« Powerful Mind » : rdv à Monaco le 2 avril pour une rencontre sur les biais cognitifs et l’intelligence émotionnelle

Cette rencontre est organisée par PMI France Monaco Côte d’Azur et sera donnée en langue anglaise.


The first speaker will be me, Michel Operto, and it’ll be a great pleasure to meet some of the followers of DantotosuPM 🙂 !

The first presentation is entitled « Forewarned is forearmed ! »

Did you know that 100% of humans are the victims of cognitive biases? It’s unfortunately true and since you are human, you are one of these victims… 
But what is it?

A cognitive bias is a pattern of deviation in judgment, whereby inferences about other people and situations may be drawn in an illogical fashion. Cognitive bias are generally subconscious. They specifically impact decision makers and Project Managers. We are ideal targets because we live under heavy pressure: time, costs, content of deliverables, quality of products, customer satisfaction, management and peer pressure, office politics…

Michel Operto

Understanding and recognizing cognitive bias is extremely important in management and even more so in Project Management where quick decisions are often required.

As a Project Manager or member of a project team you certainly want to manage this risk. During this session you will learn to recognize the most common ones and use these forewarnings to be better armed to counter them.

Gabriella Colombo will then check « What’s in your mind ? »

Gabriella Colombo

Most often in high stakes conversations, our emotions kick-in, we let our Reptilian brain take over, and we respond with the very primary reaction “Fight or Flight”, as we would respond in the face of life threatening danger.

Where do our emotions come from? How can we teach our brain to master our reactions?

In our personal and professional lives, we often face challenging situations holding critical and difficult conversations. As Project Managers, we need to step back, rewire our brain, think about what we really want out of the conversation, find the right drivers, and only then, propose the most appropriate solutions for the good of the project, the team, the company, and ourselves.

people may react very differently…

The latest scientific theories of neuroplasticity and epigenetics explain how thinking in new ways, as well as changing our beliefs, can literally rewire our brain – we gain a different perspective on what we can do and how much we can change our lives by changing our mind.

This is what we will discuss during the conference: which are our different brains, how our neurons fire and wire together, how to get control over our emotions and how to act with the appropriate purpose in mind.

I trust that the content of this afterwork session starting at 6PM at Monaco Tech, 4 Avenue Albert II, will gain your interest and that we’ll see you there !


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