11 May – Webinar #PMI® – How to connect with organizational culture and enhance meaningfulness

A highly effective technique to create connections is to focus on similarities, on what you have in common, instead of what you don’t.

This subtle perspective will have some pretty powerful effects.

rencontrer en personneThis is exactly how you establish connections and relationships in your organization’s culture. You don’t approach a person thinking about all the potential ways you could be different. Instead, you naturally gravitate to similarities. You look for things you might have in common to form the basis of a relationship. Although we tend to approach cross-cultural interactions quite differently, the same technique actually works just as well across cultures. When focused on similarities, you’re open to, and in fact looking for, a potential connection.

Perhaps it’s a challenge you accept together with a team member.

You can discover these similarities in conversation, or even by picking up on things you notice like pictures on a person’s desk, a coffee cup from a particular store you also like, or a passing remark someone makes about something you share in common.

The possibilities are endless, but by focusing on similarities you have the power to create connections and build relationships that either supersede cultural differences or make them irrelevant.

By finding interest in the task and overcoming the feelings of meaninglessness, you help leadership to develop a conducive environment for enhanced engagement.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Approaches for connecting with the organization’s culture
  • What impedes connections
  • What meaningfulness really means
  • How to enhance meaningfulness

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