29 November – Zürich #PMI® – Generation Y in Project Business

Who we are, how we work and what we expect?

In the past years, we have heard a lot about the field of the Generation Y and the Digital Natives and all kinds of prejudices: unsocial, unworldly smartphone and Facebook junkies, spoiled and arrogant consumers, unloyal, picky and demanding employees, Feedback, involvement, rights to say and liberties.

It is about time to really get to know the majority of all workers, consumers and decision-makers of tomorrow.

generations at work

Philipp Riederle will talk in this presentation about the Generation Y. A generation which does not demand the impossibility, but rather draws the consequences from this digital, multi-media and global world, into which it was born: its ideas of communication, consumption and its working environments reflects what begun with digitalization.

Philipp Riederle, born in 1994, is a star of the Internet scene and Germany’s most recent business consultant.

The authentic speaker explains these concepts and their implications in his lecture:

  • Digitalization, quo vadis? Ways and manners of digital transformation – and how to use them.
  • The Virtual World – flexible head, space and time: It is no parallel world it is an enlargement of what we call the usual world. Cultural differences of the young generation
  • Project Team building: Onboading of new members, Individual vs. team esteem
  • Employee development – individual vs. team: How to establish a sustainable team enjoying continuous self-driven learning? Job Rotation / Buddy Programs & Mentoring
  • Communication: How does today’s communication change our life? Yolo (you only live once): The Generation Y – and what their philosophy means to them
  • Multimedia connections?  Communication strategies of the Digital Natives – and how they do it.
  • Like, share, recommend: New forms of consumption – and how they fascinate communities
  • Work-Life-Blending or the liquid world: About the Digital Natives’ mindset of life and work – how to hire the motivated knowledge worker

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