24 August – Lausanne #PMI® – The Business Case for Ethical Leadership & Decision Making

In our current times, there’s not a single month, week, or even day without a new case of individuals or organizations disclosed as using the system or worst infringing it for their sole benefit, to the expenses of others.

When infringing the system, the case is pretty clear, when you break the Law, you’ll get punished. If ever caught.

Organizations are facing a constant and growing challenge on most of the markets regarding their ethical practices, societal responsibility, the integration of sustainable development trends and their contribution to the overall welfare.

Millennials are choosing the organizations they will work for (or with in fact) based on their reputation.

Ethics, workplace situations, sustainable development and social responsibility are becoming the cutting-edge Value differentiator in today’s market and having a clear strategy addressing these dimensions is the key success factor which will make the difference between surviving or disappearing. As Simon Sinek says, “People do business with you, not because of What you do, but because of Why you do it.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES of this session facilitated by Olivier Lazar

Olivier Lazar

Understand the aspects of business ethics, corporate social and societal responsibility.
• Demonstrate capability to analyze and select organizational initiatives based on their ethical implications.
• Define a strategy integrating these aspects.
• Make decisions to realize strategic & business objectives by harnessing the benefits of and ethical business framework.
• Actively manage business value within an ethical and responsible governance framework.
• Enhance the reputation of your organization as an attractive workplace and a trusted partner for your employees, candidates and clients.
• Support the development of an ethical business framework and culture.

Details and registration

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