15 Avril – Zürich #PMI® – From Building Phones to Dancing Bollywood !

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

What might be in common between building phones for Samsung, organizing a cultural festival in Zurich, and bringing solar lighting to un-electrified villages worldwide?

They are all the result of a strategic intent, deployed by a team of people aligned in their goals, under the constant constraints of resources and time.

What might be the mission critical factors that translate into the make or break of these projects?

Certainly customer-centricity and clarity on the objectives of the task at hand. Equally importantly though, soft factors such as people skills and cultural sensitivity contribute to the efficiency of the process and the chances of executing the project successfully.

And what might the pitfalls be?

Come and listen to Arun Amirtham, who managed complex projects at Philips Semiconductors to deliver cutting-edge HW/SW technology platforms for Samsung’s mobile division in Korea, organized cultural festivals at Zurich HB, and is currently rolling out an ambitious project to bring solar lighting to the un-electrified millions around the globe.

The SALT & PEPPER framework for execution he has distilled from his successes and failures may provide practical insights to blend with PM theory to achieve ground-breaking results you never thought possible!

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