June 16 – Zurich – Project NEEO – The Thinking Remote

3 Juin

From unknown to  $1.6M and 6000 backers in less than a month!

Raphael Oberholzer, NEEO Co-Founder

Raphael Oberholzer, NEEO Co-Founder

On January 12, 2015 NEEO, the thinking remote was an unknown company and product.

Just 24 hours later NEEO had collected $130,000 US Dollars and 200 backers for our Kickstarter campaign. In just 30 days after January 12, 2015, more than 6000 people from all over the world contributed almost $1.6 Million US dollars to help a small Swiss startup build a revolutionary new remote control device.

In the same 30 days, over 350 articles were published about NEEO in almost all european languages and Japanese, Chinese, Korean to list just a few.

Come and learn more about crowdfunding, building a global brand in 30 days and of course NEEO, the thinking remote with Raphael Oberholzer, NEEO Co-Founder.

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

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