Ma sélection de rendez-vous sur le management de projet et l’agilité en cette fin 2020

Rencontrez (toujours en respectant les distances) de nombreuses et nombreux experts de #Agile et du management de projets.

Voici ma sélection des plus intéressantes opportunités de découvertes et d’apprentissage sur le leadership et management de projets avec des méthodes, des idées et des témoignages ou retours d’expérience.

Mardi 1 – Université de la Valeur – Comment apporter de la « Valeur » au Design Thinking ?

Aujourd’hui le Design Thinking apporte à la fois une façon d’aborder les problèmes de l’entreprise mais également le processus pour les résoudre. Cependant cette démarche peut être enrichie par l’approche Value Design qui garantie et justifie la « Valeur » des solutions choisies.

Valeur = Satisfaction des besoins / Ressources consommées

Mardi 1 – PMI Tunisia – Enterprise agility – the path to sustainable success

In today’s world organizations are faced with continuous change. Even before COVID-19 disrupted everything we considered to be normal, the actions of competitors, the demands of customers, the advancement of technology and the myriad of other variables businesses have to deal with were driving an environment where change was impacting every project, every corner of the business. Project level agility is a partial solution, but to truly embrace an adaptive world organizations must deliver enterprise agility – the ability to understand and respond effectively to an ever evolving world. Join industry expert and frequent contributor Andy Jordan as he explains the concept, the elements that allow it to succeed and the path you can take to implement enterprise agility in your business.

Mardi 1 – APMG – Change in the times of Covid-19

Do you think change management has been changed by the Covid crisis? A lot of organisations made rapid changes to their operating models, moving staff to work from home and moving services online. They did all this without establishing formal programmes of change, and creating planning documents. Melanie Franklin will summarise where she thinks the change management profession is after a tumultuous year, summarise what she things the value of change management is and how we create a “pull” mechanism that brings leaders willingly into our world.

Mercredi 2 – Gouti – Découvrez et testez un outil de gestion de projet simple et pragmatique

Une session de présentation en ligne d’une heure ouverte à tous pour vous expliquer comment Gouti fonctionne, comment le chef de projet l’utilise, comment le manager l’utilise et comment le collaborateur l’utilise. Tous les avantages de cet outil projet sont expliqués en moins d’une heure.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Mercredi 2 – PMI – Toxic Teams: What to Do

When you belong to a toxic team, you can almost feel it in the air the moment you step onto your floor. It’s immediately draining. During this webinar, we will walk through our emotions first. After we will try to understand the root causes of the team’s toxicity and then develop a plan to address the issues by looking at the examples of toxicity.

Mercredi 2 – PMI – Digital Transformers: Are You Sure About What You Do?

We as Project Managers consider ethics as our guidelines on how to deal in different situations, the new technology comes with big opportunities and challenges at the same time. Algorithms, big data, Artificial intelligence, social media, process automation create ethical dilemmas. How can people keep their privacy and deal with technology, how the companies deal with the data ethically? We can see how technology like robots, the internet of things and others take the jobs and it will continue taking all the routine jobs, millions of people around the globe will be jobless because of the digital transformation, how can the companies and organizations deal ethically in such situation. In this presentation, we will present the solution for organizations to make the balance between the efficiency and to deal ethically with the people.

Mercredi 2 – PMI UK – Embracing Change: How to give your organisation the key skill it needs to succeed.

This webinar considers the following aspects to face change with confidence and learn how to turn even the toughest challenge in your projects to your advantage:

  • Lessons from 2020: The year of change
  • 5 key truths about change
  • The critical importance of a change-ready culture
  • The impact on Project Management – your role and how you operate
  • How we react to change
  • Overcoming our barriers to change

Mercredi 2 – Scrum . Org – What is Your Product?

To be product-aligned and customer-focused, everyone in your product ecosystem needs to agree on the answer to the question, “What is Your Product?” Many organizations don’t have clarity about how they define a product or products. There is ambiguity and disagreement on the answer, defining the product too narrowly or confusing product with product line or even company with product. Not understanding what “the product” is, can lead to slow response to changing customer and market needs and less than satisfying product outcomes. Misalignment over the definition of the product thwarts efforts to scale agile product development and causes a plethora of organizational and communication woes.

Mercredi 2 – PMI France Région Globale – De chef de projet à chef de mission : réussir sa prise de décision

Guillaume GELEE a une brillante carrière d’officier pilote de chasse, chef de projet Rafale pour l’armée de l’air, puis commandant des forces de combat de l’armée de l’air soit 35 années d’apprentissage de la fonction de décideur.

Certifié PMP®. Il partagera avec nous son retour sur l’adéquation des enseignements du PMI à des projets opérationnels militaires comme les missions de terrain. Une bonne prise de décision est vitale et essentielle à la réussite de la mission.

Son motto : « Il y a de mauvaises décisions : celles qui sont mal préparées ou prises trop tard. Il n’y a pas de « meilleure décision » : toute décision que l’on fait gagner est bonne. »

Jeudi 3 – PMI Tunisia – Change Leaders: Come With Me If You Want to Live

Key takeaways: An understanding of the changing transformation climate and how this is impacting organisations The deficits in our current ways of working and why we need to think differently Practical tactics on bringing the people to the heart of transformation to enable delivery of true beneficial change Case study evidence of how organisations have benefited in productivity from adopting new techniques.

Mardi 8 – SMP – PMI: nouveautés et changements en 2021

Au cours de cette soirée, les participants découvriront la nouvelle structure de l’examen PMP® de PMI (Project Management Institute), et les nouveautés concernant les deux examens phares du PMI. Ils auront également la possibilité de mieux comprendre le rôle d’un chef de projet vu par le PMI.

La nouvelle structure de la norme en Management de projet leur sera également présentée ainsi que la structure pour rapporter leurs PDUs afin de maintenir leurs certifications.

QRP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 8 – PMI Switzerland – Product Owner 2020: Roles and Responsibilities

With discussions ranging from exploring the role of a PO in an Agile framework to how to do justice as a PO while fulfilling responsibilities as a Project Manager, we welcome you to join us in this collaborative forum.

An Open Space format is an ideal interactive approach to encourage conversations and debates particularly when the group comprises participants from diverse backgrounds. The virtual-led technique of enabling a brainstorming session enables you to interact in a highly productive and progressive manner. Our main objective is to provide you a platform to engage deeply and creatively around issues of concern.

Mardi 8 – PMI UK – Managing in Complex Futures

The world is experiencing a state of hyper change influenced by global movements, disruptive technologies, political uprisings and new consumer expectations. This webinar considers aspects to prepare futuring mindset to adapt and embrace uncertainties impacting projects. Megatrends impacting the future of managing work. Uses of futuring. Building futuring culture and practices.

Mercredi 9 – Scrum . Org – A Cycle Time Journey: 164 to 8 Days in 6 Months

How many calendar days does it take your teams to take a « Sprint Ready » item all the way to production deployment? How is your current cycle time impacting your Business? What would be possible for your Business if your cycle time was 8 calendar days? If you want to learn how to make this happen, please join us to recap a 6 month journey for one of our Scrum Teams that made 7 adjustments to reduce their cycle time from 164 calendar days to 8 calendar days.

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 9 – PMI France Région Globale – La lumière viendra de Saint-Hyacinthe

Livre sur Amazon

Mais qui est le PCO, cet acteur de l’ombre des équipes projet ?

Le rôle de PCO ou « contrôleur de projet » assez méconnu il y a encore quelques années se développe de plus en plus au Canada et prend désormais toute sa place dans les équipes projet.

Souvent considéré comme une porte d’entrée dans le métier, le PCO est en fait un acteur à part entière qui peut aussi bien offrir du soutien opérationnel à un gestionnaire de projet que du conseil à un bureau de projet stratégique.

Hexagon est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 9 – PMI – Simple and Efficient Teamwork in Fully-Dispersed Project Teams

In project management, to perform in the most efficient way and to succeed in all your delivers, you need to be organised and productive, know how to effectively manage your time and anticipate risks. There are laws and principles which rule work life and help you and your team to be awesome and delight your customers. Do you know how to add them in your daily routine? What is the value-added for the team, for the client and for your organisation, especially for a fully-dispersed project team?

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 10 – PMI France – Et si vous décidiez d’Oser (vous) Manager Gagnant ?

Et si manager était finalement plus simple qu’il n’y paraît ? Et s’il n’était, au bout du compte, question que d’intention, de sens et de bon sens ?

Sans jamais basculer dans l’écueil du simplisme, cette conférence vous conduira à revenir à l’essentiel et à piloter avec humanité avant de le faire avec méthodes. Plutôt que des outils, c’est avec du recul et des prises de consciences que vous repartirez. Partant du principe que nos pensées conditionnent nos comportements qui eux-mêmes influent sur nos résultats, cet échange vous amènera à revisiter votre pratique pour davantage de résultats durables. Pour ce faire, vous découvrirez les 5 accords O.M.G. qui, comme les 5 accords Toltèques de Miguel Ruiz, vous ouvriront la voie vers un autre champ des possibles.

CSP est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Jeudi 10 – CSP – Flexibilité, adaptabilité, résilience… ça vous parle ?

Prenez la mesure de l’impact des soft skills dans les organisations avec notre baromètre national.

70 % des entreprises envisagent de programmer des formations dédiées aux soft skills dans les 12 prochains mois. Et vous ?

Les SOFT SKILLS sont stratégiques pour le développement durable des femmes et des hommes de l’entreprise, et pour l’entreprise elle-même.

Elles constituent le carburant  de l’action et des interactions professionnelles.

FDF est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mardi 15 – PMI Switzerland – Learning to unlearn: giving up control to get better results in projects

A shift to the new ways of working requires both learning and unlearning. Sometimes what we already know, think or do is what gets in the way. This presentation is about letting go without losing control to embark on adventure and to unlock new potential.

While working in corporate world and with NGOs, Kasha Andrzejewska understood that unlearning old habits is not easy, requires courage, taking calculated risks, often failing, unlearning, and learning. Unlearning does not mean losing control. What matters is keeping an eye on the direction rather than controlling the destination.

Mercredi 16 – Scrum . Org – Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – Russell Miller

In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, Professional Scrum Trainer Russell Miller will answer your questions about Scrum.  How can we improve customer outcomes by focusing on values within the Scrum Team?  How can you inspect the values at work in your team?  What are team values?  How can you identify the behaviors team members think are important?  Come learn how to create positive, productive team norms that lead to high morale and great customer outcomes!

CertYou est partenaire de DantotsuPM

Mercredi 16 – PMI – Creating A Competitive Career Roadmap in COVID-19 Times

In this presentation, we will discuss the changes that COVID-19 is likely to bring about in our Project Management job market.

Mercrredi 16 – PMI – Philosophy of Agile

Take a step back and look at Agile as a team, company, and personal philosophy. The Agile Manifesto and Principles will be explored and analyzed for the intent behind them. We will look at Agile in terms of its adaptability, flexibility, and structure for concepts of risk mitigation, communication, and cost savings. We will discuss the broad ideas of, and distinct differences between, collaboration, negotiations, and interactions. Finally, the webinar will dive a little into project methodologies to see how they bring the philosophy of Agile into practice.

Jeudi 17 – Agile Alliance – deliver:Agile Live!

2020 Wrap-Up!This is NOT an actual 2020 Wrap-Up [that would be boring!]. But since we have your attention and your boss will now approve this ‘educational event’, we invite you to join us for some real technical fun!

In store for attendees will be a hilariously dramatic reading of the dialogue from Rekursiv where we will explore the comedic potential of instruction sets, followed by a round [or three] of Quiplash – deliver:Agile Live style. Tune in to watch your favorite agile technical luminaries battle it out in a gut-busting battle of wits and wittiness.

Vendredi 18 – Gouti – Découvrez et testez un outil de gestion de projet simple et pragmatique

Une session de présentation en ligne d’une heure ouverte à tous pour vous expliquer comment Gouti fonctionne, comment le chef de projet l’utilise, comment le manager l’utilise et comment le collaborateur l’utilise. Tous les avantages de cet outil projet sont expliqués en moins d’une heure.

Bien plus qu’un outil de gestion de projet
Découvrir l’ERP de gestion de projet

Vendredi 18 – PMI – Time capsule – A Review of Last Century Agile Concepts

For some, Agile started in 2002 as a revolution against « waterfall » with both (Agile and « waterfall ») wrongly considered Project Management methodologies. While the Manifesto for Agile Software Development (aka THE « Agile Manifesto ») was an important step in agile adoption, the reality is that most concepts considered « Agile » were in use for decades. Incremental and iterative software development had more than 3 decades of documented use, and the dreaded « waterfall » was more Agile than many modern frameworks. This webinar is a retrospective of Agile and Lean practices that were rediscovered when teams wanted to scale Agile towards the Enterprise level with the aim of learning from mistakes already made by others.

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