April 20 – Webinar (PMI) – Building Trust for High Organizational Performance

High organizational performance is an outcome of a good fit of LEADERSHIP, supportive CULTURE and TRUST.

confianceGenerally organizational leadership is built upon either of the following: fear, obligation, or trust. However, only a foundation of trust results in the collaboration and goodwill necessary to achieve peak performance by the team and advancement in strategic direction.

The advancement for implementation of projects and programs demands peak performance by the teams, together and individually, for incremental success to reach the desired goal.

With the integrity of our business leaders under such a microscope these days, it’s valuable to take a moment for a refresher on trust in leadership. For integrity, though critical to trust, isn’t the only element of a trust-based management style. According to Seattle-based management expert Stephen Robbins, trust is based on four other distinct elements in your relationship with the people you lead.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • The impacts of trust or loss of it
  • Why trust is important for the team to function
  • How speed of trust impacts organizational performance

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