20 July – Webinar – Scrum and Money: Getting Funding with Scrum

Are you ready to get your Scrum effort underway, but your company won’t fund it until you have a detailed business plan outlining the exact results and all the people, resources and other needs it will take to get them?

get funding for your scrum project

Traditional funding models often impede organizations from innovating, because they make projections based on inadequate information to form unrealistic business cases that can’t learn from experience. Rather than funding small increments of functionality and validating hypotheses based on empirical data, they make big bets based on hunches and opinions, penalize changes, and then wonder why results are poor. Organizations want to change the way they build products, interact with their markets, and manage their staff yet they do not know how to reconcile these changes with their financial models and reporting needs.

Scrum and Upcoming Agile Webcasts

Join the panel of Kurt Bittner, Erwin van der Koogh, and Rich Visotcky as they share their experiences leading organizations towards incremental funding models that prevent waste, focus investments and funding, and meet fiscal reporting obligations

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