ?
  2.  Vos compétences peuvent-elles être démontrées à partir de la pratique vécue ?
  3. Avez-vous réfléchi aux compétences que vous possédez ?

Nous répondrons aux deux premières questions au cours de cette soirée. La troisième question, c’est à vous d’y répondre. Nous vous montrerons comment vous pouvez prouver vos compétences selon le système à 4 niveaux de l’International Project Management Association (IPMA®) et quel bénéfice peut en résulter pour vous et votre entreprise.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mardi 15 – PMI Switzerland – Open Space Forum on Stakeholder and Team management

Getting stakeholders engaged and teams performing is always a challenge when we start a new project. Doing it remotely is even harder. Doing it in a “working-from-home” reality makes it quite difficult. Have you had recently that feeling that when you were talking no one did not seem to be listening? Or when you asked a question there was no answer?

How do you ensure that your stakeholders are engaged? How do you motivate your team to deliver? What about virtual agile teams? How do you resolve conflicts?

If you attended the Empowering Each Other When Working Remotely workshop, you could see how active listening and constructive feedback make a difference in creating a collaborative, encouraging environment resulting in positive outcomes.

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Mardi 15 – PMI UK – Wellbeing in project-based organisations: The experience of project employees

Growth of projectification of work and the potential impact on employee well being. Introduction to Guest’s (2017) analytic framework of Human Resources practices leading to employee well being. Areas of improvement for wellbeing of project employees in Projects Based Organizations.

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Mardi 15 – PMI – Disciplined Agile Risk Management: Address Risk, Don’t Just Manage It

The Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit has management and governance strategies explicitly built into it. DA does this at the team level with the Address Risk process goal and at the enterprise level with the Governance process blade. But wait a minute – Address Risk, not Manage Risk? The difference is a subtle but important nuance. There are many issues for teams to consider, and options to choose from, when they identify how they may best address the risk that they face. But addressing risk at the team level is only a good start, we must also address enterprise risk as well. What appears to be small, acceptable risks at the team level soon add up to unacceptable risks at the organizational level that must be addressed appropriately.

Mardi 15 – PMI UK – Using LinkedIn effectively: both professionally and personally

  • LinkedIn as a professional branding tool
  • Creating an effective Personal Profile
  • Using the Privacy & Settings page to best effect
  • Understanding the search opportunities on LinkedIn for targeting and engaging
  • Contacting and Networking with colleagues and connections
  • Creating posts and articles on LinkedIn

Mercredi 16 – PMI Montréal – Introduction à la Gestion de Portefeuille de Projet sous contrainte

portfolio managementVotre organisation a établi son plan stratégique à 10 ans. Pour atteindre les objectifs, 200 projets ont été identifiés, porteurs de 100% de la valeur stratégique souhaitée. Le budget total est de 1 milliard d’euro sur 10 ans, or le budget alloué est de 500 millions d’euro. Cela signifie-il que l’organisation ne livrera que 50% de la valeur stratégique à terme ?

Quels projets doit-on abandonner, sachant que certains sont incontournables ? En 10 ans, de nouvelles opportunités de projet verront le jour, des technologies deviendront obsolètes : comment intégrer ces nouvelles dimensions ou retirer certains projets du portefeuille ?

Pour répondre à ces question, PMI vous invite à explorer les fondamentaux de la gestion de portefeuille, illustrés par des scénarios conçus à l’aide de MS Project Online. Un temps d’explorations aux applications AGILE est réservé dans cette présentation.

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Mercredi 16 – Scrum . Org – Want to Flow faster? Then get your 4×4 in gear

Understanding the 4 Kanban practices and the 4 Kanban metrics of Professional Scrum with Kanban.

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Mercredi 16 – APMG – Being Agile

Agile is a word associated with progress, with momentum, and is a shorthand for describing how organizations want to operate. It is so common that applying agile techniques and having an agile mindset appear in job descriptions and interview questions all the time. However, experiences differ:

  • Everyone seems to have a different definition and meaning to agile and agility.
  • Many of us are working in ‘agile’ environments but often this is limited to certain activities and not a widespread adoption of the agile mindset across the organization.
  • We know an agile approach will fit better with all the uncertainty around us but are not sure how to get started.

In this webinar presenter Melanie Franklin will take us through the top 10 things we can do to adopt higher levels of agile practices and techniques into our everyday work. Her suggestions apply to those in project and programme roles, change roles and to line managers and executive leaders. Her ideas are practical, but they all require a shift in behaviour and habits, so the challenge will be how much of what she shares you can (and will) put into practice!

Whether you know lots about Agile methodologies or have had limited exposure, these practical ideas are suitable for all.

Mercredi 16 – PMI – How to Choose the Right Low-Code/No-Code Solution for Your Citizen Developer Project

Téléchargez gratuitement ce livre blanc

Citizen Development is gaining traction and many organizations are using low-code or no-code software to build apps and solve business problems. But how to choose the right software to use? In this session Rogerio will share tips on how to go about choosing the right low-code or no-code software platform to use for your citizen development project.

Jeudi 17 – PMI – Agility in a Nutshell

Téléchargez le rapport

This webinar will start with an explanation of what agility is and how it applies in organizations in concepts like business agility, product agility or team agility. Next we will focus on two aspects of agility for projects. The first is where projects need to be able to adapt to the changing business and customer needs, in order deliver products that provide value. The second aspect is how to manage your project to adapt to the environment of changing customer expectations, risks, constraints, people, and technology.

Vendredi 18 – Agi’Lille

Comme chaque année un évènement majeur de l’agilité arrive à Lille. Cet événement unique en son genre, précédemment connu sous le nom d’Agile Tour Lille, alliant convivialité et proximité, a été apprécié et vivement plébiscité pour qu’il soit reconduit une nouvelle année. Face à cet engouement, aux encouragements et à l’envie de se manifester localement, Agi’Lille 2021 revient amplifier cette nouvelle forme de communication et montrera à quel point les agilistes sont capables de se mobiliser pour changer leur manière de travailler. Accessible à tous, Agi’Lille vise un public étendu souhaitant découvrir ou approfondir les méthodes agiles et découvrir leurs apports et impacts tant au niveau industriel que sociétal.

La Semaine du Management (21 au 25 juin 2021)

  • 15 formations au choix disponibles à distance ou en présentiel
  • Des moments d’échanges entre participants et formateurs
  • 2 tests gratuits pour apprendre à mieux vous connaître
  • 1 livre les 5 clés des éditions Dunod offert
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Mardi 22 – PMI France Branche Aquitaine – Connaissez-vous les projets RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ?

Il s’agit d’automatisation de processus.

Prenez part au retour d’expérience d’EDF, et Talan qui l’ont implémenté sur la centrale nucléaire du Blayais. De 18h à 19h30, sur Teams et en présentiel au Lab Microsoft de #Bordeaux pour les membres de la Nouvelle-Aquitaine (attention places limitées.

Mardi 22 – Scrum . Org – Should A Project Manager Become A Scrum Master?

This question comes up often: “I am a project manager and our company is moving to agile or Scrum, does that mean I will now become a Scrum Master?” In response, we hesitate and then give the unwelcomed answer of “It depends.” And it really does depend. The Scrum Master role is deep and wide. Scrum Masters need to support their teams while working with the rest of the people in their organizations to build awareness and enable greater agility. A Scrum Master’s job is not to manage a project or deliver status reports — duties that people associate with the role of a traditional project manager. As a matter of fact, Scrum Masters may not get involved in status reports at all. In this webinar, Eric Naiburg, COO, Scrum.org, will discuss the potential move to an agile way of working, the role of the Scrum Master, and what that means for people currently in the role of Project Manager.

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Mardi 22 – PMI – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about PMI Membership Offerings to Support Your Career Journey!

Your professional needs evolve, and PMI continually evolves our offerings to help you work smarter. No matter what phase of your career you are currently in, your PMI membership has benefits and tools that can help you learn, build skills, and advance in your career journey. Spend an entire hour with three of your very own PMI Product Specialists – Kate Castiglione, Ed Cooney and Kevin Lynch to hear what’s new, what’s hot and what’s next, plus ask those burning questions.

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Mercredi 23 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – Product Backlog Management – Chuck Suscheck

Livre sur Amazon

Do you have a tough time delivering product frequently? Do you seem to always have carry over in your Sprints? Maybe you’re not refining your Product Backlog effectively. Ask all of your questions about Product Backlog management to PST Dr. Chuck Suscheck, in this episode of the Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer webinar series. You will learn about his experience and advice for Product Backlog breakdown. Chuck is a Course Steward for the Professional Scrum Product Owner course and has helped many companies break down work so that they can deliver faster and have more predictability and he’ll be at your disposal in this session of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer.

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Mercredi 23 – PMI – How to Get a Project Manager Job

The PMI membership comprises students, seniors, aspiring Project Managers looking to explore potential development opportunities, Project Managers and certified Project members. This seminar is aimed at members that want to become Project Managers but do not know how to do it. This webinar will address how to become a Project Manager.

Jeudi 24 – PMI France Pôle Paris Saclay – TEDx: Terre notre vaisseau

Rendez-vous le Jeudi 24 Juin pour une journée entière dédiée à ce thème.

Les intervenants interviendront lors de trois plénières qui se dérouleront  de 10h00 à 11h30, 13h30 à 14h30 et 18h00 à 19h30. Ainsi que d’une Rencontre avec 4 Nobels de 15h30 à 16h30.

Vous pourrez également découvrir le village de l’innovation, des interviews avec les intervenants … ainsi que de nombreuses surprises concoctées par l’équipe de bénévoles du TEDx Saclay. En savoir plus : https://tedxsaclay.com/

Jeudi 24 – PMI Lebanon – Remote Karaoke: Let’s Elevate your PMTQ

Jeudi 24 – PMI UK – How to develop and operate a successful Lessons Learned Program as an important Organisational Process Asset

Learning from lessons of the past projects is essential for organisations and projects to prevent mistakes from happening over and over again. Lessons Learned repositories are identified as important Organisational Process Assets, and evaluating the lessons in such repositories in key stages of the project is strongly emphasized in the PMBoK. However, many companies fail to implement successful lessons learned programs and cannot convince PMs and project teams to spend their scarce resources for learning.

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Vendredi 25 – PMI – The Agile Enterprise: Change Management in an Agile World

Melanie Franklin
Melanie Franklin (Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute UK Chapter)

For some agile teams, especially software development teams, the term « Change Management » is associated with the ITIL style Change Control, an engineering process created to manage risks associated with production deployment. Despite the optimistic view presented by most agile frameworks, Organization Change Management is hard. The transition to agile is often harder than any other transformation because it requires a mindset change at all levels, supported by a huge shift in the organizational culture. This webinar is a practice-based presentation on the importance of Organization Change Management in Agile Transformations and the critical role that the Project Manager must play.

Mardi 29 Juin – PMI UK – Design Thinking for Projects

In the current business environment, project leaders must look beyond the foundational knowledge of managing projects and embrace more innovative practices and methodologies. Design Thinking enables project teams to solve business problems by following an iterative process and focusing on their customer’s or user’s standpoint. It is another method that can be added to a project leader’s toolbox to help manage risk, customer expectations, and to ensure stakeholder alignment.

Mardi 29 – PMI – Dealing with the Organizational Change Management Workstream in Your Project

Every project has multiple work streams that project manager must ensure are ready to help deliver the promised benefits of the initiative. A managed OCM workstream is the most effective means of ensuring successful adoption of the work. However, there are OCM specific tools and techniques the project manager can use to effectively deliver this workstream. This presentation will explore those technical details and also discuss a communication strategy, so all stakeholders are aware of the workstream and the value it adds to the project.

Mercredi 30 – PMI – Acculturation à la Gestion de Projet

En tant que chef de projet, j’ai souvent rencontré ou été témoin de situations où les parties prenantes ralentissent un projet par ignorance. Ignorance de ce qu’est un projet et pourquoi elles doivent désigner un chef de projet si elles souhaitent un minimum de garanties pour son bon déroulement.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 30 – PMI UK and South Italy – COP 26 and Smart Cities

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26, Conference Of the Parties) will take place in Glasgow between 1 to 12 November 2021. It will be the first COP since the landmark Paris Agreement in 2015 and represents a significant opportunity for nations to come together to review commitments and strengthen ambition.

This webinar is intended to show how a “Smart Cities” approach contributes to achieving the Nationally Determined Contribution of countries and the reversal of Climate Change.

Urban growth, sustainability and needs for a greener life, are driving the requirement to make cities smarter, more efficient, and sustainable for their residents. The context is extremely challenging; characterized by growing commitments, limited resources aggravated by the COVID -19 pandemic.

Energy, Mobility, Building & Construction, Water & Waste Management assisted by New Technologies are the evolving battlefields of “Smart Cities,” as they strive to achieve the ambitious targets of a greener environment.

In this webinar Yohan Abrahams will show how Transport for London pursues these objectives in the UK Capital, followed by Mark Cannata who will explain how Kassandra; a multi-dimensional research and design approach, is helping to take a whole-system view of the historic urban environment.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

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