29 Septembre – Paris-Saclay #PMI ® – Mindful at Work : Connecting with your sense of purpose

15 Sep

Le pôle PMI Paris-Saclay vous invite à assister à la Conférence « Mindful at Work : Connecting with your sense of purpose”

Cet événement aura lieu le jeudi 29 Septembre  de 12h30 à 14h00 à la cité de l’Innovation, Nokia. La conférence animée par Marie Holm sera en Anglais, la participation est gratuite.

Marie Holm

Marie Holm

La participation à cet événement rapporte 1,5 PDU aux certifiés PMP et PgMP présents (Catégorie Leadership).

Sometimes we become so busy in working life that we lose sight of our sense of purpose and meaning in life. By consciously taking moments to ‘reboot’ and reconnect to what is important to us, we can better align ourselves to achieve our goals, develop to our full potential and optimally contribute to society.

How is this possible?

By giving our attention to what we are thinking (meta-attention), we can better recognise our thought patterns and when necessary, adapt to changing situations (resilience), and facilitate desired outcomes (through neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, and aspects of psychology).

Through cultivating awareness, we can build upon our strengths and cultivate an open mindset toward expressing the richness that we have to offer.

As a result, we can reduce stress, enhance our well-being and interpersonal communication, as well as experiencing a greater sense of fulfillment.

Simple cognitive techniques, such as mindfulness, can assist us along this pathway. Let’s give it a try, starting with a one minute exercise!




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