September 4 – Switzerland (Basel) – Project Crises

23 Août

A PMI Switzerland event

Votre réussite passe par la performance de vos projets !

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

A survey which Rolf performed shows that there are 3 major root causes of a project crisis:

1) A weak project set-up,
2) Insufficient capabilities or incompetence and
3) A lack of leadership in the project or the organizational context to support the projects.

The 4th factor is the influence from the project environment or the outside. Compared to the other three causes this is seen as relative marginal influence.

In case of a project crisis, the involved individuals go through a crisis process which is comparable to the one of a personal / traumatic crisis. Among others, supporting factors for the affected individuals are spending time with the family or friends and the exchange with personal coaches. A project manager who faces a project crisis feels very exposed and his perception becomes narrower. But, he should function exactly the opposite way, open, creative and have a view for the essentials.


Rolf Tschaeppeler is partner of november ag and has long-standing experience as a Management Consultant and Project Manager. Rolf lives close to Basel, Switzerland. In the past years, Rolf successfully implemented many projects, did consulting in behavioral change management and coached people in different management positions.

Rolf will present his findings and discuss supporting factors in case a crisis (is going to) hit your project.

Event Information

Welcome: 18h00
Presentation: 18h30
Apero: 20h15

Venue: Basel Hilton Auditorium – Aeschengraben 31 – 4051 Basel


Campana & Schott

Partenaire de DantotsuPM

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