April 21 – Lausanne – Executives round-table: Improving project management competency to drive organizational performance!

10 Mar

Learn from your peers across a broad range of industries how to improve project management competency to drive your organization’s performance!

  1. Ensure that your talent will apply their newly acquired competencies.
  2. Stimulate learning adoption to drive organizational performance.
  3. Demonstrate the ROI of your development programs

21 Avril 2016 Exec Round Table Switzerland

 Keynote Speaker: Michel Aymard, Orange Business Services, Head of Project Management CH & SCE Cluster

bridge the competency gap

bridge the competency gap

Competency gaps continue to plague the successful delivery of projects. Organizations need to find new approaches to increase proficiency levels of their project resources in order to change behaviours and achieve business outcomes.

Come have event and learn what your peers are doing to create talent management programs that successfully deliver improvements in workplace productivity, cost savings and ROI.

It is time for organizations to rethink how they do competency development.

notes thinkRecent research shows that organizations need to focus on the training and development of their project resources in order to achieve better organizational performance. Yet studies are rife with the ineffectiveness of traditional training techniques.

Given that projects represent a key lever for organizations to achieve strategic objectives and that they account for a substantial portion of capital expenditures, improving project management competency could yield significant returns in corporate profits and organizational performance.

empty conf roomThis round-table event is an opportunity to share experiences and solutions about competency development strategies that drive success.

Come, exchange ideas and learn about common challenges and practical solutions that Swiss and international companies are implementing


Join a community of executives in the field of Talent Management, Project Management and Learning & Performance.

Limited seating, please click here to register!

or contact PMGS or Orange Business Services

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

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