September 12 – Switzerland (Geneva) – Achieving Business Agility

A PMI Switzerland event

Achieving Business Agility – Benefits from Portfolio, Program and Project management

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

Several surveys show that most major companies spend between 1% and 6% of their turnover on change, and this typically equates to between 10% and 60% of their profit. At the same time, repeated surveys show that much of the money spent in this way is wasted – especially where the change is based upon the use of information technology. Repeated surveys show that as few as 20% of change initiatives are deemed to be fully successful and that many will be abandoned after consuming an enormous amount of time, money and effort. In the UK it is estimated that half of the £100billion spent annually on change is wasted and the equivalent figure for 400 leading European companies is approximately €300 billion.

This thought provoking presentation will stretch the audience thinking to answer on how a benefits and business value driven approach can accelerate your organization’s development and growth. It will deliver proven cases and methodologies, with focus on benefits realization.

christian de loesChristian de Loës, Managing Director, Prosensit Management Consulting AB, has more than 20 years international experience of defining, advising and leading successful change in businesses and organizations of all sizes and many sectors, at senior management level. Christian de Loës’s

experience ranges from Business Development and Sales trough Portfolio-, Program- and Project Management. One of his specialties is growing Sales through enabling Sales Excellence, Turnarounds and expansions into new territory, in an international setting. He is also frequent international speaker on subjects related to achieving Sales Excellence and increased project maturity across organizations.


18.00 Registration

18.30 Presentation

19:30 Q&A

20.00 Networking Apéro

Venue: Hotel Bristol, Rue du Mont-Blanc 10, 1200 Genève


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