16 May – Webinar – Teaching SAFe to your Leaders and Executives

The agile coaches should demonstrate the student leaders/change agents with different challenging aspects of SAFe implementation.

More about SAFe on wikipedia.

An effective Agile coaching must encourage a strong Enterprise leadership (Internal and Executive) if the organization is in need of transformation.Thus, there is a need of mastering the various ways of coaching and mentoring.

The coaching must incorporate diverse practices like effective communication, the readiness of listening, asking pointful questions and Emotional Intelligence with the ability to comprehend the other person’s thinking.

Even with these skills, the core leadership is in dire straits when it comes to breaking the middle management permafrost. Because none of our efforts as coaches get through the managers easily. That is why, Agile coaches are expected to break such walls and teach the managers that there is more to their role except being supervisors : They are also individuals with great ideas, creativities, and movements.

Scaled Agile Framework web site

Join the dialogue…. The aim of this one-hour session is to bring forward the answers to break the middle management permafrost for an Agile implementation:

  • How to identify the SAFe learning needs?
  • How to help the leaders/change agents to achieve those learning objectives?
  • How to be practical and fearless to uncover the genuine issues?
  • How to build trust and honesty with your student leaders?
  • How to bring self-awareness in the leader and system that they need your help?
  • How to become a coach who is patient, understanding and allowing individuals to approach with their necessities?
  • How to develop a tenacity in the front-line change agents/leaders/managers to design and deliver a good product?
  • How to engage the managers, their teams and their skills with the organizational vision?
  • Last but not least, how to help the organization to transform with the leaders and by the leaders?

Presenters: Siraj Sirajuddin and Susan Gibson

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