15 March – #PMI® Belgium – Accra Flooding Initiative

25 Fév

Cross-organization event between PMI Belgium and ie-net

Check the PMI Ghana Chapter facebook page

Check the PMI Ghana Chapter Facebook page

This gathering of Engineers and Project Managers together is a unique opportunity to expand your professional network, learn from diverse backgrounds and share your experience through a real project in Ghana.

The “Accra Flooding Initiative” has been launched by the “PMI Ghana Chapter” together with “Project Managers Without Borders” with the aim to set up an action plan for the prevention of regular floodings in the Accra region in Ghana.

PMI Belgium Chaper Web Site

PMI Belgium Chapter Web Site

The theme of the event is different from typical ones and will give you the opportunity to learn and share your project management skills and experience with engineers to develop solutions to a real challenge facing the authorities in Ghana. As the Ghana capital (Accra) is flooded on a yearly basis, the local authorities are looking for ideas for a complete stakeholder analysis, impact analysis and help with the design of engineering solutions.


This  workshop will allow you to provide expert advice and recommendations from international and recognized Engineers and Project Managers to the Accra authorities on the recurrent floodings in their city.

A lot of good reasons for the project managers and especially PMP® certified PMs to attend this workshop:

Kris Troukens

Kris Troukens

–        Excellent brainstorm possibilities and group discussions on technical or environmental issues, fully in line with PMBOK.

–        Help an NGO to realize a true project

–        Learn to use brainstorm techniques

–        A project which could be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility track

We will have the pleasure to have Kris Troukens (PMP®) as the speaker and the facilitator for this event. Kris is a member of “Project Management Without borders” and is working on this project in Ghana for which he needs the support of engineers and project managers.

Learn more about this initiative

Learn more about this initiative

He has been in contact with the top Ghana authorities who will support the project locally.

Block the date of 15th March  starting at 6:30PM for this great learning and networking opportunity together with Project Management and Engineering colleagues. Please note that the presentation & workshop will be in English

PDUs: For our members with certifications, this event will give them the opportunity to claim 2 PDUs.

Location: Het Ingenieurshuis – Desguinlei 214 – B-2018 Antwerpen 1

PMI and PMP are registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM





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